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Creating layers

Many document will only use one layer but you can easily create new layers if you need them. Note that you can only create layers in Drawing Documents, not Animation Documents - see Drawing and Animation Documents for more details.

image\PRCARROW.gif To create a layer

1. From the Utilities menu, choose Layer Gallery.

2. Click the New button in the gallery.

3. Type a name for the new layer. (See Note.)


image\BULLET.gif Layers MouseOff, MouseOver, MouseDown, Selected and BackBar are used by the Button & NavBar Tool. We do not recommend creating layers with these names as this could affect bar creation. For more information on bar creation see Creating Navigation Bars.


image\BULLET.gif The new layer is always the top layer, in front of the other layers. It is also highlighted to show it is the current layer. All objects are created in the current layer.

image\BULLET.gif The guides layer is automatically created when you create a guideline. If you want to create it manually, right-click in the Layer Gallery and choose Create Guides Layer.

image\BULLET.gif To quickly create a new layer, right-click on the Layer Gallery to open the pop-up menu and choose New Layer.

Exporting multiple layers

You can export each layer of your drawing individually as multiple PNG files. More information.