This control bar provides the controls you need to feather the edges of objects. For more information see Feathering objects.

image\FEATHERSL.gif Feather size

image\FEATHERPF.gif Profile


image\BULLET.gif On an 800x600 display the feathering profile button may be off the edge of the display. You may need to move the feathering control bar - see Moving control bars.


You can also control the feather slider with your mouse and keyboard. When the feather text box or slider are selected:

Mousewheel up/down—increases or decrease feathering

Mousewheel up/down while holding the CTRL key—increases or decrease in larger increments

Arrow up/down keys—increases or decrease feathering

Page up/page down keys—increases or decrease in larger increments

Hom/end keys—select minimum or maximum feather values

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