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Changing the resolution of a bitmap transparency

Changing the resolution lets you resize the bitmap used in a bitmap transparency.

image\PRCARROW.gif To change the resolution of a bitmap transparency

Drag the outer transparency handles. Shift-dragging preserve the aspect ratio of the bitmap. (see Moving bitmap transparency handles.) Alternatively, if you want to set the resolution to a precise value:

1. Select the bitmap filled object (see Selecting objects).

2. Choose the Transparency Tool.

3. Click away from the transparency handles to ensure none is selected.

4. Type the required resolution (in DPI) into the Resolution field on the Transparency Tool Infobar.

5. Press RETURN.


image\BULLET.gif If there is a selected fill handle, Resolution shows the name of the handle.

image\BULLET.gif At low resolutions (below 70 dpi) the individual pixels of the bitmap may be noticeable.

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