Cutting and copying objects to the clipboard

You can use the clipboard to move objects within a Xara LX document and between documents. You can also use it to move and copy objects into documents in other programs.

image\PRCARROW.gif To cut and copy objects to the clipboard

1. Select the objects you want to put on the clipboard. (See Selecting objects).

2. From the Edit menu, choose either Cut (CTRL+X) or Copy (CTRL+C).

You can now click in another document and press CTRL+V to paste the objects. For example you could click in a Microsoft Word document and place the selected objects in it.


image\BULLET.gif You can also Cut or Copy by right-clicking on the objects and then choosing Cut or Copy from the pop-up menu.

image\BULLET.gif Cut removes the objects from the document and places them on the clipboard. Copy leaves the original objects in your document.