Using the Preview boxes in the Export dialog box, you can select the best compromise of file size and quality for web graphics. However the best test is checking how the graphic looks in a web browser. This option lets you select options suitable for the graphic and then load it into your browser. For more details, see Previewing bitmaps.

This testing is particularly useful when the graphic has clickable areas (image maps). You can load the graphic and quickly check that that the areas are defined as you expect and the addresses are correct.

Background Options

image\BULLET.gif Plain background - This uses the regular background of the browser; that is, gray for Internet Explorer and white for Netscape Navigator.

image\BULLET.gif Document background - This is dimmed unless you have specified a page background (see Changing the background) for Xara LX. This option uses the Xara LX background behind the graphic.

image\BULLET.gif Bitmap as background - This displays the graphic as the background on the browser and tiles (repeats) the graphic as required. It lets you check that the graphic tiles seamlessly.

image\BULLET.gif Checkered background - This displays the graphic against a checker pattern. The main use is verifying that transparent areas of the graphic appear correctly.

Additional Information

image\BULLET.gif Include Image Information - The browser displays information which is useful as a check as to what parameters you have set.

image\BULLET.gif Include Image Map - This also exports the associated image map. This lets you test that clickable areas in the graphic work correctly. For more information on Image Maps, see the Image Map Overview.

Browser Preview

Click this button to preview your bitmap in your web browser.