Changing the brush stroke design of lines

See also Editing brushes.

The Freehand & Brush Tool and Line Gallery include a wide range of brush stroke designs that you can apply to lines and the outlines of shapes.

image\PRCARROW.gif To change the brush stroke design using the Freehand & Brush Tool

This is often the easier method as the start of the list shows the most recently used brush designs.

1. Select the Freehand & Brush Tool.

2. If necessary click on the line to select it

3. Choose from the Select brush list.

image\PRCARROW.gif To change the brush stroke design using the Line Gallery

1. Select the line or shape (see Selecting objects).

2. From the Utilities menu, choose Line Gallery.

3. Scroll in the gallery to the Brush Strokes sections.

4. Double click on a stroke design.


image\BULLET.gif You can also drag-and-drop a brush stroke from the gallery onto any line or shape (selected or unselected).

image\BULLET.gif You can also create your own brush strokes designs - see Creating custom brush strokes.

image\BULLET.gif You can change the properties of brush strokes. See Changing brush stroke properties.

image\BULLET.gif Some brush strokes are directional (for example, the footprints). Their direction depends on the direction of the line. If necessary you can reverse the line direction.

image\BULLET.gif You can use brushes to "paint" with bitmaps - more details.


image\BULLET.gif Applying a brush removes any arrowhead/tail or dash pattern already applied to the line.