Color Editor - Choose a Color to Edit

The drop-down list shows the color being edited. If the color is a local color, the name field shows either Local Fill Color or Local Line Color (or Current Fill Color or Current Line Color if no objects are selected). Spot colors are shown as circles in the list, other colors are shown as squares.

You can choose the color to be edited by:

image\BULLET.gif Choosing from the drop-down list. The first two items let you edit the current fill and line colors.

image\BULLET.gif Selecting an object (or objects) to edit their local color. See Selecting objects.

image\BULLET.gif Drag-and-drop a color from the Color Line or Color Gallery onto the Editor.

image\BULLET.gif Use the Color Picker on the Color Editor to select from colors used in the document.

If an object with a named color applied is selected and the Color Editor opened, making changes in the Editor will result in the object's color becoming a local color. The changes will not affect the named color originally used. For more information, see Coloring objects.