Changing the tiling of bitmap transparency

You can use any bitmap from the Fill Gallery or Bitmap Gallery to control a bitmap transparency. You can then change the tiling of the transparency. The transparency can use either a single copy or multiple copies (or tiles) of the bitmap.

image\PRCARROW.gif To change the tiling of a bitmap transparency

1. Select the bitmap filled object (see Selecting objects).

2. Choose the Transparency Tool.

3. Select one of these from the Transparency Tiling drop-down list on the Transparency Tool Infobar:

image\BULLET.gif Single Tile. This uses only one copy of the bitmap.

image\BULLET.gif Repeating Tile. This uses repeating copies of the bitmap.

image\BULLET.gif Repeat Inverted. This is identical to the Repeating Tile option, but inverts (reflects) alternating copies of the bitmap.


image\BULLET.gif If your bitmap doesn't quite tile correctly (you can see the joins) try the other Repeat option. Note that some bitmaps do not tile satisfactorily.

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