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Change Log

4.0.0 (2021-03-25)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements: - No indication in ticket sidebar when a subscribed user no longer has access to a ticket 3454 [enhancement] - New created overviews should be at the end of the overview list 3451 [enhancement] - Mixed naming regarding mentioned and subscribed in UI 3462 [enhancement] - Using inbound outbound email account from google 342 [enhancement] [works as designed / wontfix] - Webhook action should display hint in Scheduler and Trigger 3421 [UX/UI] [enhancement] [trigger] - Broken counter check for attributes examples causes exchange integration wizard to check all entries instead of 50 3435 [enhancement] [integration] - Software error when Elasticsearch is not configured and rake searchindex:rebuild 3276 [enhancement] - Reasoning about Webhooks activity 3372 [UX/UI] [admin area] [enhancement] [integration] - Login always redirected to dashboard after third party / OAuth2 login (e.g. Google) 2266 [UX/UI] [authentication] [enhancement] [frontend / JS app] [prioritised by payment] - Support for Tablets/Mobile (Responsive) 223 [UX/UI] [enhancement] [frontend / JS app] [mobile] - Tree select has no mutli select on ticket selector for overview, triggers, … 3333 [enhancement] [prioritised by payment] - Allow mailto links in knowledge base (KB) and email signatures. 3344 [enhancement] - Renaming a Group should trigger reindexing 3234 [enhancement] [prioritised by payment] - Logging of email postmaster filter is to extensive with many more then 10 filters 3382 [enhancement] - Unclear why entities are skipped in import(s) 3360 [enhancement] [import] - Allow font colors in articles (not only in tables) 3345 [enhancement] - Fix empty msgid 2063 [enhancement] - Direct Article URL / Link in Zoom 3331 [UX/UI] [enhancement] [frontend / JS app] [prioritised by payment] - Consistently handle the ‘disabled’ attr in inputs 2929 [enhancement] [frontend / JS app] - Change behavior how Zammad handles detected link in “Getting started”-Wizard 2651 [enhancement] - Make it possible to only send with agent name 3319 [enhancement] - Date and Datetime widgets can not be disabled 3291 [UX/UI] [enhancement] - Allow reauthentication of Google / Microsoft 365 accounts 3240 [channel] [enhancement] - Change-Right allows creation of new tickets 2568 [bug] [enhancement] [prioritised by payment]

Fixed bugs: - Gitlab and Github integration cause application reload when using [Enter] 3455 [UX/UI] [bug] [integration] - elasticsearch index rebuild will log warnings to log/production.log 3466 [bug] - Removal of referenced webhooks does not provide error toast within UI 3453 [UX/UI] [bug] - After calling the delete or clone dialog three times, two modal dialogs appear in succession 3463 [bug] - Migration of webhooks stop unexpectedly 3465 [bug] - GitLab Integration 435 [feature backlog] [integration] [prioritised by payment] - Dashboard stats widgets are sometimes lost/empty 3461 [bug] [regression] - Ticket Zoom is not working correctly with iPhone 3457 [bug] - Able to select agents in @@mention feature which do not have access to tickets 3452 [bug] - Generic oAuth2 login provider is unusable 2951 [authentication] - #3080 changes scopes to API versions > 6 3256 - Webhook http log overflows out of browser borders 3448 [UX/UI] [bug] [frontend / JS app] - Unable to sync Exchange contracts (if one contact is unable to process) 3436 [bug] - Notify / Mention other agents / Subscribe to Tickets 208 [collaboration] [feature backlog] - GitHub integration 1575 [feature backlog] [integration] - Zammad 3.6.0 cannot configure proxy 3362 [bug] - Cursor locked in and can’t leave date select field in Safari 3414 [UX/UI] [bug] [regression] - DataPrivacy Task fails in some situations 3402 [bug] [data privacy] [prioritised by payment] - Unable to close sidebar in ticket create screen after ticket split 3419 [bug] [frontend / JS app] - “Go back” button in mapping wizard screen in exchange integrations leads to wrong screen (folder selection should be shown, access information) 3434 [bug] [frontend / JS app] - Unable to see full folder name in Exchange integration. Folder names are longer as space in display area. 3433 [bug] [frontend / JS app] - rake searchindex:rebuild reports 400 Bad Request 334 - Unable to process ticket bulk action from overview 3415 [bug] [bulk] [overviews] - Microsoft 365: The refresh token has expired due to inactivity. The token was issued on 2020-11-17T13:30:55.3656422Z and was inactive for 90.00:00:00. 3411 [authentication] [bug] [channel] - Don’t display dot(s) next to state circles 3262 [UX/UI] [bug] [overviews] [prioritised by payment] - Editing @Login message is hard with invisible text 3238 [UX/UI] [bug] [prioritised by payment] - Backslash "" causes tree select to disappear during selection 3162 [UX/UI] [bug] [object manager attribute] - Forms are not well displayed (width is to small) if firefox 86 (latest stable) is used 3420 [bug] [regression] - Scheduler dies if Trigger, Ticket or Article of a Webhook job got deleted before job got executed 3416 [bug] [prioritised by payment] - SLA update statistics wrong 3410 [bug] - Relational report filters do not work (ticket.organization., ticket.article., ticket.customer.*) 3243 [bug] [prioritised by payment] [reporting] - HTML structure that is not parseable by jQuery causes JavaScript error that breaks Ticket Zoom view. 3393 [bug] - Drag&Drop from Outlook to Zammad removes message from Outlook 3165 [UX/UI] [bug] [prioritised by payment] - French “see more / see less” escaped apostrophe 3401 [UX/UI] [ticket] - Button link attribute too wide (ticket articles) 3274 [UX/UI] [prioritised by payment] [ticket] - Trigger based notifications are not sent (Send no trigger based notification to bob.smith@example.com because email is marked as mail_delivery_failed for -157 days) 3389 [bug] [trigger] - Channel distribution widget in Dashboard sometimes borken 3403 [bug] [dashboard] [frontend / JS app] - update license to original text 3398 - Unable to open object manager select field modal if options contains invalid data (like undefined or null) 3391 [bug] - HTTP 401 responses causing issues with Basic Authentication 2983 [API] [bug] - Added elasticsearch-oss as an dependency 3355 - Long tag list in manage overviews/SLAs/triggers/report profiles/time accounting doesn’t wrap 2536 [UX/UI] [bug] [prioritised by payment] - Japanese character is garbled. 3368 [bug] [mail processing] - Zendesk import doesn’t consider all tickets 2694 [bug] [import] [regression] - Execution timeout while performing request to Zendesk API fails import for current resource 3381 [bug] [import] - chat-no-jquery(.min).js is logging an javascript exception (Uncaught ReferenceError: node is not defined) 3377 [bug] - Data in DB and elasticsearch (e.g. ticket overview) out of sync. 3257 [bug] [prioritised by payment] [search] - chat-no-jquery(.min).js is dropping click binds/event listener after from web page 3375 [bug] - LDAP users marked as inactive 3373 [LDAP] [regression] - Initial configure step after adding XOAUTH account not functional if account is disabled 3346 [bug] [channel] [prioritised by payment] - Ticket follow ups does not always provide “see more” link on new articles 3052 [UX/UI] [bug] [prioritised by payment] [ticket] - High system load, “StatusCode: 500 - execution expired”, ActiveRecord::Deadlocked issues, and scheduler problems prevent Zammad from working well/quickly 3336 [bug] [regression] - Update french translation 3354 - Japanese emails incorrectly converted 3096 [bug] [mail processing] [prioritised by payment] - Remove ServerTokens from apache configurations 3253 [bug] - Reports do not show week 53 3341 [bug] - Group by selection field has wrong counters if no value 2751 [bug] [prioritised by payment] - nested “view from user perspective” yield to only being able to return to last viewed session 3315 [UX/UI] [bug] - Scrolling to Article by passing ID to URL is broken 3330 [bug] [frontend / JS app] [prioritised by payment] - Trigger-conditions ‘Email’ required the @ sign 3334 [bug] [prioritised by payment] - Object Manager: Max length attribut has no impact on the validation in the browser 738 [bug] [frontend / JS app] [object manager attribute] - Reporting: CSV-Export contains Tags twice (once empty) 2793 [bug] [prioritised by payment] [reporting] - Deletion via API impossible when user logged in at some point 2605 [works as designed / wontfix] - Quotation marks are encoded when displayed 3322 [bug] [translation] - Macros with notes not working on overview “drop bar” 2925 [bug] [frontend / JS app] [overviews] [prioritised by payment] - Article Notes added via Macro are not HTML formatted 2980 [bug] [macros] [prioritised by payment] [ticket] - Customer invitation doesn’t work if “customer” role is name wise missing 3007 [UX/UI] [bug] [dashboard] [notification] [prioritised by payment] - Simply improve french translation for chat 3277 - Ticket zoom: do not toggle detail view when deselecting text (fixes #2589) 2590 - Problem with Adding new Rows in Tree-Select 3320 [bug] [object manager attribute] [prioritised by payment] - Migrating to another host causes Login to fail 3324 [backup] [bug] [prioritised by payment] - X-On-Behalf-Of does not downcase input 3316 [API] [bug] [prioritised by payment] - Ticket selector “within last (relative)” and “within next (relative)” not working correctly 3270 [bug] [prioritised by payment] - Closing bracket in Ticket Selector preview is displayed wrong / when it shouldn’t 3323 [UX/UI] [bug] - Unable to process email (because of very long meta headers) 3293 [bug] - Unable to unassign owner via macro or trigger 3321 [bug] - Rocket.Chat 878 [channel] [documentation] [integration] - No icon / thumbnail for attached files when added via API 3309 [bug] - Relative fields get copied on macro 3213 [bug] [macros] - macro button the text cropped in RTL lang 3300 [UX/UI] [bug] - Zendesk import fails if not supported field types are present 3314 [bug] [import] - Zendesk import fails if fields with unsupported chars in its name are present 3310 [bug] [import] - Zendesk migration of textareas fails 3307 [bug] [import] - Removing image in text field with backspaces causes browser to go back 3281 [bug] [frontend / JS app] - Having more active Agents using the Chat decreases performance linearly 3299 [bug] [chat] [prioritised by payment] - Pending till can be changed by customer via web interface 2671 [UX/UI] [bug] [ticket] - history entries of ObjectManager::Attribute changes display wrong change information when value is removed 3135 [bug] [history] [prioritised by payment] - Sessions::Node don’t do any work if ZAMMAD_SESSION_JOBS_CONCURRENT was higher and got lowered 3304 [bug] [overviews] - Unable to manage Microsoft365 accounts if oauth token is not able to get refreshed 3292 [bug] [channel] - Deletion of notes impossible if internal and communication = true 2853 [bug] [prioritised by payment] [regression] [ticket] - Attachments get lost on forward in specific conditions 2942 [UX/UI] [bug] [prioritised by payment] [ticket] - Setting used objects (overviews, triggers, scheduler) to inactive works 2560 [bug] [overviews] [prioritised by payment] - HTML chars in message visible 3171 [UX/UI] [bug] - Videos embedded in Knowledge Base do not allow full screen mode 3297 [bug] [knowledge base] - Channel::EmailParser.process_unprocessable_mails doesn’t find matching Group because of key insensitive mismatch in email address 3296 [bug] [mail processing] [prioritised by payment] - Can’t delete Applications (OAuth Authentication) 3287 [authentication] [bug] - “Next in overview” doesn’t update the URL and breaks Shift+Ctrl+… 3260 [bug] - Unable to upgrade from Zammad 3.3 to 3.6 3282 [bug] - Issue opened in overview doesn’t have previous/next buttons if it was opened before 3267 [UX/UI] [bug] - “Next ticket in overview” is clickable for the last ticket in the overview 3279 [UX/UI] [bug] - Webhooks 290 [core] [feature backlog] [integration] - Factual Macro title shown in ticket update dropdown 3266 [UX/UI] [bug] - Timeaccounting ignores tags in conditions 3042 [UX/UI] [bug] [prioritised by payment] [time accounting] - Merging two Tickets with link to same other Ticket fails 2347 [bug] [prioritised by payment] - Calendar counts 24/7 business hours as closed for 1 minute at midnight 3180 [bug] - ProtonMail Bridge error: Can’t use Channel::Driver::Imap: #<Net::IMAP::NoResponseError: unsupported search query> 3233 [bug] [channel]