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Applying molds

Molds let you distort objects to create either a perspective effect (perspective mold) or stretched and squashed effect (envelope mold).

image\PRCARROW.gif To apply a mold

1. Select the object to be molded (see Selecting objects).

2. Choose the Mold Tool.

3. Choose the required envelope or perspective mold shape from the Mold Tool Infobar.


image\BULLET.gif If you need a specific mold shape that isn't provided, choose the default perspective or envelope mold and reshape as required.

image\BULLET.gif You can apply perspective molds to bitmaps.

image\BULLET.gif You can also use the shape on the clipboard as a mold. For use as an envelope mold, the shape must have four sides (straight or curved). For use as a perspective mold, the shape must have four, straight sides.

Movies (not working in this version)

Using envelope molds

Using perspective molds


Mold Tool