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Moving several points on a line or shape

Once you have drawn a line or shape, you can select a set of point handles on it and move them simultaneously.

image\PRCARROW.gif To move several point on a line or shape

1. Select the line or shape (see Selecting objects).

2. Choose the Shape Editor Tool or Pen Tool (or the Selector Tool, see tips).

3. Select the point handles to be moved

4. Either:

image\BULLET.gif drag one of the selected handles. Hold down CTRL to constrain handle movement to multiples of the angle set in the General Options.

image\BULLET.gif or alter the values in the center Parameter Field on the Shape Editor Tool Infobar and press RETURN.

image\BULLET.gif or use the arrow buttons on the coordinate Parameter Field on the Shape Editor Tool Infobar (the center field).


image\BULLET.gif You can use the Selector Tool in the same way if you have enabled edit handles. See Enabling edit handles.

image\BULLET.gif You can move point handles using the cursor keys, see Nudging objects and handles.

Point handles

Selector Tool

Pen Tool

Shape Editor Tool