Changing the contour position profile

After creating a contour you can change how the intermediate steps are spaced. You can have regular spacing or closer at one end than the other or closer in the center.

image\PRCARROW.gif To change the position profile

1. Create the contour - see Contouring objects.

2. In the Contour Tool click Position profile. This opens the profile dialog box.

3. You either select a predefined profile from the drop-down list or drag the sliders to create a custom profile. The top option in the drop-down list (the straight line) creates regular spacing.

 When creating a custom profile:

 Move the top slider towards:

 -1 for more change at the outer edge of the contour.

 +1 for more change at the inner edge.

 Move the bottom slider towards:

 -1 for more change at the edges than in the center.

 +1 for more change at the center.


image\BULLET.gif If you have several contoured objects selected, any changes apply to all the contours.

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