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Third-Party Library List

This folder includes third-party libraries that are used by the Yii framework. All these libraries are using licenses that are compatible to the BSD license used by Yii. This means you can safely use Yii for whatever purpose, provided you comply to the BSD license. Please refer to the detailed license information as shown below:

Library Name License Related Yii Component
jQuery 1.12.4 MIT most JavaScript-related functionalities
jQuery UI 1.12.1 MIT the widgets under zii/widgets/jui
jQuery BBQ Plugin 1.4pre MIT CGridView and CListView widgets
jQuery Autocomplete 1.1.0 MIT CHtml::autoComplete()
jQuery Masked Input 1.3.1 MIT CMaskedTextField
jQuery Multi File Upload 1.47 MIT CMultiFileUpload
jQuery TreeView 1.4.1 MIT CTreeView
jQuery Star Rating 4.11 MIT CStarRating
Unicode CLDR Data 1.6 Unicode I18N-related functionalities
ADOdb Date Library BSD CTimestamp
Text_Highlighter - Generic Syntax Highlighter (v0.7.3 beta) The PHP License CTextHighlighter (note: many PHP files are modified to make them workable in PHP 5 strict mode and their PEAR dependency are also removed.)
PEAR Gettext (v0.4.1 beta) The PHP License CGettextMoFile
HTML Purifier (v4.13.0) LGPL CHtmlPurifier
PHP Markdown Extra (v1.2.5) BSD CMarkdown
History.js (v1.7.1) - October 4 2011 BSD CGridView, CListView
Net_IDNA2 - Punycode encoding and decoding (0.1.1 (beta) was released on 2010-12-09) LGPL CUrlValidator, CEmailValidator
Punycode.js (v1.2.0) - October 10 2012 MIT, GPL CUrlValidator, CEmailValidator
Console Normalizer (git commit: 36556c695e) - December 7 2012 MIT CWebLogRoute
Zend Escaper - April 1 2015 BSD CJavaScript