Applying a bevel

Bevels give objects an appearance of depth instead of being flat on the page. Objects cannot have both a contour and a bevel.

image\PRCARROW.gif To apply a bevel

1. Select the object (see Selecting objects).

2. Choose the Bevel Tool.

3. Choose the bevel shape you want from the Bevel Type list. Note that None removes any applied bevels.

You can alter the bevel to suit your needs - see Modifying bevels.

For rounded bevels we recommend a light elevation of 30║. At this angle the bevel blends smoothly with the object.


image\BULLET.gif Applying a bevel to several objects:

 If the objects are grouped, overlapping bevels merge together. The bevel color is the same as the rear-most object in the group.

 If the objects are ungrouped, each object has a separate bevel. The bevel color is the same as the object color.


You can apply bevels to any type of object. The exceptions are:

image\BULLET.gif part of a block of text (such as a single letter) - this applies the bevel to all the text

image\BULLET.gif to the curve in text along a curve.

image\BULLET.gif contoured objects.

Bevels are created using bitmaps. The default bitmap resolution is 96dpi which is correct for on-screen work but may be too low for printed work. You can change the default resolution in View in the Options dialog box. Note that any change applies to new bevels, not existing ones.

Notes on bevels and feathering.

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Using bevels

Modifying bevels

Removing a bevel

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