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Tiling is the way some fills, transparencies and bitmaps are duplicated across objects or the page.

Bitmap Fills & Fractal Fills

image\BULLET.gif Single Tile places a single copy of the bitmap or fractal inside the filled shape. The shape may not be entirely covered by the bitmap or fractal. You can scale up the bitmap or fractal to fill the shape but the individual pixels may then be noticeable.

image\BULLET.gif Repeating Tile repeats the bitmap or fractal to fill the shape.

image\BULLET.gif Repeat Inverted is similar to Repeating Tile, but alternate tiles are reflected.


Flat & Conical Fills

You cannot tile these types of fill.

Other fill types

image\BULLET.gif Simple takes the colors of the fill and extends them out to infinity.

image\BULLET.gif Repeating copies the fill over the whole shape.