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    1                    Yii Framework Change Log
    2                    ========================
    4 Version 1.1.24 June 7, 2021
    5 --------------------------------
    7 - Bug #4339: "There is no active transaction" when transaction is autocommitted (twisted1919)
    8 - Bug #4343: Fix "driver does not support quoting" when using the driver pdo_odbc (xpohoc69)
    9 - Bug #4355: Fix errorhandler missing backtrace entries (georaldc, marcovtwout)
   10 - Enh #4349: Added CHtml option to omit type attribute from <script> tag (mohamedmalki, marcovtwout)
   11 - Enh #4351: Added CHtml option to omit CDATA wrapper from <script> and <style> contents (marcovtwout)
   12 - Enh #4354: Allow to set log file permissions for CFileLogRoute (jdayamx)
   13 - Chg #4344: Upgraded jQuery to 1.12.4 (marcovtwout)
   14 - Chg #4344: Upgraded jQuery UI to 1.12.1 (marcovtwout)
   16 Version 1.1.23 December 2, 2020
   17 -------------------------------
   19 - Bug #4291: The scheme (protocol) is deleted when validateIDN is enabled after validation (Argevollen)
   20 - Bug #4306: Add PHP 8 support (samdark)
   21 - Bug #4310: Items on memcache won't expire due to memcache difference in internal clock (nikolasr200)
   22 - Bug #4325: Add support for unicode strings beyond the BMP (like emojies) in `CJavaScript::encode()` (marcovtwout)
   23 - Bug: Fix CFileHelper::findFiles() to use correct directory separator under Windows (samdark)
   24 - Enh #4305: PHP 7.3 compatibility: Support giving cookies a SameSite=None attribute value (tomfotherby)
   25 - Enh #4308: PHP 7.3 compatibility: Add `samesite` as a session cookie option (tomfotherby)
   26 - Enh #4314: Exceptions thrown while loading fixtures now contain details about the error location (BBoom)
   27 - Enh #4314: Missing fixture files now throw exceptions (BBoom)
   28 - Enh #4315: Added change triggers to clickable checkbox rows in grid views, allowing other script to react to the changed checkbox states (BBoom)
   29 - Enh #4317: Added special option 'encode' to `$htmlOptions` argument in `CHtml::errorSummary` and `CHtml::error` (shidenko97)
   30 - Enh #4323: Add PostgreSQL 12 support (bio, d4rkstar, marcovtwout)
   31 - Chg #4293: Updated HTMLPurifier to version 4.13.0 (https://github.com/ezyang/htmlpurifier/blob/v4.13.0/NEWS) (marcovtwout)
   33 Version 1.1.22 January 16, 2020
   34 -------------------------------
   36 - Bug #4256: PHP 7 compatibility: PHP4 style constructor in Pear/Text/Diff3.php (kenguest)
   37 - Bug #4256: PHP 7 compatibility: Fixed deprecated usage of create_function() in markdown.php (samdark)
   38 - Bug #4261: PHP 7.2 compatibility: INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 has been depreacated (machour)
   39 - Bug #4261: Updated HTMLPurifier to version 4.10.0 (https://github.com/ezyang/htmlpurifier/blob/v4.10.0/NEWS) (machour)
   40 - Bug #4279: PHP 7.4 compatibility: Drop use of accessing string offsets using curly braces (kenguest)
   41 - Enh #4273: PHP 7.3 compatibility: Add "sameSite" support for cookies (thekonz)
   43 Version 1.1.21 April 2, 2019
   44 ----------------------------
   46 - Bug #4220: Fixed PHP 7.2 incompatibility caused by the use of `create_function` in CHttpRequest and CProfileLogRoute (martinpetrasch, freezy-sk)
   47 - Bug #4227: Fixed PHPUnit 6 compatibility (gianniszach)
   48 - Bug #4229: Remove deprecation errors from framework/web/js/source/jquery.yiiactiveform.js when using jQuery 3.1.1 (kenguest)
   49 - Bug #4234: CVE-2018-14773. Drop support for HTTP_X_REWRITE_URL (kenguest)
   50 - Bug #4238: Fixed intolerance to nulls in `CJavaScript::quote()` (stevoh6, ddziaduch)
   51 - Chg #4236: Freeze session before changing ini settings to be compatible with PHP 7.2 (vxk7m)
   53 Version 1.1.20 July 6, 2018
   54 ---------------------------
   56 - Bug #4162: Adjusted Zend Escaper to be compatible with PHP <5.3 and fixed usage of non-existing Exceptions (cebe)
   57 - Bug #4167: Fixed PHP 7.2 incompatibility of "count()" in `CActiveFinder` and CController::renderDynamic() (softark, ThePepster)
   58 - Bug #4168: Fixed `CDbHttpSession` PHP 7.1 compatibility (csears123)
   59 - Bug #4179: Fixed MariaDB 10.2 current_timestamp() (yaBliznyk)
   60 - Bug #4182: CSecurityManager requires mcrypt extension to work, and for PHP 7.2 we need to install it from pecl (sergey-dryabzhinsky)
   61 - Bug #4191: Fixed "Headers already sent." error in CHttpSession (daniel1302)
   62 - Bug #4191: Fixed "CHtml::value() behaves differently for objects" for PHP 7.2 (daniel1302)
   63 - Bug #4197: Fixed PHP 7.2 assert with string argument is deprecated warning using Gii (ThePepster)
   64 - Bug #4198: Fixed PHP 7.2 SQLSRV lastInsertId (agusdrs)
   65 - Bug #4203: Fixed `CHttpCacheFilter::sendCacheControlHeader` PHP 7.2 compatibility (b1rdex)
   66 - Enh #4191: Added option for filter classes loaded by YiiBase autoloader (daniel1302)
   67 - Chg #4160: Updated HTMLPurifier to version 4.9.3 (takobell)
   69 Version 1.1.19 June 8, 2017
   70 ---------------------------
   72 - Bug #4155: Ignore PHP 7.1 warnings about deprecated mcrypt (samdark)
   73 - Bug #4156: Timeout in checkMxPorts of mail validator is now configurable (kenguest, samdark)
   74 - Enh: Fixed PHPUnit 6 compatibility (samdark)
   75 - Enh: Reworked model error escaping to escape on output rather than in validators directly (Zaffy, samdark)
   77 Version 1.1.18 April 19, 2017
   78 -----------------------------
   80 - Bug #4004: Better fix for PostgreSQL Session storage (GuillaumeSmaha)
   81 - Bug #4015: Fixed bug with missing "disabled" attribute in internally rendered hidden fields (rob006)
   82 - Bug #4020: Fixed PHP 7 related bug in CCacheHttpSession when destroying not cached sessions (dirx)
   83 - Bug #4034: Fixed `CHttpSession::getIsStarted()` PHP 7 compatibility (tomotomo)
   84 - Bug #4043: Fixed `CJavaScript::quote()` to properly escape Unicode characters (samdark)
   85 - Bug #4061: Fixed "Fatal Error: Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency" error in `CArrayDataProvider` (kf99916, andrewnester)
   86 - Bug #4064: Fixed CHtml::beginForm which produced wrong HTML when using an anchor in the action URL of a GET form (Mytskine)
   87 - Bug #4069: Fixed error with `eCRedisCache::executeCommand()` when the previous connection timeout exception was catched (taobig)
   88 - Bug #4104: Fixed PHP 7 compatibiltiy in Text_Highlighter (samdark)
   89 - Bug #4111: Fixed PHP 7.1 incompatibility with CFileCache when `$embedExpiry=false` (cebe)
   90 - Bug #4130: Fixed PHP 7 added an interception of the ParseError exception for the eval() usage (devcommiter)
   91 - Bug #4133: Fixed PHP 7 usage of the func_get_args() functions in YiiBase.php (devcommiter)
   92 - Enh #2819: backported masking of CSRF tokens from Yii 2.0 (samdark)
   93 - Enh #4049: Added '//' as a proper beginning of absolute URL in createAbsoluteUrl() method (ksowa)
   94 - Enh #4075: Added CClientScript::hasPackage() (samdark)
   95 - Chg #4033: Updated Pear/Text used by Gii so it's PHP 7 compatible (samdark)
   96 - Chg #4103: Updated HTMLPurifier to version 4.9.2 (samdark)
   97 - Chg: Updated Text_Highlighter to version 0.7.3 (samdark)
   98 - Chg: Fixed PHP 7.1 incompatibility in Text_Highlighter (cebe)
  100 Version 1.1.17 January 13, 2016
  101 ------------------------------
  102 - Bug #1191: Fixed undefined index in CListIterator when data removed in parent CList (steven-hadfield)
  103 - Bug #2881: CGridView was blocking refresh on filter field change event after previous filtering using ENTER key (sivir)
  104 - Bug #2921: Fixed CStatePersister read/write concurrency issue causing state data corruption (matteosistisette, samdark)
  105 - Bug #2993: Fixed MySQL datetime fields can have default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP (tomvdp)
  106 - Bug #3144: Fixed regression introduced in 1.1.16, whitespace before and after attributes in validation rules where not ignored (cebe)
  107 - Bug #3458: Fixed CGridView with enableHistory breaks queries containing '&' characters (nkovacs)
  108 - Bug #3476: Database sessions with Postgres did not work properly (c-schmitz)
  109 - Bug #3497: CErrorHandler messages for HTTP response codes were not matching RFCs (TeMPOraL)
  110 - Bug #3637: Fixed not quoting primary key in count statements (applee)
  111 - Bug #3696: Fixed broken case insensitiveness for Active Record count expressions introduced with fixed #268 (xt99)
  112 - Bug #3700: Undefined variable `$acceptedLanguage` in `CHttpRequest::getPreferredLanguage()` (cebe, ddebin)
  113 - Bug #3704: Fixed `CSecurityManager` to work properly is case `cryptAlgorithm` specified as array (samdark)
  114 - Bug #3715: `CSecurityManager::legacyDecrypt` in version 1.1.16 was not compatible with 1.1.15 method (DanaLuther)
  115 - Bug #3724: Fixed namespace prefix in WSDL generator for arrayType. (ametad)
  116 - Bug #3757: Fixed regression in 1.1.16 `CPgsqlSchema::dropIndex()` (samdark)
  117 - Bug #3764: Fixed regression in 1.1.16, `CEmailValidator::validateValue()` should not allow empty values to pass (cebe)
  118 - Bug #3833: Fixed `CHttpRequest::sendFile()` range support in case `mbstring.internal_encoding=UTF-8` (MonkeyMaster)
  119 - Bug #3869: jQuery Yii GridView now doesn't fail when refreshing grid via POST request (a-t)
  120 - Bug #3879: Numeric labels in CBreadCrumbs reindex after using array_merge (AloneCoder)
  121 - Bug #3890: Ensured forward compatibility of `CWebService::getMethodName()` (samdark)
  122 - Bug #3947: Fix error with `array_diff` when one of CDbCriteria->select contains "false" (askobara, cebe)
  123 - Bug #3974: Fixed warning when request parameter contains array (cmazx)
  124 - Bug #3976: Fixed MSSQL command builderto comply with the DELETE command syntax (odalecne)
  125 - Bug #3980: Fixed CRedisCache error when using `mbstring.func_overload` and UTF-8 as `mbstring.internal_encoding` (Lexx918)
  126 - Enh #2399: It is now possible to use table names containing spaces by introducing alias (devivan)
  127 - Enh #3457: CHttpRequest can now detect content type and decode JSON in REST method bodies. (Sibilino)
  128 - Enh #3686: Wrapper div of hidden fields in CForm now have style `display:none` instead of `visibility:hidden` to not affect the layout (cebe, alaabadran)
  129 - Enh #3738: It is now possible to override the value of 'required' html option in `CHtml::activeLabelEx()` (matteosistisette)
  130 - Enh #3812: Added 'validateValue' method to 'CBooleanValidator' class (UA2004)
  131 - Enh #3827: Added the $options parameter to be used in stream_socket_client in CRedisCache.
  132 - Enh #3872: Added database-based StatePersister implementation (AloneCoder)
  133 - Enh #3948: Enhanced CHttpRequest path info extraction for compatibility with PHP 7 (dmitrivereshchagin)
  134 - Enh #3949: Added `$overwriteAll` argument to `CConsoleCommand::copyFiles()` which can be set to true in noninteractive commands (dmitrivereshchagin)
  135 - Enh #3995: CAuthManager is now able to silence errors when using PHP 7 (samdark)
  136 - Enh #3998: Improved PHP 7 compatibility for CTimestampBehavior and CChoiceFormat, and for Travis CI (softark)
  137 - Enh: CApcCache is now able to handle PHP 7 APCu (samdark)
  138 - Chg #3776: Autoloader now doesn't error in case of non-existing namespaced classes so other autoloaders have chance to handle these (alexandernst)
  140 Version 1.1.16 December 21, 2014
  141 --------------------------------
  142 - Bug #264: Fixed wrong timestamp precision value in postgres schema (nineinchnick)
  143 - Bug #268: Fixed Active Record count error when some field name starting from 'count' (nineinchnick)
  144 - Bug #788: createIndex is not using the recommended way to create unique indexes on Postgres (nineinchnick)
  145 - Bug #1257: CFileValidator is no longer unsafe by default to prevent setting arbitrary values. Instead, when no file is uploaded attribute is set to null (marcovtwout)
  146 - Bug #1635: CDateFormatter::format() with 'ZZZZZ' pattern used to return timezone in RFC 822 format, now returns in ISO 8601 format as it stated in CLDR (resurtm)
  147 - Bug #2235: CPgsqlColumnSchema can't parse default value for numeric field (cebe, pavimus)
  148 - Bug #2376: CHttpSession::regenerateID() now checks if session is started before regenerating session ID (samdark)
  149 - Bug #2378: CActiveRecord::tableName() in namespaced model returned fully qualified class name (velosipedist, cebe)
  150 - Bug #2519: CGridView and CListView fixed to be able handling special characters if history is enabled (klimov-paul)
  151 - Bug #2594: CLogRouter::processLogs() now ensures to clear the Logger messages so nothing is logged twice when method is called multiple times (cebe)
  152 - Bug #2654: Allow CDbCommand to compose queries without 'from' clause (klimov-paul)
  153 - Bug #2658: CBaseListView, CGridView, CListView: added note about $itemsCssClass and $pagerCssClass properties, they must not contain empty string, null or false values (resurtm)
  154 - Bug #2969: CPgsqlSchema::addColumn() converts column type twice (cebe, klimov-paul)
  155 - Bug #2741: Updated CHtml to add maxlength support to all HTML5 fields (ggirtsou)
  156 - Bug #2753: Fixed CErrorHandler::errorAction ignored if error occurs while AJAX request (klimov-paul)
  157 - Bug #2756: Fixed applying condition twice during Active Record relation lazy loading (klimov-paul)
  158 - Bug #2770: Fixed CClientScript renders scripts with different HTML options inside same tag (klimov-paul)
  159 - Bug #2778: Fixed throwing unnecessary exception in CFileValidator when validating MIME types for a file upload that failed (Rupert-RR)
  160 - Bug #2785: Use table name with schema in composeMultipleInsertCommand (nineinchnick)
  161 - Bug #2836: Fixed rendering when try-catching widget Exception while 'captureOutput' is set to true (darkheir)
  162 - Bug #2845: Fixed 1.1.14 regression affecting non-strict comparison in `CRangeValidator` validator (samdark)
  163 - Bug #2855: Fixed issue with Component::__call() and normal properties holding a Closure (cebe)
  164 - Bug #2862: Fixed array_merge caused renumbering of $data indexes in CHtml::radioButtonList() (ligser)
  165 - Bug #2864: Fixed CGridView ajax calls failing CSRF validation when ajaxType is set to POST (nineinchnick)
  166 - Bug #2874: Fixed duplicate columns selection for HAS_MANY relation with composite primary key (borro)
  167 - Bug #2876: Fixed single quotes in comments column causes syntax error in model code generated  by Gii(klimov-paul)
  168 - Bug #2884: Fixed problem with table alias in CActiveRecord that has been introduced in 1.1.14 (cebe)
  169 - Bug #2887: Fixed CFormElement is missing __isset() (bijibox)
  170 - Bug #2912: Add options parameter to CListView beforeAjaxUpdate (spikyjt)
  171 - Bug #2917: Restored ability to overwrite module alias via application config which was broken in 1.1.14 (klimov-paul)
  172 - Bug #2944: Fixed CDbCriteria fails to merge limit when it is 0 (softark)
  173 - Bug #2945: Fixed CUrlRule escapes dot (.) symbol on parsing (qiangxue)
  174 - Bug #2959: Fixed CFileValidator to encode file name, while composing error messages (klimov-paul)
  175 - Bug #2963: CAssetManager::generatePath no longer uses basename for hasing (eirikhm)
  176 - Bug #2970: Fixed Active Record may join same relation twice on eager loading. (klimov-paul)
  177 - Bug #3010: Problem with callables given as values to CDetailView. CDetailView now only allows annonymous functions to be called, all other values will be taken as value (cebe)
  178 - Bug #3064: Fixed problem with array to string converion in CDbMigration methods that accept array parameters (cebe)
  179 - Bug #3055: CAction::runWithParams() now returns consistent result even if called without parameters (cebe)
  180 - Bug #3087: Fixed crash on cookie validation when switching between enabling and disabling validation (cebe)
  181 - Bug #3113: Fixed problems with realpath(false) which can occur in combination with Yii::getPathOfAlias() when alias does not exist (cebe)
  182 - Bug #3134: Fixed the issue that query cache returns the same data for the same SQL but different query methods (qiangxue)
  183 - Bug #3144: It wasn't possible to use attributes with spaces in validation rules (samdark)
  184 - Bug #3179: Fixed a bug with CBreadcrumbs widget and homelink that did not use activeLinkTemplate property (mbdwey, cebe)
  185 - Bug #3206: Quote table names in CDbMessageSource::loadMessagesFromDb (nkovacs)
  186 - Bug #3233: Gii now allows base classes with absolute namespace as well, not only relative ones (etienneq)
  187 - Bug #3242: Removed display:none on form hidden fields (mahadazad)
  188 - Bug #3283: Fixed CEmailValidator to validate empty value (nukkumatti)
  189 - Bug #3288: Check if PHPUnit_Runner_Version exists before requiring (hjellek)
  190 - Bug #3302: CActiveForm::error() fixed to respect 'hideErrorMessage' option on regular render (klimov-paul)
  191 - Bug #3305: COciSchema column comment reading from another schema (gureedo)
  192 - Bug #3321: Clear stat cache after rotating log files so later file size check is not cached (cebe, jjdunn)
  193 - Bug #3327: Gii did not generate empty directories properly (gureedo)
  194 - Bug #3406: Fixed Object of class Imagick could not be converted to string (eXprojects)
  195 - Bug #3410: Fixed wrong translation parameter name in CPhpAuthManager::addItemChild() (klimov-paul)
  196 - Bug #3569: CConsoleCommand::copyFiles() did not replace DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR correctly (jmxhit)
  197 - Bug #3582: make sure `build autoload` produces the same output on both Windows and Unix platforms (GerHobbelt)
  198 - Bug: Fixed the bug that backslashes are not escaped by CDbCommandBuilder::buildSearchCondition() (qiangxue)
  199 - Bug: Fixed URL parsing so it's now properly giving 404 for URLs like "http://example.com//////site/about/////" (samdark)
  200 - Bug: Fixed an issue with CFilehelper and not accessable directories which resulted in endless loop (cebe)
  201 - Bug: CSecurityManager encryption and string comparison were enhanced (sarciszewski, Jan Ewald, tom--, ircmaxell, qiangxue, samdark)
  202 - Enh: Public method CFileHelper::createDirectory() has been added (klimov-paul)
  203 - Enh: Added proper handling and support of the symlinked directories in CFileHelper::removeDirectory(), added $options parameter in CFileHelper::removeDirectory() (resurtm)
  204 - Enh #89: Support for SOAP headers in WSDL generator (nineinchnick)
  205 - Enh #94: Web services: Implement document/literal encoding for WDSL (nineinchnick)
  206 - Enh #106: Added getters to CGridColumn to allow getting cell contents for extended use cases of CGridView (cebe)
  207 - Enh #132: Added ODBC support in CDbConnection (nineinchnick, resurtm)
  208 - Enh #182: CSort: allow arrays in asc/desc keys of virtual attributes (nineinchnick)
  209 - Enh #640: Introduce bigpk and bigint column types in each class extending CDbSchema (nineinchnick)
  210 - Enh #873: CStatRelation (CActiveRecord::STAT) now supports scopes (resurtm, klimov-paul)
  211 - Enh #1372: CDbCommandBuilder::createMultipleInsertCommand() now throws exception if data array is empty (cebe)
  212 - Enh #1515: Post-JOIN operations (use|force|ignore index()) support in relational queries (KonovalovMaxim, resurtm)
  213 - Enh #1593: Allow access to exception currently processed by CErrorHandler (klimov-paul)
  214 - Enh #1893: Added Schema and native connection support for the CUBRID DBMS (http://www.cubrid.org/) (kadishmal)
  215 - Enh #2119: add `y` pattern to CDateTimeParser (mrpelle)
  216 - Enh #2540: Enable CJSON to use JsonSerializable interface when serializing objects (sammousa)
  217 - Enh #2630: CLinkPager $nextPageLabel, $prevPageLabel, $firstPageLabel and $lastPageLabel can now be false to disable the buttons (index0h)
  218 - Enh #2640: Enable diff on gii generated SQL files (1allen)
  219 - Enh #2664: Added support for HTTP PATCH requests to CHttpRequest (cebe)
  220 - Enh #2683: Application views generated by webapp command are now using HTML5 by default (cebe)
  221 - Enh #2688: CHtml::beginForm() now supports additional HTTP methods, via a hidden `_method` field. (phpnode)
  222 - Enh #2722: CFileHelper::findFiles() accepts absolutePaths in $options and returns absolute paths if true or relative ones otherwise (defaults to true) (pavel-voronin)
  223 - Enh #2734: Request::getPreferredLanguage() is now able to select a best matching between supported and requested languages (zvirusz)
  224 - Enh #2737: CFileCache: added cachePathMode and cacheFileMode options to set modes used by chmod() for cache directory and files (ujovlado)
  225 - Enh #2758: Updated phpdoc in blog demo to match current IDE supported syntax (samdark)
  226 - Enh #2777: Allow Yii::import() and Yii::createComponent() to import classes that are loaded by other autoloaders e.g. composer (cebe)
  227 - Enh #2791: requirements/index.php: added CRYPT_BLOWFISH check for CPasswordHelper (tom--)
  228 - Enh #2799: Add HTML5 input support for color, datetime, datetime-local, week and search to CHtml and CActiveForm (phpnode)
  229 - Enh #2817: Allow specifying $colums and $refColumns arguments as array in various CDbSchema methods (mynameiszanders, samdark)
  230 - Enh #2850: Parameter 'id' added for 'ajaxUpdateError' js function at 'CListView' and 'CGridView' (klimov-paul)
  231 - Enh #2851: Improved Mime-Type detection by using the `mime.types` file from apache http project to dected mime types by file extension (cebe, pavel-voronin, trejder)
  232 - Enh #2852: Refactored ShellCommand to be easier to extend (samdark, mindplay-dk)
  233 - Enh #2908: Add insertMultiple to Migrations (luislobo)
  234 - Enh #3014: Allow changing the database used by ActiveRecord in beforeCount() like it is possible in beforeFind() already (cebe)
  235 - Enh #3023: Added support for formatting DateTime instances to CFormatter (cebe, nitso)
  236 - Enh #3027: Added custom encodeLabel attributes of the CMenu items (hugeval)
  237 - Enh #3048: CApcCache is now compatible with APCu (iobotis, samdark)
  238 - Enh #3049: 'cli' mode detection at CConsoleApplication improved (klimov-paul)
  239 - Enh #3061: 'jquery.yiiGridView' and 'jquery.yiiListView' allows to handle all update options via history state data (klimov-paul)
  240 - Enh #3068: Added CDbCommand::naturalLeftJoin() and CDbCommand::naturalRightJoin() (bunchachis)
  241 - Enh #3115: Updated phpdoc for better code completion in modern IDEs (samdark)
  242 - Enh #3147: Updated Request::getIsSecureConnection() to work with lower and uppercase config values (cebe)
  243 - Enh #3156: It is now possible to override the models PK using primaryKey() method, even if the table defines one (drLev)
  244 - Enh #3182: Added namespace support for controllers in subdirectories (Ekstazi, samdark)
  245 - Enh #3202: Adding support for the `X-HTTP-Method-Override` header in CHttpRequest (pawzar)
  246 - Enh #3211: Added support for PHPUnit 3.8+ in the bootstrap (JoelMarcey, samdark)
  247 - Enh #3222: 'summaryTagName' and 'emptyCssClass' options added to CBaseListView (klimov-paul)
  248 - Enh #3225: Added CForm::errorSummaryHeader and CForm::errorSummaryFooter, used like in CActiveForm::errorSummary() (rawtaz)
  249 - Enh #3228: Added an ability to migrate to the certain time (gorcer, resurtm)
  250 - Enh #3277: CHtml::checkBoxList and radioButtonList to take into account closeSingleTag for <br> (hwmaier)
  251 - Enh #3307: Adding attribute localeClass to CApplication (pawzar)
  252 - Enh #3314: Removed async from special attribute list enabling async=false for scripts (wilwade)
  253 - Enh #3324: Added syslog log route (miramir, resurtm)
  254 - Enh #3346: Added `fileHeader` option to MessageCommand (mbdwey)
  255 - Enh #3349: Added errorCallback to CActiveForm::$clientOptions (rusalex)
  256 - Enh #3351: Allow array attribute for CFileValidator even if `maxFiles` is not > 1 (cebe)
  257 - Enh #3359: Added merge parameter to CModule::setModules (KJLJon)
  258 - Enh #3391: Exception and log for not existed ClientScript package (rusalex)
  259 - Enh #3500: Framework now responds with HTTP protocol version requested (samdark)
  260 - Enh #3513: Added 'getExtensionByMimeType' method to CFileHelper class (UA2004)
  261 - Enh #3533: Added Yii and YiiBase classes to composer autoloader (sammousa)
  262 - Enh #3571: Extracted rendering of data cell in CGridView.renderTableRow() to separate method for extensibility (hijarian)
  263 - Enh #3623: `itemscope` attribute is now rendered as HTML5 boolean (vercotux)
  264 - Chg #2025: Upgraded jQuery to 1.11.1 (marcovtwout)
  265 - Chg #3042: CPasswordHelper::generateSalt() now returns salt with $2y$ cost (samdark)
  266 - Chg #3137: Upgraded HTMLPurifier to 4.6.0 (samdark)
  267 - Chg #3298: ListView and GridView: Added check for the existence of a href attribute in link pager (dutchakdev)
  268 - Chg #3464: Updated multifile plugin used by CMultiFileUpload to version 1.48 (samdark)
  269 - Chg #3636: Upgraded jQuery UI to 1.11.2 (marcovtwout)
  270 - Chg: Updated the i18n data bundled with the framework to CLDR23.1 <http://cldr.unicode.org/index/downloads/cldr-23-1> this adds new locales and has many fixes and additional data for existing ones (cebe, dralshehri)
  271 - New #2955: Added official support for MariaDB (cebe, DaSourcerer)
  273 Version 1.1.15 June 29, 2014
  274 ----------------------------
  275 - Bug (CVE-2014-4672): CDetailView may be exploited to allow executing arbitrary PHP script on the server (cebe, qiangxue)
  277 Version 1.1.14 August 11, 2013
  278 ------------------------------
  279 - Bug: There was unnecessary echo in CRUD views generated by Gii (samdark)
  280 - Bug: CJavaScript::encode was formatting floats in a wrong way during encoding (samdark)
  281 - Bug: Fixed minLength and maxLength range check in CCaptchaAction::generateVerifyCode so values are now always stay in bounds (samdark)
  282 - Bug #101: CActiveFinder::buildJoinTree() no longer uses 'false' for 'select' value (klimov-paul)
  283 - Bug #135: Fixed wrong CActiveRecord rows count with having (klimov-paul)
  284 - Bug #139: Fixed Active Record lazy load through relation with condition (klimov-paul)
  285 - Bug #150: Fixed CWidget was not switching between view paths when using themes (antoncpu)
  286 - Bug #159: CUploadedFile::getInstancesByName() has been fixed allowing correct fetching files, which name is a part of other file name (klimov-paul)
  287 - Bug #196: CActiveForm: models list whose errors should be displayed in error summary is now customizable when using AJAX validation (resurtm)
  288 - Bug #662: Fixed incorrect Active Record lazy loading of relation through BELONGS_TO relation (klimov-paul)
  289 - Bug #1464: Fixed transparent background for ImageMagick in CCaptchaAction (manuel-84, cebe)
  290 - Bug #1669: CNumberValidator used to add wrong error messages in case non-numeric values being validated (resurtm)
  291 - Bug #1692: CWebUser::renewCookie() and CWebUser::restoreFromCookie() now make use of the identityCookie options (f10i)
  292 - Bug #1693: Fixed log file will rotate twice when high performance (monque)
  293 - Bug #1724: Allow CClientScript registering scripts and script files with the HTML options (klimov-paul)
  294 - Bug #1732: CWebLogRoute and CProfileLogRoute with enabled $showInFireBug: fixed bug related to JS `console` object in MSIE 8 and 9 (resurtm)
  295 - Bug #1763: CSqlDataProvider was appending another ORDER BY string to an existing ORDER BY statement when using fieldname with dot (szako)
  296 - Bug #1827: Gii wasn't properly handling table name with the schema part for PostgreSQL (resurtm)
  297 - Bug #1895: Fixed erroneous language attributes in french views (located at `framework\views\fr`) (Ragazzo)
  298 - Bug #1909: CGridView::$filterSelector now prevents default action after event has completed by returning false result in event handler function (matih)
  299 - Bug #1911: MigrateCommand does not rely on cached value about migration table existance anymore as this info could be outdated in testing enviroment (cebe)
  300 - Bug #1915: CDataProviderIterator: fixed init in case of disabled pagination (antoncpu)
  301 - Bug #1916: CMssqlSchema::findColumns() issues an "invalid object name" error (resurtm)
  302 - Bug #1924: CLogFilter::$dumper added: this property can be used to get around circular reference issue when using standard `var_export` dumper by changing it to `print_r` (resurtm)
  303 - Bug #1933: fixed using "multiple" parameter with a value of false in CHtml::activeDropDownList, CHtml::ListBox and CHtml::DropDownList (adminnu)
  304 - Bug #1941: yiiactiveform.js form reset now uses CHtml::errorCss instead of a hardcoded value (mdomba)
  305 - Bug #1942: CActiveForm client/ajax validation will now remove error class from server side validation (mdomba)
  306 - Bug #1945: Reference to undefined variable $column in CDbMigration::dropPrimaryKey (paystey)
  307 - Bug #1955: Some validators used to cause warnings or errors in case non-scalar array typed values being checked (resurtm)
  308 - Bug #1957: Add primary key support for MySQL schema (paystey)
  309 - Bug #1984: CDbMigration: fix of undeclared variable usage in debug information in dropPrimaryKey (papulovskiy)
  310 - Bug #1990: CDateFormatter::formatWeekInMonth(): incorrect result for a week which was last in a previous year and first in a next year simultaneously (resurtm)
  311 - Bug #1996: Using yiic help for commands with parameters with array as default value resulted in PHP error with latest PHP versions (dInGd0nG, samdark)
  312 - Bug #1997: Cache key in CGettextMessageSource::loadMessages wasn't specific enough (odevyatkov)
  313 - Bug #2023: CHttpRequest::stripSlashes() now modifies array keys as well (etienneq)
  314 - Bug #2030: Fixed problem with MySQL 4.x: Undefined Index: Comment in CMysqlSchema (cebe)
  315 - Bug #2048: AR now uses alias from CActiveRecord::getTableAlias instead of always using default "t" (s-larionov)
  316 - Bug #2049: CStatElement relation with join option throw exception when key-field present on joined table (Yiivgeny)
  317 - Bug #2078: Fixed problem with "undefined" parameter in query string when using CListView or CGridView with enableHistory (Parpaing)
  318 - Bug #2086: Fixed .hgignore rule for assets folder (GeXu3, Koduc)
  319 - Bug #2087: CLocale: getLocaleDisplayName() was only returning the language display name, not the full locale display name (brandonkelly)
  320 - Bug #2112: Fixed broken yiic shell CRUD command (mbischof)
  321 - Bug #2121: CMssqlSchema::resetSequence() incorrectly resets sequence (resurtm, joewoodhouse)
  322 - Bug #2122: CActiveRecord, lazy load: 'params' from relations used in 'through' option were not applied to the final SQL statement (resurtm)
  323 - Bug #2123: Fixed error in plural rules handling if locale has no plural rules defined (cebe, stepanselyuk)
  324 - Bug #2146: CEmailValidator fix when fsockopen() can output uncatched error 'Connection refused (61)' (armab)
  325 - Bug #2159: Fixed SQL syntax for delete command with join in MySQL (serebrov)
  326 - Bug #2184: CDbHttpSession now supports MS SQL Server BLOB data type (cheuschober, resurtm)
  327 - Bug #2201: Cannot use "having" with bound params in CActiveRecord::count() (ivokund)
  328 - Bug #2216: CDbCommandBuilder::createInCondition() has been updated, allowing to pass array of values with mixed keys for the single type column (klimov-paul)
  329 - Bug #2223: CActiveForm::error does not respect CHtml::$errorMessageCss (ivokund)
  330 - Bug #2239: Fixed CHtml::refresh() method to use proper syntax (mdomba)
  331 - Bug #2241: COciSchema::resetSequence() now works the same way as the same methods for the other RDMBSes. PHPDocs of the CMssqlSchema::resetSequence(), CMysqlSchema::resetSequence(), CPgsqlSchema::resetSequence(), COciSchema::resetSequence() and CSqliteSchema::resetSequence() methods have been adjusted to fit their real functionality (resurtm)
  332 - Bug #2244: MessageCommand has been updated, allowing to merge string with value '0' correctly (klimov-paul)
  333 - Bug #2258: CJuiSliderInput didn't support string typed 'range' option (bookin)
  334 - Bug #2283: Gii Model Generator's tooltips are not working and always invisible (resurtm)
  335 - Bug #2289: CDbCacheDependency with reuseDependentData did not invalidate cache when getting cache across different requests (marcovtwout)
  336 - Bug #2299: CMssqlSchema: findTableNames(), getTables() and getTableNames() methods used to prepend schema prefix to the table names twice (resurtm)
  337 - Bug #2311: Fixed SQlite default value for timestamp CURRENT_TIMESTAMP (zeeke)
  338 - Bug #2321: CGettextPoFile is now able to parse multiline msgid and msgstr declarations (resurtm)
  339 - Bug #2325: Fixed UTF-8 troubles in CDateTimeParser (error in parsing chinese and thai dates) (s-larionov)
  340 - Bug #2336: PostgreSQL: CDbCommandBuilder used `NULL` instead of `DEFAULT` as default value for the primary keys of serial type (resurtm)
  341 - Bug #2368: Reset error CSS for ':input', which includes SELECT elements (blueyed)
  342 - Bug #2398: Fixed 'Undefined variable: results' E_NOTICE at CProfileLogRoute (klimov-paul)
  343 - Bug #2402: Fixed clientValidation incorrectly rendered as HTML attribute, when used in CActiveForm::error() (mdomba)
  344 - Bug #2406: CUrlManager::$urlRuleClass now supports path alias value (as it was described in its PHPDoc before this fix) (resurtm)
  345 - Bug #2423: Fixed CHtml::button() enforces "value" attribute for the image buttons (klimov-paul)
  346 - Bug #2426: CDbCriteria::__wakeup() used to issue an error in case SQL containing fields were arrays and criteria parameters were specified (resurtm)
  347 - Bug #2438: CViewAction now checks if requested view is a string to not fail when array was given (cebe)
  348 - Bug #2449: CSqlDataProvider causes an error when CDbCommand with enabled PDO::FETCH_OBJ mode used as SQL source (resurtm)
  349 - Bug #2454: Fix CMysqlColumnSchema::extractLimit for ENUM values containing comma (blueyed)
  350 - Bug #2491: Prevent SQL exception being thrown when inserting a row into the session table whilst regenerating the session ID (mynameiszanders)
  351 - Bug #2502: Fix match controller in access rule, match uniqueId instead id (slavcodev)
  352 - Bug #2508: Fix CHtml::activeLabel() to resolve attribute input name for tabular input with custom 'for' (klimov-paul)
  353 - Bug #2516: Fixed the bug that some $.fn.yiiGridView methods were not working always if a custom CGridView::template was used (buakos)
  354 - Bug #2524: Fixed incorrect HTTPS detection (resurtm)
  355 - Bug #2551: CWebUser::loginRequired() AJAX response now properly sends 403 (creocoder)
  356 - Bug #2554: Fixed CRangeValidator when allowEmpty is false (samdark, creocoder)
  357 - Bug #2565: CCaptchaAction in ImageMagick mode used to issue an exception in case $backColor or $foreColor have had leading zeros (resurtm)
  358 - Bug #2581: Fixed the bug with empty ajaxVar in jquery.yiilistview.js and jquery.yiigridview.js (seregagl)
  359 - Bug #2602: CUrlValidator and CEmailValidator now works correctly with display_errors = on and validateIDN = true (creocoder)
  360 - Bug #2662: CLocale::getTerritory() used to return null value even for proper input values, bug fix #1622 made in 1.1.13 has been reverted (resurtm)
  361 - Bug #2632: Fixed inability import non-build aliases by config on some case (Yiivgeny)
  362 - Bug #2651: CHttpSession was using hardcoded GC probability/divisor values (marcovtwout, cebe, samdark)
  363 - Enh: Better CFileLogRoute performance (Qiang, samdark)
  364 - Enh: Refactored CHttpRequest::getDelete and CHttpRequest::getPut not to use _restParams directly (samdark)
  365 - Enh #100: CLogFilter::$logVars can now be array of arrays intended for designating particular items of the $GLOBALS (resurtm, tomtomsen)
  366 - Enh #129: Proper support of namespaced models in forms (LastDragon-ru, Ekstazi, pgaultier)
  367 - Enh #169: Allow to set AJAX request type for CListView and CGridView (klimov-paul)
  368 - Enh #289: Gii module could be submodule of an another module (resurtm)
  369 - Enh #315: COciSchema::checkIntegrity() method added: allows to toggle integrity check (resurtm)
  370 - Enh #755: Allow to get currently running command from CConsoleApplication (klimov-paul)
  371 - Enh #1065: CJuiSliderInput now supports ranged slider when using it without model (resurtm)
  372 - Enh #1142: CSecurityManager::computeHMAC() has been made public (resurtm)
  373 - Enh #1353: Added onBeforeCount event to CActiveRecord (jakob-stoeck)
  374 - Enh #1391: CDetailView: callables (including anonymous functions for PHP 5.3+) could be used as value generators of the attributes (resurtm)
  375 - Enh #1447: CSqliteSchema: added enabling/disabling integrity check for sqlite (gleb-sternharz, resurtm)
  376 - Enh #1589: Added HTTP range responses support to CHttpRequest::sendFile (Ragazzo, samdark)
  377 - Enh #1604: Added method CDbCommandBuilder::createMultipleInsertCommand() to support multiple insertion (klimov-paul)
  378 - Enh #1725: Added CFileHelper::removeDirectory() static method (resurtm)
  379 - Enh #1743: Added CActiveForm::searchField() and CHtml::activeSearchField() to create HTML input field of type SEARCH (njasm)
  380 - Enh #1794: Added ability to change widget ID via $htmlOptions['id'] array item in: CTabView, CBaseListView, CListView, CGridView, CDetailView, CMenu, and CPortlet (umrs)
  381 - Enh #1796: Separate count criteria has been added to the CActiveDataProvider, it's useful for the counting queries simplification (resurtm)
  382 - Enh #1818: Created a CLocalizedFormatter application component that allows formatting values according to current locale (cebe)
  383 - Enh #1842: Added support for MySQL BIT(M) data type default values (migelsabre, cebe)
  384 - Enh #1847: Added COutputCache::varyByLanguage to generate separate cache for different languages (Obramko)
  385 - Enh #1863: Added CActiveFinder::getModel, added CActiveRecord::getActiveFinder, CExistValidator::getModel, CUniqueValidator::getModel, CActiveDataProvider::getModel, CSort::getModel (denisarius, samdark)
  386 - Enh #1928: Gii is now able to use table columns' comments as the attribute labels of a new generated model (resurtm, tlikai)
  387 - Enh #1948: Tidy up and improve html5 input support in CHtml and CActiveForm (phpnode)
  388 - Enh #1977: CFormatter::normalizeDateValue() now is protected instead of private to enable child classes to override it (etienneq)
  389 - Enh #2003: Gii now allows namespaced base classes to be defined in generators (etienneq)
  390 - Enh #2038: CFormatter::formatNtext() method can replace newlines with `<p></p>` not just with `<br />` as it was before (resurtm)
  391 - Enh #2053: CPasswordHelper has been refactored, CSecurityManager has been enhanced and is now able to generate cryptographically strong random bytes and strings (resurtm, tom--, ekerazha, samdark)
  392 - Enh #2062: CWsdlGenerator now supports soap indicators (sequence, choice), injecting of custom WSDL string block and generation of human-friendly documentation for complex types. Added unit test. (lubosdz)
  393 - Enh #2090: Allow passing array of columns to CDbSchema::addPrimaryKey() (paystey)
  394 - Enh #2096: CAPTCHA: non-free Duality.ttf font replaced by open/free SpicyRice.ttf (licensed under SIL OFL v1.1) (resurtm)
  395 - Enh #2131: Added Accept header parsing to CHttpRequest to give an array of accepted types in order of preference (Rupert-RR)
  396 - Enh #2135: MessageCommand can now handles Yii::t() messages with files in subfolders (firsyura)
  397 - Enh #2205: CActiveForm::error() now depends on CHtml::$errorContainerTag (malyshev)
  398 - Enh #2213: Added comment with hint on ajax validaton which may lead to duplicate entries in the database to gii form template (elmig, cebe)
  399 - Enh #2217: Support of the empty option for CHtml::radioButtonList() has been introduced (resurtm)
  400 - Enh #2254: CForm::$showErrors property has been added, it controls whether error elements of the form attributes should be rendered (resurtm)
  401 - Enh #2275: Added primary log rotation by copy and truncate to CFileLogRoute (bdstevens)
  402 - Enh #2415: Cancel current ajax request before create a new one in CGridView and CListView (gusnips)
  403 - Enh #2416: Avoid instantiating HTMLPurifier on each CHtmlPurifier::purify() call. Allow to pass array as argument of CHtmlPurifier::purify() (twisted1919)
  404 - Enh #2435: CFileCache entry expiration time could now be embedded into the cache file instead of changing file's modification time to be in future (resurtm)
  405 - Enh #2459: Absolute session timeout in CWebUser (ivokund)
  406 - Enh #2494: Allow to configure CBaseListView emptyText container tag name (ifdattic)
  407 - Enh #2529: Silenced all chmod calls to prevent "chmod() operation not allowed" error on NTFS (samdark)
  408 - Enh #2602: CEmailValidator and CUrlValidator now uses native PHP `idn` extension in case it is available (`idn_to_ascii` and `idn_ to_ utf8` functions) and Net_IDNA2 otherwise (resurtm, creocoder)
  409 - Enh #2642: Support third party autoloaders when importing classes via Yii::import() (phpnode)
  410 - Chg: Upgraded HTMLPurifier to v4.5.0 (samdark)
  411 - Chg #645: CDbConnection now throws CDbException when failed to open DB connection instead of failing with a warning (kidol, eirikhm, samdark, cebe)
  412 - Chg #895: Add second argument $params to client validation function (slavcodev)
  413 - Chg #1891: Changed order of methods in models generated by Gii and yiic, added better description of search method (hijarian, samdark)
  414 - Chg #2069: Upgraded jQuery BBQ Plugin to 1.4pre to fix jQuery compatibility problems (samdark)
  415 - Chg #2183: Vendors: phlymail's Net_IDNA was replaced by PEAR Net_IDNA2 (resurtm, DaSourcerer)
  416 - Chg #2187: Vendors: punycode.js updated from 1.1.1 (June 27, 2012) to 1.2.0 (October 10, 2012) (resurtm)
  417 - Chg #2461: Upgraded jquery star rating to 4.11 (samdark)
  418 - Chg #2531: Upgraded jquery masked input to 1.3.1 (samdark)
  419 - New: Added CRedisCache which uses redis key value store as cache backend (cebe, maxlun86)
  420 - New #575: Yii registering at Packagist, added composer info file (schmunk42)
  421 - New #1785: Added CPasswordHelper (tom--)
  422 - New #2178: Added Catalan Translation (ArnauAregall)
  423 - New #2370: New template placeholders for CHtml::radioButtonList() and CHtml::checkBoxList() (creocoder)
  424 - New #2530: Added 'through' option to CActiveRecord::BELONGS_TO relation (creocoder)
  426 Version 1.1.13 December 30, 2012
  427 --------------------------------
  428 - Bug #93: Criteria modification in CActiveRecord::beforeFind() did not apply when record was loaded in relational context. See UPGRADE instructions for details on behavior change. (cebe)
  429 - Bug #109: formatNumber() now uses number_format() instead of round(), because of round() error in IEEE754 accuracy limitations (SonkoDmitry)
  430 - Bug #110: MSSQL: fixed empty $primaryKey value after saving CActiveRecord model (resurtm)
  431 - Bug #112: MSSQL: database abstraction layer now uses native transaction support of the SQLSRV driver (resurtm)
  432 - Bug #124: Added CMysqlCommandBuilder to handle JOIN directive on update commands correctly (cebe, DaSourcerer)
  433 - Bug #126: Fixed CWebUser::getReturnUrl(), allowing to determine default URL correctly, if CUrlManager::showScriptName is set to false (klimov-paul)
  434 - Bug #138: CMysqlSchema fixed to support MySQL ANSI mode (cebe)
  435 - Bug #140: Fixed validation CJuiButton with type buttonset (adminnu)
  436 - Bug #162: Eventhandler attached twice when behavior is set enabled after attaching it (cebe)
  437 - Bug #218: Fixed problem when using 'union' and 'order/limit/offset' in CDbCommand::buildQuery (nsanden)
  438 - Bug #276: Tweaked CGridView stylesheet to include a hover style for the selected row (acorncom)
  439 - Bug #810: Gii now adds a number to the end of relation name if same named relation already exists instead of not generating relation (n30kill, samdark)
  440 - Bug #835: CApplication::onEndRequest is now called at the script shutdown to make sure log is written on forceful script termination (samdark, cebe)
  441 - Bug #837: Fixed method CDbCriteria::__wakeup(), allowing to keep custom names for params and update all string parts for automatic params (klimov-paul)
  442 - Bug #959: Bug where non-lowercase keys cannot be found in CConsoleApplication::$commandMap fixed (resurtm)
  443 - Bug #962: Fixed handling of negative timestamps in CDateFormatter::format() (johnmendonca)
  444 - Bug #1094: CListView with enabled history used to clear page title in case sorting or paging performed (Opera and Firefox only) (mdomba, resurtm)
  445 - Bug #1095: Added missing retry_interval parameter of addServer function call in CMemCache (Lisio)
  446 - Bug #1181: Fixed can read but not save binary data e.g. BYTEA on PostgreSQL (karmakaze)
  447 - Bug #1212: Added missing .gitignore files to the application generated by WebAppCommand (resurtm)
  448 - Bug #1249: CHttpRequest::sendFile() outputs malformed file content in some specific circumstances (andyhu)
  449 - Bug #1279: CHttpRequest::sendFile() now always sends valid content-header (Ragazzo)
  450 - Bug #1330: SQLite column default value was incorrect for column of type string and DEFAULT NULL (cebe)
  451 - Bug #1344: Fixed URL problem in CGridView and CListView when enableHistory was true and unicode chars where used (mdomba, Redjik)
  452 - Bug #1347: CDbTestCase: table name in fixtures list enclosed into double curly brackets (e.g. 'tasks'=>':{{task}}') didn't worked properly (resurtm)
  453 - Bug #1351: CClientScript::registerMetaTag() now allows to register multiple meta tags with the same set of attributes (klimov-paul)
  454 - Bug #1364: Empty CHtml::$errorCss cause class attribute rendering errors (creocoder)
  455 - Bug #1381: Ignore select given by criteria or scope on stat relation (cebe)
  456 - Bug #1392: HostInfo was appended to CHttpRequest::redirect() location in case of using protocol relative URLs (dInGd0nG, samdark)
  457 - Bug #1406: Fixed the issue that false value returned from CDbCommand could not be cached properly (mdomba)
  458 - Bug #1407: CDbCommandBuilder::createCountCommand() used to bind parameters for unused ORDER clause and unused SELECT part (resurtm)
  459 - Bug #1444: Fixed CGoogleApi::register call to registerScriptFile (mdomba)
  460 - Bug #1478: Fixed CWsdlGenerator error when using namespaced classes (Diego-Rocha)
  461 - Bug #1485: CSort does not quote table alias when using CDbCriteria (undsoft)
  462 - Bug #1492: Fixed jQuery calls when noConflict feature was used and jQuery code was returned by ajax calls (l-nagash)
  463 - Bug #1499: Fixed CVarDumper highlighting "\" (antoncpu)
  464 - Bug #1549: Fixed CFormatter::sizeFormat() to use translations from 'yii' category and corrected english default translation, also improved number formatting (cebe)
  465 - Bug #1552: Fixed potential vulnerability in CJavaScript::encode(): $safe parameter didn't used to be passed to the recursive method calls (resurtm)
  466 - Bug #1575: MessageCommand::extractMessages fails to ignore invalid category definitions (softark)
  467 - Bug #1584: Fixed CGridView and CListView urls when enableHistory was used with "path" urlFormat (mdomba)
  468 - Bug #1621: Fixed CCompareValidator to support {compareAttribute} in $message also on client-side (cebe)
  469 - Bug #1622: CLocale::getTerritory() used to return invalid territory name when locales (language tags) were specified without territory part (e.g. 'de', 'fr') (resurtm)
  470 - Bug #1624: Requirements page now tries all other preferred languages when the most preferred one is missing (ArtVal)
  471 - Bug #1625: CEmailLogRoute does not properly encode UTF8 characters contained in logs, CEmailLogRoute::$utf8 property added (mdomba, resurtm)
  472 - Bug #1628: Active HTTP sessions overwrote the Cache-Control header set by CHttpCacheFilter (DaSourcerer)
  473 - Bug #1646: CLocale::getTerritory() used to return invalid territory name when locales (language tags) were specified with script part (e.g. 'zh-Hans-CN', 'zh-Hant-HK') (resurtm)
  474 - Bug #1652: Fixed incorrect syntax of CDbSchema::renameTable() for SQLite, added CSqliteSchema::renameTable() method (Sarke)
  475 - Bug #1673: CHttpRequest::getPreferredLanguage now works according to RFC2616. Added CHttpRequest::getPreferredLanguages that returns all user accepted languages in order of preference (Rupert-RR, bwoester, cebe, samdark)
  476 - Bug #1676: Fixed listData() grouping when no group was specified (mdomba)
  477 - Bug #1716: Fixed CCodeModel::pluralize() and CConsoleCommand::pluralize() so it doesn't force lowercase the first letter in any words (nsanden)
  478 - Bug #1726: Fixed the error Undefined variable: json in CJSON.php when json_decode function did not exist (heyhoo)
  479 - Bug #1792: Fixed persistent access permissions when two identities were used in a single application run. (jhenriquemc, François Gannaz)
  480 - Bug #1853: CAssetManager::publish() method will throw an exception if $forceCopy and $linkAssets are both true (resurtm, mdomba)
  481 - Bug: Table schema is refreshed on Gii model generation when schemaCachingDuration is used (SonkoDmitry)
  482 - Bug: CDbCommand::setFetchMode wasn't accepting additional arguments needed for PDO::FETCH_CLASS (samdark)
  483 - Bug: CCaptchaAction::validate check wasn't working properly in some cases (samdark, Qiang)
  484 - Enh #84: Log route categories are now accepted in form of array. Added CLogRoute::except and parameter to CLogRoute::getLogs that allows you to exclude specific categories (paystey)
  485 - Enh #104: Added CWebLogRoute::$collapsedInFireBug property to control whether the log should be collapsed by default in Firebug (marcovtwout)
  486 - Enh #117: Added CPhpMessageSource::$extensionPaths to allow extensions, that do not have a base class to use as category prefix, to register message source (rcoelho, cebe)
  487 - Enh #144: baseID in CHtml::checkBoxList and CHtml::radioButtonList can now be customized via htmlOptions (cebe)
  488 - Enh #217: Added CTypeValidator::validateValue() and CTypeValidator::$strict, better check for arrays (samdark)
  489 - Enh #259: CHttpRequest::getRestParams is now public (samdark)
  490 - Enh #291: CFormatter::formatDate and formatDateTime now also accept strings in strtotime() format (francis_tm, cebe)
  491 - Enh #486: CHttpSession::$gCProbability and CDbHttpSession::$gCProbability are floats now. Minimal possible $gCProbability value has been changed to the ≈0.00000005% (1/2147483647), was integer 1% before, default value left unchanged (1%) (resurtm)
  492 - Enh #545: Add CDataProviderIterator to allow iteration over large data sets (phpnode)
  493 - Enh #556: CDbColumnSchema::$comment property has been added. It stores comment for the table column, comment retrieving is working for MySQL, PgSQL and Oracle (resurtm)
  494 - Enh #724: Third argument of CHtml::listData() now receives anonymous function as calculator of the text field value, PHP 5.3+ only (resurtm)
  495 - Enh #846: Added addPrimaryKey() / dropPrimaryKey() commands to CDbMigration (ridget)
  496 - Enh #949: Added COciSchema::resetSequence (jazahn, samdark)
  497 - Enh #990: Added CArrayDataProvider::$caseSensitiveSort property which allows to control whether sorting should be case sensitive (resurtm)
  498 - Enh #999: Changed md5() to crypt() in docs/guide/topics.auth, docs/blog and demos/blog. Added Wiki 425 tutorial on use of crypt() (tom--)
  499 - Enh #1084: CDateTimeParser: MMM pattern for parsing short month names is now locale aware (resurtm)
  500 - Enh #1146: CFileHelper::copyDirectory recursive directory creation (senz)
  501 - Enh #1183: CDbCommand: added andWhere()/orWhere() which appends condition to the WHERE part of the query, in contrary of CDbCommand::where() which replaces it (resurtm)
  502 - Enh #1184: CEmailValidator now supports IDN (Internationalized Domain Names), added CEmailValidator::$validateIDN property (resurtm)
  503 - Enh #1134: CAssetManager filepath creation now can be extended thru generatePath(). Path creation is now recursive in publish(). (senz)
  504 - Enh #1201: CMenu now supports HTML attributes for the links' wrap element specified in $linkLabelWrapper (resurtm)
  505 - Enh #1228: Added ability to MessageCommand to generate translation files for multiple functions (Arne-S, samdark)
  506 - Enh #1238: CJuiDatePicker is now using the native altField option to handle the hidden input when type flat is used (mdomba, christiansalazar)
  507 - Enh #1282: CDateTimeParser: added MMMM pattern for parsing standard month names such as 'January', 'Décembre' or 'März' (resurtm)
  508 - Enh #1286: CUrlValidator now supports IDN (Internationalized Domain Names), added CUrlValidator::$validateIDN property (resurtm)
  509 - Enh #1289: Added support for column comments for MSSQL (CDbColumnSchema::$comment property) (resurtm)
  510 - Enh #1299: Added CSRF token validation for PUT and DELETE (miraage, samdark)
  511 - Enh #1369: Added CCheckBoxColumn::disabled that accepts PHP expression or anonymous function determining if checkbox for the row should be disabled (sucotronic)
  512 - Enh #1386: Second parameter of the CHtml::value() is now able to accept anonymous function which calculates value to be used (Qiang, resurtm)
  513 - Enh #1396: Added 'text/csv' mime-type for the 'csv' file extension in utils/mimeTypes.php (effectively used by e.g. CHttpRequest::sendFile()) (rawtaz)
  514 - Enh #1426: Behaviors are now affecting memory consumption significantly less (slavcodev, creocoder, Qiang, samdark)
  515 - Enh #1443: Added CHttpRequest::getRawBody() that allows reading RAW HTTP request body multiple times (itamar82, resurtm, samdark)
  516 - Enh #1464: CCaptchaAction now supports rendering through ImageMagick, CCaptcha::checkRequirements() changed (resurtm, SonkoDmitry)
  517 - Enh #1500: CSqlDataProvider now supports CDbCommand in constructor (slavcodev)
  518 - Enh #1507: Added support for minOccurs, maxOccurs, nillable to CWsdlGenerator. Changed most of the methods visibility to protected. Added unit tests (lubosdz)
  519 - Enh #1518: Allow to configure CHtml::$closeSingleTags and CHtml::$renderSpecialAttributesValue. Useful for HTML5 code (creocoder)
  520 - Enh #1527: Added $id argument to CClientScript::registerMetaTag that allows you to override existing tags (Alex-Code)
  521 - Enh #1531: CArrayDataProvider is now able to sort cutted array, where sorting column is not available in every entry (Yiivgeny)
  522 - Enh #1535: HTML5 special attributes added to CHtml::renderAttributes() (creocoder)
  523 - Enh #1538: Added CListView::ajaxUpdateError for the possibility to use a custom ajax error handler (mdomba)
  524 - Enh #1567: Added filterSelector property to CGridView (MonkeyMaster)
  525 - Enh #1581: Added 'unselectValue' to CHtml::dropDownList() and CHtml::activeDropDownList() to define default post value if no option is selected in multiple mode (creocoder, mdomba)
  526 - Enh #1596: Added CGridView::rowHtmlOptionsExpression to allow set HTML attributes for the row (Ryadnov)
  527 - Enh #1657: CDbCommandBuilder::createUpdateCounterCommand now can be used with float values (samdark, hyzhakus)
  528 - Enh #1658: CFormatter::formatHtml() is now more flexible and customizable through new CFormatter::$htmlPurifierOptions property (resurtm)
  529 - Enh #2343: Added CRequiredValidator::$trim property which determines to trim attribute value or not (AnatolyRugalev)
  530 - Enh: Fixed the check for ajaxUpdate false value in jquery.yiilistview.js as that never happens (mdomba)
  531 - Enh: Requirements checker: added check for Oracle database (pdo_oci extension) and MSSQL (pdo_dblib, pdo_sqlsrv and pdo_mssql extensions) (resurtm)
  532 - Enh: Added CChainedLogFilter class to allow adding multiple filters to a logroute (cebe)
  533 - Enh: Allow CDataProvider to use custom pagination and sorter (creocoder)
  534 - Enh: Value of the CHtml::activeTextArea() can now be set through $htmlOptions['value'] (resurtm)
  535 - Enh: Allow to customize CHtml::error() container tag (creocoder)
  536 - Enh: CModule::setComponents() now can reconfigure already loaded components (creocoder)
  537 - Enh: CLocale::getWeekDayName() weekday-number argument is now more compatible with date() function, allowing 0 and 7 for sunday (Yiivgeny, cebe)
  538 - Enh: Added minified jQuery BBQ (samdark)
  539 - Chg #1193: Upgraded jQuery to 1.8.3 (samdark)
  540 - Chg #1373: Upgraded jquery star rating to 3.14 (samdark)
  541 - Chg #1548: Upgraded jQueryUI to 1.9.2 (samdark)
  542 - Chg #1563: Updated CTestCase for PHPUnit 3.7.7+ (tanakahisateru, samdark)
  543 - Chg #1746: CDbCriteria::mergeWith() is now more consistent with all other class methods (hyzhakus, samdark)
  544 - Chg: MSSQL unit tests updated and actualized, added SQLSRV driver support (resurtm)
  545 - Chg: Added Oracle unit tests (resurtm)
  546 - Chg: Updated CHttpCacheFilter to use dates as specified by RFC 1123 (bramp)
  547 - Chg: Added punycode.js v1.1.1 (http://mths.be/punycode) and IDNA Converter v0.8.0 (http://phlymail.com/en/downloads/idna-convert.html) to the vendors (third party libraries and utilities) (resurtm)
  548 - New: Ported offline documentation viewer from yiidoc project. Mainly usable for translations but can be used for reading offline as well (samdark)
  550 Version 1.1.12 August 19, 2012
  551 ------------------------------
  552 - Bug #190: WSDL return tag was not generated by CWsdlGenerator when Macintosh line endings were used inside service describing docblock (resurtm)
  553 - Bug #1066: CMemCache: expiration time higher than 60*60*24*30 (31536000) seconds led the value to expire right away after saving (resurtm)
  554 - Bug #1072: Fixed the problem with getTableAlias() in defaultScope() (creocoder)
  555 - Bug #1076: CJavaScript::encode() was not compatible with PHP 5.1 (samdark)
  556 - Bug #1077: Fixed the problem with alias in CSort (creocoder)
  557 - Bug #1083: CFileValidator is now unsafe by default. This will prevent setting attribute when no file was uploaded (samdark)
  558 - Bug #1087: Reverted changes to CCookieCollection::add() introduced in 1.1.11 as they were triggering E_STRICT on some old PHP-versions (suralc)
  559 - Bug #1088: Fixed usage of proper CActiveForm id property when it's supplied with htmlOptions (mdomba)
  560 - Bug #1094: CGridView with enabled history used to clear page title in case sorting or paging performed (Opera and Firefox only) (resurtm)
  561 - Bug #1109: Fixed "js:" encoding BC-break in CHtml::ajax() and related methods introduced in 1.1.11 (samdark)
  562 - Bug #1120: Fixed duplicate events processing in CGridView when ENTER was pressed for filtering (mdomba)
  563 - Bug #1192: CHttpCacheFilter failed to comply with RFC 2616, section 10.3.5 (DaSourcerer)
  564 - Bug #1207: Fixed an issue in CHtml::resolveValue() which occurs when handling tabular data input (Qiang)
  565 - Bug #1225: Fixed the bug that $.fn.yiiGridView.getChecked was not working always if a custom CGridView::template was used (mdomba)
  566 - Bug #1243: Fixed the bug that when using CUrlManager::addRules with $append=false rules were added in reverse order (samdark)
  567 - Enh #243: CWebService is now able to deal with the customized WSDL generator classes, was hardcoded to the CWsdlGenerator before, added CWebService::$generatorConfig property (resurtm)
  568 - Enh #636: CManyManyRelation now parses foreign key for the junction table data internally, and provide public interface to access it (klimov-paul)
  569 - Enh #1163: CGridview does not create empty class attributes anymore (cebe)
  570 - Chg #1099: Changed connectionId dropdown to sticky text field in Gii model generator (mdomba)
  571 - Chg #1167: Reverted back the change to CComponent::evaluateExpression() about global function support (Qiang)
  573 Version 1.1.11 July 29, 2012
  574 ----------------------------
  575 - Bug #098: No correct identity value being returned when using Active Record and mssql (c-schmitz)
  576 - Bug #114: CUniqueValidator and CExistValidator now respect table alias while creating db query condition (klimov-paul)
  577 - Bug #145: CGettextMoFile now can parse strings with no context (eagleoneraptor)
  578 - Bug #148: Fixed the bug in the blog demo that was not deleting right comment when not on the first page (mdomba)
  579 - Bug #161: CCookieCollection::remove() now accepts an array of cookie options as a second argument to facilitate correct cookie removal (maximcherny)
  580 - Bug #164: CEmailValidator.checkPort now checks the port 25 of listed MX servers (DaSourcerer)
  581 - Bug #178: webapp creation with relative paths like ../ was not working correctly (cebe)
  582 - Bug #193: Changed datetime column type for postgresql from 'time' to 'timestamp' (cebe)
  583 - Bug #238: Fixed the problem that empty row could be selected in CGridView when there was no data (mdomba)
  584 - Bug #295: Sometimes CJSON::decode returns null because native json_encode has bugs and returns null. Workaround to continue decoding when result of json_decode is null (luislobo)
  585 - Bug #381: Fixed the bug that Gii model name input could get misspelled when autocomplete is used (mdomba)
  586 - Bug #417: CAttributeCollections::mergeWith() does not take into account the caseSensitive (dmtrs)
  587 - Bug #433: Fixed the bug that Gii model name input autocomplete was not working sometimes (mdomba)
  588 - Bug #449: CDbHttpSession and CDbLogRoute now use query builder instead of DAO for proper quoting (mdomba, redguy)
  589 - Bug #454: Removed translation on CDbConnection exception as it was creating an endless loop if the application used CDbCache (mdomba)
  590 - Bug #517: Rule parameter sub-patterns are not checked correctly (ranvis)
  591 - Bug #539: Fixed CUrlRule::createUrl() to treat sub-patterns as Unicode as parseUrl() does (ranvis)
  592 - Bug #553: Criteria of related AR finders was affected after performing find with relational scopes (marcovtwout)
  593 - Bug #618: Fixed caching of CWebUser::checkAccess() when it is called first time with and second time without $params (cebe)
  594 - Bug #660: Fixed error when calling CDbCache::getValues (zilles)
  595 - Bug #697: Fixed WSDLGenerator now generating proper namespace for certain complexTypes (BBoom)
  596 - Bug #749: CActiveRecord::refresh() did not work in afterSave() for new records, will now always refresh, when db entry exists (cebe)
  597 - Bug #769: Fixed the bug that $.fn.yiiGridView.getSelection was not working always if a custom CGridView::template was used (mdomba)
  598 - Bug #772: CHttpRequest::getIsSecureConnection() was failing on some conditions (bulletbee, samdark)
  599 - Bug #773: CGridView filters now filter on enter key in Internet Explorer (BBoom)
  600 - Bug #803: Arbitary non-sorting links in CDataColumn's header were not working proper way (resurtm)
  601 - Bug #827: Fixed the problem that CJuiSliderInput was rendering a name attribute for div element (mdomba)
  602 - Bug #842: Active Records insert fails in MSSQL if a column has a default value of (NULL) (c-schmitz)
  603 - Bug #852: Fixed the problem that CActiveForm was not revalidating fields if ajax submit was used (mdomba)
  604 - Bug #859: Fixed CSort::applyOrder() and CSort::getOrderBy() to use custom table aliases (troch, samdark)
  605 - Bug #865: CLogRoute called processLogs() even if log array was empty and caused empty emails and log files (cebe)
  606 - Bug #879: Fixed a possible PHP error caused by CWebUser::restoreFromCookie() in combination with CHttpRequest.enableCookieValidation (kidol)
  607 - Bug #901: Fixed possible encoding problem on exception (mdomba, samdark, cebe)
  608 - Bug #1000: Added params to profiling token in CDbCommand::execute() to be consitent with CDbCommand::queryInternal() (cebe)
  609 - Bug #1045: Building a query with empty array as parameter will not result in a broken sql-string anymore(suralc)
  610 - Bug: Fixed CMenu::isItemActive() to work properly when there is a hash in the item's url (SlKelevro)
  611 - Bug: Added missing return statement to CAuthItem->revoke() (mdomba)
  612 - Bug: CHtml::resolveValue() ignoring of array elements accessor at the beginning of the $attribute argument now works properly (resurtm)
  613 - Enh #120: Added ability to set cookies in an object based style without specifying the cookie-name twice (suralc)
  614 - Enh #136: Added ability to select database connection in Gii model generator (samdark)
  615 - Enh #157: Added ability to use models with objects implementing ArrayAccess as properties in CHtml::resolveValue (samdark)
  616 - Enh #165: Allow CCacheDependency to be reusable across multiple cache calls (phpnode)
  617 - Enh #171: Added support for PUT and DELETE request tunneled through POST via parameter named _method in POST body (musterknabe)
  618 - Enh #179: CLogger now supports filtering profile timings by multiple & wildcard categories (intel352)
  619 - Enh #191: Added ability to customize HTML classes of CLinkPager via its public properties (mashingan)
  620 - Enh #206: Added ability to pass CDbCriteria object as AR relation parameter (samdark)
  621 - Enh #215: Added tokens to CGridView::updateSelectors to allow adding custom selectors instead replacing only (mdomba)
  622 - Enh #220: The URL pointing to the Google API in CGoogleApi is now protocol relative (suralc)
  623 - Enh #237: The tabs of CTabView now support the property 'visible' (DaSourcerer)
  624 - Enh #255: Sort CArrayDataProvider when elements is CActiveDataProvider or other object (rusmaxim)
  625 - Enh #266: Add support for HTML5 url, email, number, range and date fields to CHtml (gregmolnar)
  626 - Enh #267: CDbHttpSession is now able to store binary payload such as the output of the igbinary serializer (DaSourcerer, samdark)
  627 - Enh #282: Added CCheckBoxColumn::headerTemplate to allow custom headers (mdomba)
  628 - Enh #286: Added wildcard token to CDateTimeParser (cebe)
  629 - Enh #294: Added deniedCallback to CAccessControlFilter and CAccessRule to allow forwarding control to a method on denial (luislobo)
  630 - Enh #342: Added ability to pass parameters for RBAC bizRules from CAccessControlFilter configuration (claudejanz, samdark)
  631 - Enh #356: Improved extendability of CDetailView by adding method renderItem() (cebe)
  632 - Enh #369: Added $hashKey to CCache (kidol)
  633 - Enh #414: Added sort parameter to yiic message command that sorts messages by key when merging (ranvis)
  634 - Enh #455: Added support for default value in CConsoleCommand::prompt (eagleoneraptor)
  635 - Enh #551: Added $safe parameter to CJavaScript::encode. If set to true, 'js:' will not be allowed. If you need to pass JavaScript, wrap your code with CJavaScriptExpression instead (samdark)
  636 - Enh #552: Added support for http-level caching via CHttpCacheFilter (DaSourcerer)
  637 - Enh #568: CHtml::getIdByName() will now convert spaces to underscore to get proper ID for HTML elements (mdomba)
  638 - Enh #578: Added extension checks to CMemCache (samdark)
  639 - Enh #581: Added formatSize method in CFormatter to format file sizes into units of different order - KB, MB, etc (brilyuhns, samdark)
  640 - Enh #584: Refactored WebAppCommand to be more customizable, added more PHPDoc (samdark)
  641 - Enh #599: Added case sensitivity check when autoloading classes (qiangxue)
  642 - Enh #601: added the method loginRequired() to the IWebUser interface (mdomba)
  643 - Enh #616: CVarDumper is now correctly highligting integer array keys (vernes, samdark)
  644 - Enh #641: Added support for customizing serialization methods for cache components (DaSourcerer, Qiang)
  645 - Enh #648: Added filterHtmlOptions property to the CGridColumn component (juban)
  646 - Enh #652: Added namespace to yiiGridView events, so they can be easily removed by .off() jQuery method (Bethrezen)
  647 - Enh #673: Changed CClientScript::scripts to be public (mdomba)
  648 - Enh #675: CDateFormat::format() now returns null if the parameter $time is null (mdomba)
  649 - Enh #690: Added sender name and proper headers for UTF8 encoding when sending e-mail in SiteController->actionContact() (mdomba)
  650 - Enh #766: Added 'userId' to $params in CDbAuthManager::checkAccess() and CPhpAuthManager::checkAccess() (cebe)
  651 - Enh #666: Added property $except to CValidator, a list of scenarios that the validator should not be applied to (resurtm)
  652 - Enh #839: CListView::renderItems now resolves view file only once (nizsheanez)
  653 - Enh #938: CFileValidator::sizeToBytes() is now public and available for using in the whole application (resurtm)
  654 - Enh #943: CDateTimeParser is now able to parse short textual representation of month, e.g. Jan, Jun, Aug (resurtm)
  655 - Enh #967: Commands from YII_CONSOLE_COMMANDS environment variable are now always added to yiic console application (schmunk)
  656 - Enh: CFileValidator could validate uploaded file by its MIME-type, added $mimeTypes and $wrongMimeType properties (resurtm)
  657 - Enh: Fixed romanian translation to use the better-supported cedilla characters (tudorilisoi)
  658 - Enh: Added default value to CConsoleCommand::confirm (musterknabe)
  659 - Enh: Allowed returning integer values as application exit code in CConsoleCommand actions (cebe)
  660 - Enh: Added third parameter to CHttpCookie to configure the cookie by array (suralc)
  661 - Enh: Added getIsFlashRequest(), proper handling of Flash/Flex request when using CWebLogRoute with FireBug (resurtm)
  662 - Enh: Added CBreadcrumbs::$activeLinkTemplate and CBreadcrumbs::$inactiveLinkTemplate properties which allows to change each item's template (resurtm)
  663 - Enh: Added full-featured behaviors and events CConsoleCommand::onBeforeAction & CConsoleCommand::onAfterAction (Yiivgeny)
  664 - Enh: Added HTML5 history support on ajax requests on CGridView and CListView using History.js v1.7.2-r2 (https://github.com/balupton/history.js) from Benjamin Arthur Lupton (lightglitch)
  665 - Enh: Changed CldrCommand to use medium dateTimeFormat and updated 18n data using newest(6546) CLDR (tanakahisateru)
  666 - Enh: Added CErrorHandler::getHttpHeader() to send correct HTTP error codes (pgaultier)
  667 - Enh: CGridView, only rows in tbody should have hover effect (mdomba)
  668 - Enh: CClientScript::$defaultScriptFilePosition and CClientScript::$defaultScriptPosition for controlling default $position argument for registerScriptFile and registerScript (resurtm)
  669 - Enh: CHttpCookie now implements __toString (suralc)
  670 - Enh: Ability to set namespace for module controllers using CWebModule::controllerNamespace, documentation about using namespaced controllers and modules (samdark)
  671 - Enh: Added possibility to set the container for CHtml::radioButtonList and CHtml::checkBoxList() (pgaultier)
  672 - Enh: Added zii romanian(ro) translation; edited core messages to include proper romanian characters with diacritic marks (tudorilisoi)
  673 - Enh: Added ILogFilter interface as an alternative to using CLogFilter as base class for implementing log filters (cebe)
  674 - Enh: CAssetManager, added $forceCopy property which globally forces publication of asset files and directories (resurtm)
  675 - Enh: WebAppCommand has ability to generate fresh application with git or hg specific files (resurtm)
  676 - Enh: Gii default templates: added additional metadata (PHPDoc) of the variables passed into views for better IDE autocompletion (resurtm)
  677 - Enh: WebAppCommand generated application: added additional metadata (PHPDoc) of the variables passed into views for better IDE autocompletion (resurtm)
  678 - Enh #1053: CComponent::evaluateExpression will allow using global functions as callbacks (Ekstazi)
  679 - Chg #384: CWebUser::changeIdentity() will now delete old unused session data file (Qiang)
  680 - Chg #440: Upgraded JQuery UI to 1.8.22 (samdark)
  681 - Chg #497: Added log component and preloaded it in default console application config in order to properly log errors (samdark)
  682 - Chg: Upgraded jQuery to 1.7.2 (samdark)
  683 - Chg: More unit tests added for CHtml (resurtm)
  684 - Chg: Upgraded bundled markdown parser to v1.2.5 (DaSourcerer)
  685 - New: Added TranslationsCommand build command aimed to help translation teams (samdark)
  687 Version 1.1.10 February 12, 2012
  688 --------------------------------
  689 - Bug Fixed the bug introduced in 1.1.9 CActiveForm required field was not validated if left empty (mdomba)
  690 - Bug #1799: Better fix for bug #1799 old fix was breaking CJuiDatePicker tabular input (mdomba)
  691 - Bug #2284: Fixed the CActiveForm clientvalidation for tabular input (mdomba)
  692 - Bug #3062: Fixed the bug that using yiilite.php and CLocale will cause exception (Qiang)
  693 - Bug #3070: Fixed the CActiveForm JS error if there is no field rendered (mdomba)
  694 - Bug #3071: Fixed the bug that afterValidateAttribute was not called properly (mdomba)
  695 - Bug #3096: Fixed the bug when reporting an error and CHtml is not loaded (mdomba)
  696 - Bug #3103: Fixed the bug that CActiveForm->error() was not overloading htmlOptions (mdomba)
  697 - Bug #3107: Fixed the wrong encoding issue of Italian messages (Qiang)
  698 - Bug #3108: Fixed the bug introduced in CActiveFinder::applyLazyCondition (Qiang)
  699 - Bug #3166: Fixed the bug that CDbColumnSchema typecasted to NULL even for NOT NULL columns (Sam Dark)
  700 - Enh #3063: Gii, when generating models, tableNames will be checked against reserved PHP keywords when '*' is used (mdomba)
  701 - Enh #3097: Added CHttpRequest::decodePathInfo() (Y!!)
  702 - Enh #3101: The methods of CSecurityManager do now work correctly for the case that mbstring.func_overload is in effect (Y!!)
  703 - Enh #3112: Fixed the exception error display on ajax calls when YII_DEBUG is true (mdomba)
  704 - Enh #3121: Added more rules for proper pluralization to the pluralize() method in CCodeModel and CConsoleCommand (mdomba)
  705 - Enh #3153: CClientScript::addPackage() now returns CClientScript instance to support method chaining (Sam Dark)
  706 - Enh #3154: Removed file existance check to allow relative path and added additional headers option to xSendFile() (mdomba)
  707 - Enh #3169: Added CSort::SORT_ASC and CSort::SORT_DESC (Sam Dark)
  708 - Enh: Added CActiveForm::validateTabular() to simplify ajax validation for tabular input (mdomba)
  709 - Chg: HTML-encoded input values for exist and unique validators (Qiang)
  710 - Chg: Upgraded JQuery UI to 1.8.17 (mdomba)
  711 - Chg: Upgraded HTMLPurifier to v4.4.0 (Sam Dark)
  714 Version 1.1.9 January 1, 2012
  715 -----------------------------
  716 - Bug: Removed unnecessary COciCommandBuilder::createInsertCommand quotes (Sam Dark)
  717 - Bug: CHttpRequest.sendFile() gives incorrect content length when output_handler is enabled through code or non output_handler directive (Sam Dark)
  718 - Bug #1356: Fixed CActiveForm ajax validation when checkBoxList or radioButtonList are used (mdomba)
  719 - Bug #1968: Fixed inconsistence in CActiveForm error highlighting when checkBoxList or radioButtonList are used (mdomba)
  720 - Bug #2603: Fixed the bug that CDbHttpSession::regenerateID call when session isn't started results in SQL error (Sam Dark)
  721 - Bug #2623: Fixed the bug that by setting multiple classes in CGridView itemsCssClass prevents rows being selected (mdomba)
  722 - Bug #2635: MigrateCommand migration execution time is now measured correctly (Sam Dark)
  723 - Bug #2636: CConsoleCommand::init() wasn't called in yiic shell mode (Sam Dark)
  724 - Bug #2773: Fixed possible CUrlManager::createUrl parameters conflict when using custom URL rule classes (Sam Dark)
  725 - Bug #2581: Fixed CJuiTabs - not replacing id slug in header tool tips (sebas)
  726 - Bug #2643: Output buffer wasn't properly cleaned on displaying error screen (Sam Dark)
  727 - Bug #2733: Fixed CDbCriteria parameter names collision on unserialize (mcheale, Sam Dark)
  728 - Bug #2786: Fixed inheritance in CLDR months parsing (mcheale, Sam Dark)
  729 - Bug #2822: Fixed warning when "Host:" isn't present or is empty in HTTP request headers (Sam Dark)
  730 - Bug #2853: Fixed sending of the button name in CActiveForm with enableAjaxValidation enabled (mdomba)
  731 - Bug #2861: Removed the nested container css class in the skeleton application views (Qiang)
  732 - Bug #2915: Fixed client validation in CCompareValidator to compare numbers instead of strings (mdomba)
  733 - Bug #2932: CAuthItem::getType() returns string while using CDbAuthManager (Sam Dark)
  734 - Bug #2999: CSort::getDirections, error when array is passed via $_GET (Sam Dark)
  735 - Bug #3018: Fixed CACtiveForm ajax validation when checkBox or radioButton are used (mdomba)
  736 - Bug #3029: Fixed the bug that empty items were not hidden when CMenu::hideEmptyItems is true (mdomba)
  737 - Bug #3033: Fixed proper array merging in CDirectoryCacheDependency->generateTimestamps (mdomba)
  738 - Bug #3041: Fixed possible infinite loop while processing logs (Yiivgeny, Sam Dark)
  739 - Bug #3042: Fixed the bug that CHttpSession::setCookieMode wasn't setting session.use_only_cookies when 'none' value was used (Sam Dark)
  740 - Chg: Upgraded JQuery UI to 1.8.16 (Sam Dark)
  741 - Chg: Upgraded jQuery to 1.7.1 (Sam Dark,mdomba)
  742 - Chg: Upgraded CMaskedTextField jQuery plugin (Masked Input) to 1.3, added minified version (Sam Dark)
  743 - Chg: Reverted back the changes made to fix issue 2284 (Qiang)
  744 - Chg #2647: Fixed inconvenient way of defining through relation (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  745 - Chg #2951: Removed CConfiguration::createObject, CController::paginate and CHtml::getActiveId deprecated since 1.0.x (Sam Dark)
  746 - Chg #3054: CComponent::__isset properly checks for null values (mdomba)
  747 - Enh #2029: Added scope support to Model::relations() (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  748 - Enh #2129: Added Monospace font as a fallback for source code on the exception view page (mdomba)
  749 - Enh #2231: Added CMenu::itemCssClass for the possibility to assign one CSS class to all menu items (mdomba)
  750 - Enh #2334: CHttpRequest::getPathInfo() now properly decodes both UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 encoded URIs (Sam Dark)
  751 - Enh #2387: Numeric keys are now displayed in error/exception stacktrace call argument if array isn't 0..X indexed (Sam Dark)
  752 - Enh #2602: Better error handling in CHttpSession::open() when using PHP <5.3.0 (Sam Dark)
  753 - Enh #2604: CArrayDataProvider::keyField can now be set to false to use keys from $rawData array instead of a named keyField (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  754 - Enh #2637: Related table alias set dynamically in relational query is now available in the scopes of related model (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  755 - Enh #2646, #2706: Added ability to join on a specific keys (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  756 - Enh #2654: Enhanced CUrlManager::addRules() by allowing new rules to be inserted in front of the existing rules (Qiang)
  757 - Enh #2715: CMap::mergeArray now can accept multiple arrays to be merged (firejdl, Sam Dark)
  758 - Enh #2717: Extracted MigrateCommand::createMigrationHistoryTable method from MigrateCommand::getMigrationHistory (Sam Dark)
  759 - Enh #2751: Added removeOld parameter to yiic message command that allows not to add obsolete lines to translation file generated (luislobo, Sam Dark)
  760 - Enh #2795: Added Yii::t() to YiiBase::powered() (Sam Dark)
  761 - Enh #2808: Added ability to override core classes using YiiBase::classMap (Sam Dark)
  762 - Enh #2811: Fully automated CLDR data update, updated data to 2.0.1. Added getLanguageID, getScriptID, getTerritoryID, getRegionID, getLocaleDisplayName, getLanguage, getScript, getTerritory methods to CLocale (kshaw, Sam Dark)
  763 - Enh #2823: Added autocomplete for Gii "Table Name" field (Sam Dark)
  764 - Enh #2855: CWebUser::login() returns the login status (mdomba)
  765 - Enh #2872: Added CConsoleCommand::prompt() that asks for input and CConsoleCommand::confirm() that asks for confirmation (Sam Dark)
  766 - Enh #2890: Added CInlineValidator::clientValidate to set custom client validation (mdomba)
  767 - Enh #2914: Added CClientScript::addPackage (Sam Dark)
  768 - Enh #2929: Added forceDownload to xSendFile options to choose between attachment and inline disposition. (mdomba)
  769 - Enh #2981: Added CHtml::liveEvents to set the default global style for attaching jQuery event handlers. (mdomba, Sam Dark, Ekstazi)
  770 - Enh #3020: Added HTTP_REFERER information to the exception log (mdomba)
  771 - Enh #3024: Added CDbMigration::refreshTableSchema() that refreshes specified table schema cache (Sam Dark)
  772 - Enh: Documented component accessors with @property for significantly better IDE autocomplete (Sam Dark, Detonator, Athari)
  773 - Enh: Added CWebUser->loginRequiredAjaxResponse - value to be returned for ajax calls in case the user session has expired (mdomba)
  774 - Enh: CFileCache::get() does now suppress a possible PHP error which might occur on concurrent requests (Y!!)
  775 - Enh: jquery.yiiactiveform.js added check for form visibility to validate() to prevent JS error when using CActiveForm with jQuery dialog (mdomba)
  776 - Enh: removed the check for ajax call in CErrorHandler::handleException() (mdomba)
  777 - Enh: CAssetManager now generates different hash for files/directories with different mtime (Sam Dark)
  778 - Enh: Yii error screen will now display proper message like error/warning/notice (mdomba)
  779 - Enh: CHtml::clientchange() now uses the new jQuery on() method for event binding (mdomba)
  781 Version 1.1.8 June 26, 2011
  782 ---------------------------
  783 - Bug: Fixed a typo that may cause issue when setting custom script packages with baseUrl option for CClientScript (Qiang)
  784 - Bug #2001: CGridView now renders the body after the footer in order to conform to the standard (Qiang)
  785 - Bug #2236: CJuiTabs - added id to ajax tabs (sebas)
  786 - Bug #2272: Fixed the bug of undefined index css in CTreeView (mdomba)
  787 - Bug #2274: CDbCriteria can't merge "with" anymore if a scope applied another "with" condition (Sam Dark, Michael)
  788 - Bug #2275: Fixed the bug that ajax error handler was not called in case of exception (mdomba)
  789 - Bug #2284: Fixed the bug that CActiveForm clientValidation did not work with tabular input forms (Qiang)
  790 - Bug #2292: Fixed the bug that CActiveDataProvider may ignore the specified criteria for the sorting configuration (Qiang)
  791 - Bug #2294: Fixed the bug that duplicated PK columns may appear in the join SQL statement if custom select option is used (Qiang)
  792 - Bug #2303: Fixed not logging anything on WSDL service failure (Sam Dark)
  793 - Bug #2312: Fixed the bug that auto-incremental columns for MSSQL may return non-integers as last insert ID (Qiang)
  794 - Bug #2328: Fixed the bug that table names was not quoted in CDbAuthManager (mdomba)
  795 - Bug #2338: Fixed a typo in the client validation code for CNumberValidator (Qiang)
  796 - Bug #2359: Fixed the bug that checkbox in Gii view template may be hidden automatically (Qiang)
  797 - Bug #2377: Fixed the bug that jsonp was expected instead of JSON when using AJAX and CAutoComplete at the same page (Sam Dark)
  798 - Bug #2382: Fixed the bug that yiic wasn't able to run if there is no commands dir in application (Sam Dark)
  799 - Bug #2394: Fixed a typo in CDbCache that may cause mget() to fail (Qiang)
  800 - Bug #2409: Fixed the bug that CCaptcha::buttonOptions is not respected (Qiang)
  801 - Bug #2411: Fixed the bug that CCaptcha will fail when setting buttonType to be 'button' (Qiang)
  802 - Bug #2422: Fixed the bug that calling CLogger::flush(true) multiple times may cause duplication of dumped messages (Qiang)
  803 - Bug #2426: Fixed the bug in Gii about calling a non-static method in a static way (Qiang)
  804 - Bug #2463: Fixed the bug that INSERT statement created by COciCommandBuilder may fail in some cases (Qiang)
  805 - Bug #2475: Fixed the bug that CMssqlCommandBuilder and COciCommandBuilder don't respect parameters declared in CDbExpression when doing insertion and updating (Qiang)
  806 - Bug #2485: Fixed the bug that CMssqlPdoAdapter is not used when the driver is sqlsrv (Qiang)
  807 - Bug #2509: Fixed the bug that AR for MSSQL may fail if on different catalogues (Qiang)
  808 - Bug #2516: CTimestamp::getDate() produced wrong output with the default timestamp (Y!!)
  809 - Bug #2538: Fixed the bug that AR may join with incorrect columns (Qiang)
  810 - Bug #2544: Fixed the bug that setting CJuiDatePicker.language to be 'en' will use wrong language (Qiang)
  811 - Bug #2574: Fixed the bug that overriding CActiveRecord::primaryKey() does not set the isPrimaryKey flag for columns (Qiang)
  812 - Bug: CMapIterator current key wasn't initialized properly (Sam Dark, Detonator)
  813 - Bug: Controller generated with Gii CRUD wasn't able to handle non-integer primary key (Sam Dark)
  814 - Bug: Query caching may give incorrect caching results when bindParam or bindValue is used (Qiang)
  815 - Bug: Changing CActiveForm.errorMessageCssClass had no effect when ajax and client validation were disabled (Y!!)
  816 - Bug: Error when using CUniqueValidator with models indexed by specific field (Sam Dark, Yiivgeny)
  817 - Bug: Fixed the bug that CAssetManager doesn't set permission mode according to newDirMode and newFileModel properties when publishing a directory (Qiang)
  818 - Enh #2319: Added support to call behavior scope through criteria 'with'=>array('scopes'=>'behaviorScope') (Sam Dark, creocoder)
  819 - Enh #2262: Added warning log when a session fails to start by CHttpSession (Qiang)
  820 - Enh #2264: Added an option to the model code generator such that the relation generation can be disabled (Qiang)
  821 - Enh #2268: Added CClientScript::getPackageBaseUrl() (Qiang)
  822 - Enh #2273: Used better merging algorithm to build query parameters that are of array type in CUrlManager (Qiang)
  823 - Enh #2299: Added CAssetManager.newFileMode and newDirMode (Qiang)
  824 - Enh #2325: Added $option parameter to CDbCommand::select() to support special SELECT syntax (Qiang)
  825 - Enh #2341: More verbose log message for CModel::onUnsafeAttribute. Added model class (Sam Dark)
  826 - Enh #2357: Documented CWebApplication accessors with @property for better IDE autocomplete (Sam Dark)
  827 - Enh #2361: Added CDbConnection::pdoClass that allows to specify and use custom PDO wrapper class (Sam Dark)
  828 - Enh #2365: Added support for creating more complex index by using createIndex() of query builder. (Qiang)
  829 - Enh #2386: Added CController::renderClip() (Qinag)
  830 - Enh #2389: MessageCommand now accepts overwrite option determining if merge result will overwrite existing file (Sam Dark)
  831 - Enh #2410: Improved CHtml::error() so that it can take attribute names in tabular format (Qiang)
  832 - Enh #2424: CDbConnection::beginTransaction() will now trigger a trace message for better debugging (Y!!)
  833 - Enh #2436: Added support for allowing console applications to call createUrl() (Qiang)
  834 - Enh #2450: Added Ctype extension check to Yii requirements checker (Sam Dark)
  835 - Enh #2474: Enhanced CDbCommand::insert() and update() to support CDbExpression (Qiang)
  836 - Enh #2483: Added CGridView::$ajaxUrl and CListView::$ajaxUrl (Qiang)
  837 - Enh #2493: Added money column type to the query builder (Qiang)
  838 - Enh #2500: Added possibility to use a custom click handler for CButtonColumn default delete button (mdomba)
  839 - Enh #2524: CActiveRecord::exists() now respects the scopes applied (Qiang)
  840 - Enh #2532: Improved Yii class autoloader to support Web servers that do not allow changing PHP include paths. (Qiang)
  841 - Enh #2534: Added CHtml::decode() (Qiang)
  842 - Enh #2535: Added YiiBase::setLogger() (Qiang)
  843 - Enh #2555: Exposed CFileCache::gc() so that garbage collection can be explicitly invoked (Qiang)
  844 - Enh #2556: Improved exception display in ajax mode (Qiang)
  845 - Enh #2571: Improved the code for cleaning output buffers in CErrorHandler (Qiang)
  846 - Enh: XHR is now passed to CButtonColumn error JavaScript callback as a first argument (Sam Dark)
  847 - Enh: Added CHttpSession::regenerateID() and improved CWebUser::changeIdentity() by regenerating session ID (Qiang)
  848 - Enh: Added CActiveRecord::saveCounters() (Qiang)
  849 - Enh: Added Brazilian Portuguese translation (pt_br) of the core messages (bastardgoblin)
  850 - Enh: CJSON::encode() can now encode non-UTF8 data (Qiang)
  851 - Enh: Added CLogger::autoDump to allow writing log messages to destinations in "real time" (Qiang)
  852 - Enh: Added support for using custom URL rule classes with CUrlManager (Qiang)
  853 - Enh: Added input length check to email and url validators to improve security (Qiang)
  854 - Enh: Added support to allow registering a class autoloader after Yii's default autoloader (Qiang)
  855 - Enh: Unit tests for validators (Kevin Bradwick)
  856 - Chg #2251: Changed the constructor of CUploadedFile to be public (Qiang)
  857 - Chg #2258: Added support to invalidate cached content by setting COutputCache::duration to be 0 (Qiang)
  858 - Chg #2261: Upgraded HTMLPurifier to v4.3.0 (Sam Dark)
  859 - Chg #2309: Changed XML mimetype to application/xml for more interoperability (Sam Dark)
  860 - Chg #2370: Upgraded JQuery UI to 1.8.13 (Sam Dark)
  861 - Chg #2401: Upgraded jQuery to 1.6.1 (Sam Dark)
  862 - Chg #2452: Upgraded Blueprint CSS to 1.0.1 (Sam Dark)
  863 - Chg #2482: CWebService will not display source file name and error line number in production mode (Qiang)
  864 - Chg #2496: Setting CDbConnection::$emulatePrepare to be false will now explicitly set PDO::ATTR_EMULATE_PREPARES to be false (Qiang)
  865 - Chg: Changed CHtml::clientChange event binding to support custom event types and avoid conflicts when using AJAX (Sam Dark)
  866 - Chg: Changed all js live() calls with on() as live() is deprecated (mdomba)
  868 Version 1.1.7 March 27, 2011
  869 ----------------------------
  870 - Bug #1080: Correct recursive merging for CDbCriteria::with (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  871 - Bug #1624: Fixed the bug that Gii would generate only one relation for a parent that has a child with more FK linking to it (mdomba)
  872 - Bug #1809: Fixed the bug that CPgsqlSchema did not detect sequence names correctly in some scenarios (Qiang)
  873 - Bug #1984: Fixed firing event multiple times when using live()/delegate() on AJAXified pages (Ekstazi, Sam Dark)
  874 - Bug #2026: Fixed the bug that migration command does not respect the connectionID property value (Qiang)
  875 - Bug #2032: Fixed the bug that beginCache with renderDynamic was not working if used multiple times (mdomba)
  876 - Bug #2037: Fixed CGridView js bug on selectionChanged "sboxname is undefined" (mdomba)
  877 - Bug #2060: Fixed the bug that CWebUser::getFlashes() would return a counter array in the result (Qiang)
  878 - Bug #2097: CHttpRequest::getUrl() should be the same as getRequestUri (Qiang)
  879 - Bug #2099: Fixed CDbCriteria::mergeWith error (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  880 - Bug #2107: Fixed the bug that calling CSqliteSchema::resetSequence() may throw exception when no autoincrement column (Qiang)
  881 - Bug #2130: Fixed bug that Gii code/diff view was not starting from top (mdomba)
  882 - Bug #2131: Fixed the bug that CGridView ajax calls would sometime display error alert when leaving the current page (mdomba,Qiang)
  883 - Bug #2136: CGridView filter now uses jQuery serialize() instead of param() so that a checkbox can be used as a filter (mdomba)
  884 - Bug #2140: Fixed the problem that CGridView even rows where not properly rendered in Firefox and Chrome (mdomba)
  885 - Bug #2146: Fixed the bug in CFileHelper::getExtension, validatePath and getMimeTypeByExtension that was not finding the file extension correctly (mdomba)
  886 - Bug #2169: Fixed the bug that some columns are not properly quoted in MigrateCommand (Qiang)
  887 - Bug #2178: Fixed the bug that query builder did not recognize the AS keyword when using table alias (Qiang)
  888 - Bug #2183: Fixed the bug that calling CActiveDataProvider::getTotalItemCount() explicitly would make the applied scopes disappear (Qiang)
  889 - Bug #2188: 'join' in default scopes is now respected by STAT relations (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  890 - Bug #2202: Fixed the bug that when setting CJuiDatePicker.flag=true, the date picker would not appear (Qiang)
  891 - Bug #2214: Fixed the bug that renameColumn for MSSQL did not work correctly (Qiang)
  892 - Bug: Fixed the bug that a PHP notice may occur in exception view if a method in the call stack has a very complex signature (Qiang)
  893 - Bug: Fixed error that CGridview breaks when updating non-cgridview elements (mdomba)
  894 - Bug: Fixed the bug in CCheckBoxColumn, "check all" checkbox was not being checked/unchecked when needed (mdomba)
  895 - Bug: Fixed the bug in CGridView, selectionChanged was not called when "check all" was clicked (mdomba)
  896 - Bug: Fixed resetting sequence in CDbCommand::truncateTable (Sam Dark)
  897 - Bug: Fixed CMemCache incompatibility with some pecl-memcache and memcached versions (Sam Dark)
  898 - Enh #558, #1755: Added parametrized named scopes, added scopes to criteria, implemented scope criteria merging (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  899 - Enh #802: Added RESTful URL management (Qiang)
  900 - Enh #923: Improved CUrlManager::parsePathInfo() to support multi-dimensional input arrays (Qiang)
  901 - Enh #1117: Added support for "through" in Active Record relations allowing to handle association table data (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  902 - Enh #1285: Added support for using custom script packages with CClientScript (Qiang)
  903 - Enh #1741: Exposed CActiveForm::attributes and summaryID (Qiang)
  904 - Enh #1770: Added CDbColumnSchema::autoIncrement property to allow checking whether a DB column is auto-incremental (Qiang)
  905 - Enh #1782: Added updateSelector property to both CGridView and CListView (Qiang)
  906 - Enh #1786: Enhanced CUrlValidator by adding 'validSchemes' and 'defaultScheme' property (Y!!)
  907 - Enh #1784: Enhanced CWidget::getViewPath() to support returning themed view path (Qiang)
  908 - Enh #1792: Enhanced CGridView: on ajax error a proper message is composed and displayed or optionally sent to the custom error handler (mdomba)
  909 - Enh #1795: Added CFormInputElement::$enableAjaxValidation and $enableClientValidation to allow turning on/off AJAX validation for individual input fields (Qiang)
  910 - Enh #1816: Added $dumpLogs parameter to CLogger::flush() so that log messages can be forced to be dumped at will (Qiang)
  911 - Enh #1843: Added 'uncheckValue' option to CHtml::activeRadioButtonList and CHtml::activeCheckBoxList. It allows to avoid hidden field rendering (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  912 - Enh #1847: Exposed CClientScript::$hasScripts (Qiang)
  913 - Enh #1852: Added CWebUser::authTimeout to support separation between authentication timeout and session timeout (Qiang)
  914 - Enh #1868: CDbConnection will now open a DB connection only when needed, unless autoConnection is set true (Qiang)
  915 - Enh #1937: Added support to use custom input ID for input fields that need AJAX-based validation (Qiang)
  916 - Enh #1993: Allow AR relations across separate db connections (Qiang)
  917 - Enh #1996: Added support for using parameter binding with class-based actions (Qiang)
  918 - Enh #1999: Added CCaptchaAction::offset property in order to decrease or increase the readability of the captcha (Y!!)
  919 - Enh #2011: Added CDbCommand::setFetchMode to allow setting PDO result fetching mode (Sam Dark)
  920 - Enh #2013: When creating model with Gii, database field names will be checked to conform with PHP variable naming rules (mdomba)
  921 - Enh #2024: Added CHttpRequest::getPut() and getDelete() to fully support RESTful requests (Qiang)
  922 - Enh #2059: Added support to respect the "target" attribute of an element generated by CHtml with "submit" HTML options (Qiang)
  923 - Enh #2063: The CActiveForm JavaScript should now correctly trigger validaton for checkbox and radio type input fields (Y!!)
  924 - Enh #2068: CTimestampBehavior::timestampExpression can now be a DB expression (Qiang)
  925 - Enh #2093: CDataColumn will now always render a filter if the filter property is a string (Qiang)
  926 - Enh #2094: Added SQL statement display in debug mode when an error occurs while executing a SQL (Qiang)
  927 - Enh #2105: Added CButtonColumn::afterDelete so that a custom javascript function can be called after the delete function (mdomba)
  928 - Enh #2108: Added CGridView::blankDisplay to allow customizing blank cell display (Qiang)
  929 - Enh #2125: Added memcached check and hint to requirements checker (Sam Dark)
  930 - Enh #2133: Set default focus to the password input for Gii login page (Qiang)
  931 - Enh #2141: Allow the 'label' option of CMenu menu items to be optional and take an empty string value (Qiang)
  932 - Enh #2142: Added CWebUser::autoUpdateFlash (Qiang)
  933 - Enh #2143: Added htmlOptions to CTreeView::data so that additional options can be set for any tree view node (mdomba)
  934 - Enh #2172: Added CDbMigration::execute() (Qiang)
  935 - Enh #2179: Added CMultiFileUpload::options so that additional options can be passed to the constructor of the multifile object (mdomba)
  936 - Enh #2185: Allow the column type to be optional when specifying columns for CGridView (Qiang)
  937 - Enh #2197: Added $escape parameter to CDbCriteria::compare() (Qiang)
  938 - Enh #2198: Improved CJuiTabs so that the tab content can be skipped (Qiang)
  939 - Enh #2199: Added CListView::separator (Qiang)
  940 - Enh #2206: Added $clearErrors parameter to CModel::validate() (Qiang)
  941 - Enh #2209: Added CDbConnection::setAttributes() and getAttributes() to support initializing DB connection with PDO attributes (Qiang)
  942 - Enh #2226: Added more tokens to summaryText when CBaseListView.enablePagination is set false (Qiang)
  943 - Enh #2227: Exposed CActiveRecord::query() (Qiang)
  944 - Enh: Added CGridView::ajaxUpdateError for the possibility to use a custom ajax error handler (mdomba)
  945 - Enh: Allowed using CController instead of Controller with webapp generated application (Sam Dark)
  946 - Enh: Added ability to perform Relational query without getting related models (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  947 - Enh: Error page now displays associative array keys in parameter list (Sam Dark)
  948 - Enh: Added CController::getActionParams() and invalidActionParams() to allow customizing action parameter binding feature (Qiang)
  949 - Enh: Added CEvent::$params (Qiang)
  950 - Enh: CStringValidator now uses application charset by default if mb_strlen is available (Sam Dark)
  951 - Chg #2001: CGridView now renders footer after the body content (Qiang)
  952 - Chg #2111: Calling CActiveRecord::getRelated($name, true) now will redo the DB query even if isNewRecord is true (qiang)
  953 - Chg #2144: Upgraded jQuery UI to version 1.8.11 (Sam Dark)
  954 - Chg #2148: Upgraded jQuery to version 1.5.1 (Sam Dark)
  955 - Chg #2163: CConsoleCommand::usageError() will now exit with error code 1 (Qiang)
  956 - Chg: jQuery UI now uses minified CSS (Sam Dark)
  957 - Chg: Removed jQuery dimensions plugin since it's in jQuery core (Sam Dark)
  958 - Chg: Upgraded bgiframe to 2.1.2 (Sam Dark)
  959 - New #1763: Added support for performing seamless client-side data validation using CActiveForm (Qiang, hightman)
  960 - New #2069: Added CDateValidator (Qiang)
  961 - New: Added support for query caching (Qiang)
  962 - New: Added Lithuanian translations (tomas.valacka)
  964 Version 1.1.6 January 16, 2011
  965 ------------------------------
  966 - Bug #997: Fixed the bug that relational AR query with page-by and sorting may fail to work for SQL Server (Qiang)
  967 - Bug #1775: Fixed the bug that AR and Gii may fail for tables not in default schema in Oracle DB (Qiang)
  968 - Bug #1790: Fixed the bug that CJSON::encode may generate invalid encoding result when data contains float numbers (Qiang)
  969 - Bug #1799: Fixed the bug that CJuiDatePicker::$name may cause a PHP error (Y!!)
  970 - Bug #1819: CHttpRequest::getPathInfo() now respects encoded characters (Sam Dark, creocoder)
  971 - Bug #1851: CFileHelper::getMimeType() was causing an error if used with PHP 5.2 and PECL fileinfo extension (Sam Dark)
  972 - Bug #1858: Fixed the bug that CDbCommandBuilder::createInCondition() doesn't work with composite keys (Qiang)
  973 - Bug #1864: Fixed a typo in CDbCommandBuilder that disables correct handling of group and having in createCountCommand (Qiang)
  974 - Bug #1878: Fixed the issue that keys rendered in grid view and list view should be encoded (Qiang)
  975 - Bug #1879: Fixed the issue the AR does not work with PostgreSQL array column type (Qiang)
  976 - Bug #1891: Fixed the bug that on CListView ajax request was generating a DOM container inside itself (mdomba)
  977 - Bug #1902: Fixed the issue that CActiveRecord::exists() may cause ambiguous column error when used in relational query (Qiang)
  978 - Bug #1920: Fixed the issue that the summary displayed by CGridView and CListView may be incorrect for SQL Server (Qiang)
  979 - Bug #1936: Fixed the issue that flat CJuiDatePicker is not closing it's tag correctly (sebas)
  980 - Bug #1942: Fixed the bug that CSecurityManager::computeHMAC() generates non-standard HMAC (Qiang)
  981 - Bug #1945: Fixed the bug that user-supplied form ID is not honored when building a form using CForm with a model (Qiang)
  982 - Bug #1948: Fixed a bug in generating the number symbols of I18N data from CLDR (Qiang)
  983 - Bug #1975: Fixed the bug that caused a PHP error when CAssetManager::publish() tried to create a symlink in a non-existing directory (Y!!)
  984 - Bug: Fixed the bug that CActiveForm generates unnecessary js code about setting focus (Qiang)
  985 - Bug: Fixed CDateTimeParser::parse() default hour, minute and second handling when they are not used in pattern (Sam Dark)
  986 - Enh #1733: Updated multifile plugin used by CMultiFileUpload to version 1.47 (mdomba)
  987 - Enh #1771: Added $driverOptions parameter to CDbCommand::bindParam() method (Qiang)
  988 - Enh #1785: Added CAssetManager::$excludeFiles property to support exclusion of irrelevant files from the publishing process (Y!!)
  989 - Enh #1836: The contact form model of the blog demo does now make use of CCaptcha::checkRequirements (Y!!)
  990 - Enh #1842: CHtml::button will not render the name attribute if it is set null (Qiang)
  991 - Enh #1860: Changed the signature of CValidator::createValidator() to make it easier to use (Qiang)
  992 - Enh #1849: Updated Blueprint CSS to version 1.0 (sebas)
  993 - Enh #1872: Added $defaultUrl parameter to CWebUser::getReturnUrl() (Qiang)
  994 - Eng #1875, #1987: Added support for CLDR-based plural forms format and number placeholders to Yii::t (creocoder, Sam Dark, Qiang, dmitriy.trt)
  995 - Enh #1877: createAbsoluteUrl in CWebApplication and CController will now respect URL rules that already have host info built-in (Qiang)
  996 - Enh #1885: Added ipFilters to the Gii-created config file to reduce user confusion (Sam Dark, Steve Friedl)
  997 - Enh #1895: Added CDbDataReader implements Countable interface (mdomba)
  998 - Enh #1899: Added checkIntegrity and resetSequence for SQL Server (Qiang)
  999 - Enh #1929: Improved CActiveForm so that it can be used multiple times on the same page for the same type of data model (Qiang)
 1000 - Enh #1931: CDbConnection.tablePrefix can now use an empty string as table prefix (Qiang)
 1001 - Enh #1962: Added submenuOptions option to CMenu::items (Qiang)
 1002 - Enh #1995: Added CDbConnection::driverMap to allow more easily customizing schema classes (Qiang)
 1003 - Enh: Updated CLDR data to version 1.9 (Sam Dark)
 1004 - Enh: Allowed passing multiple forms or choice format quantity parameter without wrapping it with array (Sam Dark)
 1005 - Enh: CDbConnection::quoteColumnName and quoteTableName will properly quote table prefix and schema prefix. (Qiang)
 1006 - Enh: Added CConsoleCommand::init() (Qiang)
 1007 - Enh: Improved the exception display with source code for each call stack (Sam Dark, Qiang)
 1008 - Enh: Improved the error display in console command mode (Qiang)
 1009 - Enh: Added support for using anonymous parameters and global options in console commands (Qiang)
 1010 - Enh: Added message translations in Czech and Croatia (Qiang)
 1011 - Enh: Enhanced CFileLogRoute to process the logs faster (Y!!)
 1012 - Enh: Improved IDE code completion for Yii::app()-> (Sam Dark)
 1013 - Enh: CSort now supports relation.field notation to sort grids by related model fields (Sam Dark, denis909)
 1014 - Enh: Added CHttpRequest->xSendFile() to process file download requests by using X-Sendfile header (mdomba)
 1015 - Enh: Refactored CMenu by adding CMenu::renderMenuItem to make it easier to be extended (Qiang)
 1016 - Enh: Refactored CCheckBoxColumn for better use, added CCheckColumn->selectableRows (mdomba)
 1017 - Chg #1914: Composite foreign keys should be separated by commas in CActiveRecord::relations() (Qiang)
 1018 - Chg #1949: CGridView will now display the first page after changing filters (Qiang)
 1019 - Chg: isset($model->x) and isset($model['x']) are now identical for CActiveRecord models (Sam Dark)
 1020 - Chg: Changed CHtml::clientChange() to make $live a configurable option in $htmlOptions (Qiang)
 1021 - New #1191: Implemented the database migration feature (Qiang)
 1022 - New: Added query builder (Qiang)
 1025 Version 1.1.5 November 14, 2010
 1026 -------------------------------
 1027 - Bug #997: Fixed the bug that relational AR query with page-by and sorting may fail to work for SQL Server (Qiang)
 1028 - Bug #1130: Fixed the bug when renderDynamic and beginCache was used together without page caching (mdomba)
 1029 - Bug #1244: Fixed the bug that CDbCommandBuilder::createCountCommand may generate invalid SQL when having and/or group options are used (Qiang)
 1030 - Bug #1420: Fixed the bug that the table alias set in the model was not honored in STAT AR queries (Qiang)
 1031 - Bug #1565: Fixed the bug that COutputCache may fail to work when used to cache whole pages (Qiang)
 1032 - Bug #1577: Fixed the bug in CMssqlSchema::compareTableNames() (Qiang)
 1033 - Bug #1592: Fixed the bug that the hidden field generated by CHtml::checkBox may have the same ID as the checkbox. (Qiang)
 1034 - Bug #1615: Fixed the bug that caused CLogFilter::filter() to add context informations when the log was empty (Y!!)
 1035 - Bug #1643: Fixed the bug that CFileValidator may cause a PHP error when using maxFiles>1 and the model attribute returning unexpected array (Qiang)
 1036 - Bug #1647: Fixed the bug that CActiveRelation may attempt to set an undefined 'together' property when merging with a criteria (Qiang)
 1037 - Bug #1653: Fixed the bug that in PHP 5.3 CArrayDataProvider will fail due to incorrect parameters sent to array_multisort (Qiang)
 1038 - Bug #1655: Fixed the bug in COciSchema about checking DB schema (Qiang)
 1039 - Bug #1673: Fixed the bug that CDbSchema::getTables() might return null table schemas (Qiang)
 1040 - Bug #1685: Fixed the bug in COciSchema that will fail when used with DB schema (Qiang)
 1041 - Bug #1696: Fixed the bug that CJSON and CJavaScript might serialize float numbers into local-dependent strings (Qiang)
 1042 - Bug #1715: Fixed the bug that CActiveDataProvider.sort does not respect table alias set in the query criteria (Qiang)
 1043 - Bug #1718: Fixed the bug that Gii may fail if the error handler or user component is customized in the main application (Qiang)
 1044 - Bug #1719: Fixed the bug that CActiveForm->focus was not working if enableAjaxValidation was set to false (mdomba)
 1045 - Bug #1730: Fixed the bug that CDbConnection may attempt to use "SET NAMES" to set charset for Oracle DB (Qiang)
 1046 - Bug #1735: Fixed the bug that CGridView and CListView may fail to work in AJAX mode if setting pagerCssClass with multiple classes (Qiang)
 1047 - Bug #1748: Fixed the bug that CDbDataReader does not properly reset internal pointer when it has multiple rowsets (Qiang)
 1048 - Bug: Fixed the bug that some HTTP requests may cause a PHP notice complaining HTTP_HOST undefined in CHttpRequest (Qiang)
 1049 - Bug: Fixed a bug in CGridView JavaScript that would fail the deletion action in IE when ajaxUpdate is set false (Qiang)
 1050 - Bug: Fixed a bug that CFileCache may slow down performance when strlen is overloaded by mb_strlen (Qiang)
 1051 - Enh #202: Added support for console command actions and parameter binding (Qiang)
 1052 - Enh #970: Added CController::beforeRender() and CController::afterRender() (Qiang)
 1053 - Enh #1081: Refactored application global state management to allow loading and saving states explicitly for long-run tasks (Qiang)
 1054 - Enh #1126: CHtml can now properly render special HTML attributes, such as readonly, disabled, according to their boolean values (Qiang)
 1055 - Enh #1419: CMaskedTextField, CAutoComplete, CStarRating, CJuiDatePicker, CJuiAutoComplete and CJuiSliderInput now can be used with tabular input (Sam Dark)
 1056 - Enh #1450: Added support for theming widget views (Qiang)
 1057 - Enh #1481: Added support for autoloading namespaced classes (Qiang)
 1058 - Enh #1522: The attributes of CDetailView now support the property 'visible' (Y!!)
 1059 - Enh #1546: Fixed the bug that disabling behaviors did not detach behavior event handlers (Qiang)
 1060 - Enh #1555: Added support to allow unloading/resetting an application component by calling CModule::setComponent() (Qiang)
 1061 - Enh #1561: Enhanced Gii tooltip feature to allow disable tooltips for certain input fields (Qiang)
 1062 - Enh #1599: Refactored CMultiFileUpload by extending from CInputWidget (Qiang)
 1063 - Enh #1560: Removed potential circular references in relational AR queries (Qiang)
 1064 - Enh #1578: Added support to parse AM/PM by CDateTimeParser (Qiang)
 1065 - Enh #1583: Upgraded HTMLPurifier to v4.2.0 (Sam Dark)
 1066 - Enh #1591: Fixed yiic.bat to make sure it works even if the path of PHP executable contains spaces (Qiang)
 1067 - Enh #1594: Added CWebLogRoute::ignoreAjaxInFireBug to make sure ajax calls work when showInFireBug is set to true (mdomba)
 1068 - Enh #1596: Added 'not' property to CRangeValidator and CRegularExpressionValidator in order to support inversion of the validation logic (Y!!)
 1069 - Enh #1598: Fixed CHttpRequest::getUserAgent() to make sure it works even if HTTP_USER_AGENT is not defined (Qiang)
 1070 - Enh #1607: Added CDbCache::setDbConnection (Qiang)
 1071 - Enh #1611: Added support for using composite keys in CActiveDataProvider (Qiang)
 1072 - Enh #1618: Fixed CHttpRequest::getAcceptTypes() to make sure it works even if HTTP_ACCEPT is not defined (Y!!)
 1073 - Enh #1625: Replaced rand() with mt_rand() for generating random private keys (Qiang)
 1074 - Enh #1627: Added check if FreeType support is installed and enabled in GD (mdomba)
 1075 - Enh #1633: Added $defaults to CDateTimeParser::parse() to support more reasonable datetime parsing (Qiang)
 1076 - Enh #1641: Added PhpUnit 3.5.0RC1 and up support (Sam Dark)
 1077 - Enh #1644: Added CModel::onAfterConstruct event and allowed CModelBehavior to respond to this event (Qiang)
 1078 - Enh #1651: Added 'name' and 'model' properties to the attribute objects used in CActiveForm javascript code (Qiang)
 1079 - Enh #1658: Added CAssetManager::linkAssets to support publishing assets via symbolic links (Qiang)
 1080 - Enh #1659: Improved CHttpRequest::sendFile() and CWebService::renderWsdl() to make them more secure in case mbstring.func_overload is in effect (Qiang)
 1081 - Enh #1661: Added CActiveForm 'reset' event handler to reset validation errors if using CHtml::resetButton() (mdomba)
 1082 - Enh #1667: Added CDbCriteria::index to support indexing the AR query result array with the specified attribute values (Qiang)
 1083 - Enh #1668: Added validation to ensure PHP keywords be not used as class names (Qiang)
 1084 - Enh #1688: Refactored CDbMessageSource to allow easier extension (Qiang)
 1085 - Enh #1699: Added capability to remove duplicated script files registered for different positions in CClientScript (Qiang)
 1086 - Enh #1710: Upgraded treeview JavaScript to version 1.4.1 (mdomba)
 1087 - Enh #1711: JavaScript registered in POS_LOAD will now be put in jQuery window load event instead of the previous global window load event (Qiang)
 1088 - Enh #1742: Exposing the class map feature that was previously only available to core classes (Qiang)
 1089 - Enh #1738: Upgraded JQuery UI to 1.8.6 (Sam Dark)
 1090 - Enh #1740: Added CModelEvent::criteria so that in onBeforeEvent event, the query criteria can be accessed (Qiang)
 1091 - Enh #1753: Added method chaining support for CClientScript (Qiang)
 1092 - Enh: Added checking for empty keywords in addSearchCondition(), to prevent adding unnecessary conditions (mdomba)
 1093 - Enh: Added flushValues() method to the cache classes (Y!!)
 1094 - Enh: Added buttonset for CJuiButoon (sebas)
 1095 - Enh: Improved error handling to catch errors occurring in CApplication::end() (Qiang)
 1096 - Enh: Improved CHttpRequest::sendFile() to avoid timeout errors caused by long file downloading time (Qiang)
 1097 - Enh: Improved action parameter binding by detecting if a parameter requires array or not (Qiang)
 1098 - Enh: Added logging of DB query params in DB query profiling (Sam Dark, Vitaliy Stepanenko)
 1099 - Enh: Added CDbCommand::bindValues() (Qiang)
 1100 - Chg #1355: CHtml will no longer render null attributes in HTML tags (Qiang)
 1101 - Chg #1540: The 'name' option set in CCheckBoxColumn::checkBoxHtmlOptions will be kept as is without any change (Qiang)
 1102 - Chg #1678: The prompt and empty options used in CHtml methods will NOT be HTML-encoded anymore. (Qiang)
 1103 - Chg #1680: Upgraded jQuery to version 1.4.4 (Sam Dark)
 1104 - Chg #1756: Changed CGoogleApi::BOOTSTRAP_URL to CGoogleApi::$bootstrapUrl to allow customization (Qiang)
 1105 - Chg: The javascript files of CListView and CGridView are now registered at the end of the page (Qiang)
 1106 - Chg: Log filters will now be invoked only when there are some log messages available (Qiang)
 1107 - Chg: removed destructor from CDbCache, CDbAuthManager and CDbLogRoute to avoid potential DB connection issue (Qiang)
 1108 - New #1542: Added CTypedMap (Qiang)
 1111 Version 1.1.4 September 5, 2010
 1112 -------------------------------
 1113 - Bug #698: Now you can get and modify criteria of the current query in beforeFind() event handler (Sam Dark)
 1114 - Bug #1031: Fixed the bug that the filters in CGridView does not work in IE (Qiang)
 1115 - Bug #1119: Added CUploadedFile::reset() to make it more test-friendly (Qiang)
 1116 - Bug #1176: Fixed the bug that CVarDumper doesn't highlight well strings with quotes (Qiang)
 1117 - Bug #1376: Fixed the bug that the timestamps displayed in Web application log may not be formatted properly (Qiang)
 1118 - Bug #1377: Fixed the bug that CStarRating did not work when not setting the model property (Qiang)
 1119 - Bug #1382: Fixed space removal in CDbCriteria::compare() (Sam Dark)
 1120 - Bug #1384: SET NAMES problem with MSSQL PDO Provider (Qiang)
 1121 - Bug #1390: AR may lose precision if a column is declared as unsigned int for MySQL database (Qiang)
 1122 - Bug #1404: CSecurityManager::validateData() fails when the data is an array (Qiang)
 1123 - Bug #1408: CDbAuthManager may throw exception when unserializing data from auth items in PHP 5.3 (Qiang)
 1124 - Bug #1432: AR find methods with JOIN in query criteria may populate AR objects with attribute values belonging to other tables (Qiang)
 1125 - Bug #1435: Table alias declared in scopes may be ignored when performing relational findByPk and findByAttributes queries (Qiang)
 1126 - Bug #1476: Fixed the bug that setting 'id' to be false will still render 'id' attribute in CHtml::radioButton and checkBox (Qiang)
 1127 - Bug #1455: CFormButtonElement generates wrong type for button tags (Qiang)
 1128 - Bug #1488: When using cookies with CJuiWidget jquery.cookie.js is not registered (sebas)
 1129 - Bug #1493: ShellCommand wouldn't process logs after exiting. (Qiang)
 1130 - Bug #1521: CUniqueValidator may incorrectly fail the validation of a non-PK column when updating both this column and the PK column (Qiang)
 1131 - Bug #1526: CFormInputElement by default should only show error if CForm::showErrorSummary is false (Qiang)
 1132 - Enh #954: Refactored CActiveRecord and CActiveFinder so that CActiveRecord::with() always returns the AR object itself (Qiang)
 1133 - Enh #1019: Improved CDataFormatter for formatting numeric weekdays (Qiang)
 1134 - Enh #1073: Allow dependencies to be set in constructor of CChainedCacheDependency. Also allow dependencies to be specified as configurations. (Qiang)
 1135 - Enh #1087: Allow CDbCriteria to be used as dynamic relational query options (Qiang)
 1136 - Enh #1104: Added argument "$" to jQuery block to prevent $ alias conflict (mdomba)
 1137 - Enh #1108: Added option to CFileHelper::getMimeType() to allow enable and disable falling back to extension-based MIME detection (Qiang)
 1138 - Enh #1120: Improved error handling in session write handler of CDbHttpSession (Qiang)
 1139 - Enh #1128: Improved error reporting when assets directory does not exist or is not writable (Qiang)
 1140 - Enh #1222: Added relations information to Gii generated model's PHPDoc (Sam Dark)
 1141 - Enh #1244: CActiveRecord::count() now respects GROUP-BY and HAVING settings (Qiang)
 1142 - Enh #1347: Added CPagination::validateCurrentPage (Qiang)
 1143 - Enh #1358: Enhanced the 'together' option of HAS_MANY/MANY_MANY relations so that setting it true will ensure the related table is joined with the primary table in a single SQL (Qiang)
 1144 - Enh #1359: Added CActiveRecord::countByAttributes (Qiang)
 1145 - Enh #1361: Added linkLabelWrapper, firstItemCssClass and lastItemCssClass to CMenu (Qiang)
 1146 - Enh #1366: Added CListView::itemsTagName (Qiang)
 1147 - Enh #1371: Improved js code in gii view templates to allow easier subclassing (Qiang)
 1148 - Enh #1392: Added CCaptchaAction::fixedVerifyCode (Qiang)
 1149 - Enh #1400: Enhanced CActiveRecord::getAttributeLabel() to support returning labels for related object's attribute (Qiang)
 1150 - Enh #1412: Yii::import() now throws an exception when trying to include nonexisting PHP file (Qiang)
 1151 - Enh #1414: Several enhancements to MSSQL driver used by AR (Qiang)
 1152 - Enh #1433: Added CMessageSource::forceTranslation (Qiang)
 1153 - Enh #1434: Added zii message translation in Italian (enrico.detoma)
 1154 - Enh #1440: CDbException does now provide a valid error code if possible (Y!!)
 1155 - Enh #1443: Added CCheckBoxColumn::checked to allow settings checked state for each CCheckBoxColumn row (Sam Dark)
 1156 - Enh #1444: Added CFilter::init() (Qiang)
 1157 - Enh #1449: Changed CDbCriteria's base class to be CComponent to better report configuration errors (Qiang)
 1158 - Enh #1461: Enhanced CEmailLogRoute to support additional email headers (Y!!)
 1159 - Enh #1471: CActiveForm AJAX validation should be cancelled when the form is already submitted (Qiang)
 1160 - Enh #1509: Improved CMarkdownParser so that it can be used in console mode (Qiang)
 1161 - Enh #1525: Added support to allow customizing 'name' attribute of checkboxes generated by CCheckBoxColumn (Qiang)
 1162 - Enh #1532: Exposed the serviceName and namespace properties of CWsdlGenerator (Qiang)
 1163 - Enh: Added CPortlet::hideOnEmpty property (Qiang)
 1164 - Enh: Added CValidator::safe to allow marking a validator as safe or unsafe (Qiang)
 1165 - Enh: Added CDbCacheDependency::params (Qiang)
 1166 - Enh: Added CUrlManager::addRules() (Qiang)
 1167 - Enh: Added support for using sqlsrv driver with MSSQL (Qiang)
 1168 - Enh: Added CActiveForm::focus to set input focus on page load (mdomba)
 1169 - Chg #1102: Added jQuery UI as a core client script package (Qiang)
 1170 - Chg #1309: CHttpRequest::getPathInfo() now always returns decoded results (Qiang)
 1171 - Chg #1494: CHtml::ajaxSubmitButton() will generate a submit button (Qiang)
 1172 - Chg #1515: CModel::onUnsafeAttribute() will be invoked only when $safeOnly is true when calling CModel::setAttributes (Qiang)
 1173 - Chg: Replaced jQuery live() with delegate() in CHtml-generated js code (Qiang)
 1174 - New: Upgraded JQuery UI to 1.8.4 (Sam Dark)
 1175 - New: Upgraded code highlighter: added sh and VBScript, fixed comments in CSS and hex numbers in JavaScript (Sam Dark)
 1176 - New: Added CSqlDataProvider and CArrayDataProvider (Qiang)
 1177 - New: Added support for automatic action parameter binding from $_GET (Qiang)
 1179 Version 1.1.3 July 4, 2010
 1180 --------------------------
 1181 - Bug #856: Logout doesn't work when CWebUser::identityCookie is configured and allowAutoLogin is set true (Qiang)
 1182 - Bug #1027: CButtonColumn->buttons is ignored (Sam Dark)
 1183 - Bug #1039: Table prefix feature did not work with PostgreSQL and AR (Qiang)
 1184 - Bug #1046: Fixed the bug that CDbFixtureManager did not properly initialize the fixture data (Qiang)
 1185 - Bug #0147: Fixed the bug that changing CAuthItem.description value would cause an exception when using CPhpAuthManager (Qiang)
 1186 - Bug #1050: Fixed the bug that filter conditions were prefilled with default values when using an AR model in CGridView (Qiang)
 1187 - Bug #1109: CActiveRecord::getRelated() did not refresh when setting the $refresh parameter to be true (Qiang)
 1188 - Bug #1142: Fixed the character encoding in polish translations (pawel.drylo)
 1189 - Bug #1149: CHtml::resolveName() does not work with multiple dimensional attributes (Qiang)
 1190 - Bug #1176: CVarDumper may omit some backslashes in the syntax-highlighted display (Qiang)
 1191 - Bug #1190: CLocale::getMonthNames may fail due to a typo (Qiang)
 1192 - Bug #1208: Unsigned integer column type was not handled correctly (Qiang)
 1193 - Bug #1213: Fixed the bug that skipOnError doesn't have effect on inline validators (Qiang)
 1194 - Bug #1226: CWebUser::autoRenewCookie does not handle the case when the user is already logged in (Qiang)
 1195 - Bug #1227: CActiveRecord::resetScope doesn't work with default scope (Sam Dark)
 1196 - Bug #1231: CPgsqlColumnSchema may incorrectly parse the default column when DB expression is used (Qiang)
 1197 - Bug #1241: DB search parameters should have special characters escaped (Qiang)
 1198 - Bug #1242: Fixed the bug that CGridView filtering and item deletion would not work when ajax-update is disabled (Qiang)
 1199 - Bug #1252: CJSON::encode() was not able to encode models and model arrays (Sam Dark)
 1200 - Bug #1262: Fixed the bug that CDbFixtureManager was unable to load fixture data if table prefix feature is used (Qiang)
 1201 - Bug #1292: CDateTimeParser::parse() did not honor the number of digits in the required format in some cases (Qiang)
 1202 - Bug #1293: Added tag to initial CAPTCHA image URL to avoid caching issue (Qiang)
 1203 - Bug #1295: CHtml::beginForm() would generate useless CSRF field when in GET mode (Qiang)
 1204 - Bug: Fixed AR memory leaks on PHP<5.3 (Sam Dark, parpaing)
 1205 - Enh #217: Added support to allow using related objects as selection values in CHtml (Qiang)
 1206 - Enh #663: Improved CSecurityManager to allow customizing the crypt/hash algorithms being used (Qiang)
 1207 - Enh #716: Improved the performance of statistical query in AR (Qiang)
 1208 - Enh #862: Enhanced CSort virtual attributes and support for related tables (Qiang)
 1209 - Enh #887: Relative URL's will be returned when using a parameterized hostname url rule that has the current hostinfo (Qiang)
 1210 - Enh #930: Updated CStarRating's jQuery plugin to v3.13, updated jQuery Metadata plugin (Sam Dark)
 1211 - Enh #952: Enhanced support for using defaultParams in CUrlManager (Qiang)
 1212 - Enh #1015: Added automatic column initialization when non-active data provider is used for CGridView (Qiang)
 1213 - Enh #1022: Added CMenu::activateItems (Qiang)
 1214 - Enh #1041: Added support to allow skinning pagers used in CGridView and CListView (Qiang)
 1215 - Enh #1043: Improved view resolution to support using themeable application views in a module (Qiang)
 1216 - Enh #1049: Enhanced label generation when using CDetailView with associative arrays (Qiang)
 1217 - Enh #1127: Added support to automatically generate maxlength attribute for text/password inputs based on model rules (Qiang)
 1218 - Enh #1151: Added support to generate grid column header based on attribute names (Qiang)
 1219 - Enh #1158: Added translations in Latvian (lafriks)
 1220 - Enh #1166: Added CActiveRecord::setOldPrimaryKey (Qiang)
 1221 - Enh #1174: AR's count() now generates more reasonable SQL statement when 'group' option is specified (Qiang)
 1222 - Enh #1179: Added CMultiFileUpload::file (Qiang)
 1223 - Enh #1180: Exposed several member variables in CClientScript to be protected (Qiang)
 1224 - Enh #1183: Added support to retrieve the currently active table alias in AR scopes (Qiang)
 1225 - Enh #1188: Removed exception message display in production mode when a DB connection fails to improve security (Qiang)
 1226 - Enh #1189: Added $loadedOnly parameter to CModule::getComponents() so that it can return all application components including unloaded ones (Qiang)
 1227 - Enh #1199: AR's count() method now respects the 'select' option in the query criteria (Qiang)
 1228 - Enh #1202: Added support for using anonymous functions as component property values (Qiang)
 1229 - Enh #1203: Gii now respects the newDirMode and newFileMode settings even when lower umask is set (Qiang)
 1230 - Enh #1210: Added support to generate proper labels for relational properties in CDetailView (Qiang)
 1231 - Enh #1225: Added 'firstError' option to CHtml::errorSummary() to support displaying only the first error message of each model attribute (Qiang)
 1232 - Enh #1232: Added CAuthManager::showErrors. When value is true Yii will turn on error_reporting for RBAC bizRules. False by default (Sam Dark)
 1233 - Enh #1239: CBreadcrumbs should have the 'Home' label translated (Qiang)
 1234 - Enh #1245: Optimized the implementation of checkAccess of CPhpAuthManager and CDbAuthManager (Qiang)
 1235 - Enh #1261: Added magicFile parameter to CFileHelper::getMimeType() and getMimeTypeByExtension() (Qiang)
 1236 - Enh #1268: Added isset and unset support to behavior properties in a component context (Qiang)
 1237 - Enh #1271: Added CWebUser::getFlashes() (Qiang)
 1238 - Enh #1276: Added CClientScript::coreScriptPosition to support customizing the insertion position of core scripts (Qiang)
 1239 - Enh #1278: Gii model generator will now respect the table prefix when determining which tables the models should be generated for (Qiang)
 1240 - Enh #1283: Added port and securePort properties to CHttpRequest (Qiang)
 1241 - Enh #1284: Added support to allow passing an AR finder as the first parameter of the constructor of CActiveDataProvider (Qiang)
 1242 - Enh #1286: Upgraded HTMLPurifier to v4.1.1 (Qiang)
 1243 - Enh #1289: Added support to allow using non-string values when calling CDbCriteria::compare() (Qiang)
 1244 - Enh #1290: Added cssClass to individual item in CDetailView (Qiang)
 1245 - Enh #1306: Hide log route outputs when no messages are collected after filtering (Qiang)
 1246 - Enh #1311: Added {page} and {pages} tokens to CBaseListView::summaryText (Qiang)
 1247 - Enh #1326: Added CBaseActiveRelation::join property (Qiang)
 1248 - Enh: CActiveRecord::beforeFind event is now triggered in all cases including related models with both lazy and eager loading (Sam Dark, creocoder)
 1249 - Enh: Added support for using array-typed model attributes in active methods in CHtml (Qiang)
 1250 - Enh: Added beforeValidate, afterValidate, beforeValidateAttribute and afterValidateAttribute options to CActiveForm (Qiang)
 1251 - Enh: Changed @var declarations to class @property declarations in gii and yiic shell model templates (Sam Dark)
 1252 - Enh: IDE code completion for CActiveRecord::attributes (Sam Dark)
 1253 - Enh: Added beforeLogin, afterLogin, beforeLogout and afterLogout to CWebUser (Qiang)
 1254 - Enh: Enhanced CSort::defaultOrder to allow using virtual attribute names (Qiang)
 1255 - Chg #1323: Conditions declared in scopes of the related AR classes will be put in the ON clause of the JOIN statement (Qiang)
 1256 - Chg: CAutoComplete is now deprecated (Sam Dark)
 1257 - New: Added CJuiButton (sebas)
 1259 Version 1.1.2 May 2, 2010
 1260 -------------------------
 1261 - Bug #676, 891: merging criterias with parameters is impossible (Sam Dark)
 1262 - Bug #1006: Setting CForm::attributes may cause exception (Qiang)
 1263 - Bug #1007: CActiveForm did not update the validation result correctly when change of one attribute affects the validity of another (Qiang)
 1264 - Bug #1014: CDataProvider was accessing non-existing property modelClass (Qiang)
 1265 - Bug #1021: Missing return in CAuthItem::removeChild (Sam Dark)
 1266 - Bug #1031: Added a temporary fix for dropdown filter in CGridView not working in IE (Qiang)
 1267 - Bug #1035: RBAC BizRule security violation (Sam Dark)
 1268 - Bug #1048: CAutoComplete conflicts with jQueryUI 1.8.x (Sam Dark)
 1269 - Bug #1115: Fixed the bug that using bigint with MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server may lose precision (Qiang)
 1270 - Bug #1121: typo in CActiveRecord::setPrimaryKey() (Qiang)
 1271 - Bug #1136: Fixed wrong API call in CXCache::flush() (Qiang)
 1272 - Bug #1147: zii widget messages are not translated via Yii::t() (Sam Dark)
 1273 - Bug: Removed the debugging line in CActiveFinder that caused many-many relational query to fail if FKs are not defined (Qiang)
 1274 - Bug: Fixed the bug that doing performance profiling while turning on YII_TRACE_LEVEL would throw exception (Qiang)
 1275 - Bug: user was redirected to AJAX URLs after logging in (Sam Dark)
 1276 - Bug: RBAC rules with bizRule and caching enabled worked wrong (Sam Dark)
 1277 - Bug: CSort may cause exception if an invalid column is to be sorted (Qiang)
 1278 - Bug: AR count() does not generate correct SQL when distinct is set true in the criteria (Qiang)
 1279 - Bug: Relational AR query may complain column not well defined when the column select spans multiple lines (Qiang)
 1280 - Enh #943: dynamic AR relations (Sam Dark)
 1281 - Enh #946: Added a new parameter to CBaseController::widget() method to allow capturing the output of the widget (Qiang)
 1282 - Enh #977: Added CModel::getValidatorList() to allow adding/removing validation rules on the fly (Sam Dark, creocoder)
 1283 - Enh #1001: Added CActiveRecord::resetScope() that resets all scopes and criterias applied including default scope (Sam Dark)
 1284 - Enh #1009: Allow quoted columns in CDbCriteria::select when performing relational query (Qiang)
 1285 - Enh #1025: added 'uncheckValue' option to CHtml::radioButton() and CHtml::checkBox() (Jonah)
 1286 - Enh #1042: CForm __construct now uses setModel() instead of assigning _model directly (Sam Dark)
 1287 - Enh #1062: Added CDbCriteria::addBetweenCondition() (Sam Dark)
 1288 - Enh #1071: Optimized file copying in CUploadedFile::saveAs() (Sam Dark)
 1289 - Enh #1084: Added CLocale::getOrientation() to return character orientation information of a locale (Qiang)
 1290 - Enh #1091: Added support to allow using normal PHP views with special views recognized by the installed view renderer (Qiang)
 1291 - Enh #1093: CJSON now tries to use native PHP functions prior to use Yii implementation (Sam Dark)
 1292 - Enh #1140: Added CHttpSession::get() (Qiang)
 1293 - Enh #1156: Updated jQuery BBQ to 1.2.1 (Sam Dark)
 1294 - Enh #1282: Added support to configure widget default values in application configuration (Qiang)
 1295 - Enh: Improved IDE code completion for generated AR models (Sam Dark)
 1296 - Enh: CCaptchaAction now supports unlimited tests by setting its testLimit to be 0 (Qiang)
 1297 - Enh: Added $forceCopy parameter to CAssetManager::publish() (Qiang)
 1298 - Enh: CTypeValidator now supports checking array data (Qiang)
 1299 - Enh: Added CFileHelper::getExtension() (Qiang)
 1300 - Enh: Added CModule::hasModule() (Qiang)
 1301 - Enh: CFileValidator now works with php.ini's upload_max_filesize strings with K, G, k, m, g (Sam Dark)
 1302 - Enh: Enhanced CActiveForm to make it more robust in case some code error occurs when performing ajax validation (Qiang)
 1303 - Enh: CMaskedTextField's jquery.maskedinput updated to 1.2.2 (Sam Dark)
 1304 - Enh: Added support to allow CActiveRecord::getAttributes() to return custom attributes if required (Qiang)
 1305 - Chg #1118: CActiveRecord::refresh() now updates the record by directly updating the attributes array (Qiang)
 1306 - Chg #1125: Ability to use model metadata in behavior's attach() method (Sam Dark)
 1307 - Chg #1163: CLinkPager will enable first and last page buttons unless the current page is first or last. (Qiang)
 1308 - Chg #1164: CUrlRule will not throw 404 exception when unable to parse a URL under strict parsing mode (Qiang)
 1309 - New #1005: added CWinCache (Sam Dark)
 1310 - New #1013: Added CJuiAutoComplete (sebas)
 1311 - New: Added Ukrainian translations (Valeriy)
 1312 - New: Upgraded JQuery UI to 1.8.1 (Qiang)
 1314 Version 1.1.1 March 14, 2010
 1315 ----------------------------
 1316 - Bug #727: AR may lose precision for numbers of bigint type (Qiang)
 1317 - Bug #738: COciColumnSchema must return 'double' if precision and scale designators of NUMBER field are absent (Qiang)
 1318 - Bug #816: CUniqueValidator did not work with CFormModel (Qiang)
 1319 - Bug #823: typo in CLinkColumn about linkHtmlOptions (Qiang)
 1320 - Bug #839: typo in CFormatter about calling method_exists() (Qiang)
 1321 - Bug #865: CWidgetFactory didn't set the owner of the newly created widgets correctly (Qiang)
 1322 - Bug #869: CDateFormatter::formatTimeZone() may report error for certain locale data (Qiang)
 1323 - Bug #871: A module generated by the yiic module command did not use the application layout by default (Qiang)
 1324 - Bug #890: The 'alias' option set in default scope was ignored when performing an eager relational query (Qiang)
 1325 - Bug #932: CLocale::getWeekDayName() causes PHP error when requesting 'narrow' format data (Qiang)
 1326 - Bug #947: CTabView does not target tab links correctly when extra elements are put in the header (Qiang)
 1327 - Bug #957: CGettextPoFile should allow optional msgctxt (Qiang)
 1328 - Bug #967: CFormInputElement doesn't respect element-id if set (Sam Dark)
 1329 - Bug #988: COcSchema::quoteTableName() and quoteColumnName() should quote the names (Qiang)
 1330 - Bug #995: The 'alias' option set in default scope was ignored when some find methods in AR (Qiang)
 1331 - Bug #996: "yiic message" command generates incorrect message file name when used in a module context (Qiang)
 1332 - Bug #14 (zii): Added documentation about the "js:" prefix in CJuiSortable (sebas)
 1333 - Bug #18 (zii): Change the way CJuiDatePicker sets its language option (sebas)
 1334 - Bug #27 (zii): Fixed the issue that when CSRF is turned on, delete button doesn't work for CGridView (Qiang)
 1335 - Bug: Setting the 'with' option in criteria array doesn't trigger eager loading for AR (Qiang)
 1336 - Bug: CActiveRecord should update oldPrimaryKey after calling save() (Qiang)
 1337 - Bug: CForm renders invalid 'name' and 'type' attributes when used to generate nested forms (Qiang)
 1338 - Bug: Fixed the bug that beforeAjaxUpdate/afterAjaxUpdate of CGridView/CListView do not take effect.
 1339 - Bug: Fixed the bug that the names of URL parameters were not encoded (Qiang)
 1340 - Bug: CGridView and CListView may not register the needed CSS file for the pager (Qiang)
 1341 - Enh #38: Added support to allow CHtml links and buttons work in AJAX responses (Qiang)
 1342 - Enh #392: Added CStringValidator::encoding to support checking the length of multibyte strings (Qiang)
 1343 - Enh #686: Added CUrlManager::setBasePath() (Qiang)
 1344 - Enh #726: Added CDbExpression::params (Qiang)
 1345 - Enh #794: Added support to allow using * to select all primary table columns in relational AR query (Qiang)
 1346 - Enh #820: Added CAccessRule::message to allow customizing authorization error message (Qiang)
 1347 - Enh #826: Added CMenu::itemTemplate property and template option for each menu item (Qiang)
 1348 - Enh #857: Added $exit parameter to CController::forward() (Qiang)
 1349 - Enh #872: Added CFlexWidget::allowFullScreen (Qiang)
 1350 - Enh #888: Added CBaseUserIdentity::setPersistentStates (Sam Dark)
 1351 - Enh #898: Added support to allow defining global yiic commands (Qiang)
 1352 - Enh #912: Added CModel::onUnsafeAttribute() which will log a warning message when massively assigning unsafe attributes (Qiang)
 1353 - Enh #916: Added visible option to buttons in CButtonColumn (Qiang)
 1354 - Enh #918: Added support to show attribute name as the label when displaying an array using CDetailView (Qiang)
 1355 - Enh #936: Current module ID is no longer needed when calling CController::forward() (Qiang)
 1356 - Enh #941: AR now allows MANY_MANY relation to be specified more flexibly (Qiang)
 1357 - Enh #953: Added CGridView::hideHeader (Qiang)
 1358 - Enh #955: Added validateValue() to CUrlValidator and CEmailValidator (Qiang)
 1359 - Enh #971: Added CDbCriteria::addNotInCondition() (Sam Dark)
 1360 - Enh #992: Added 'data' option to CTabView.tabs property (Qiang)
 1361 - Enh: Refactored the blog demo to make use of the new CActiveForm and the filtering feature of CGridView (Qiang)
 1362 - Enh: Improved the code generated by yiic, including menu refactoring, filtering/search support, and using active form (Qiang)
 1363 - Enh: Improved CHtml::beginForm() to auto-generate hidden fields for a GET form whose action contains query string (Qiang)
 1364 - Enh: Added CDataProvider::setTotalItemCount() (Qiang)
 1365 - Enh: Added skipOnError property to built-in validators (Qiang)
 1366 - Enh: Added CDbConnection::initSQLs (Qiang)
 1367 - Enh: Added CHtml::refresh() (Qiang)
 1368 - Enh: Added CListView.loadingCssClass and CGridView.loadingCssClass (Qiang)
 1369 - Enh: Added filtering support for CGridView (Qiang)
 1370 - Enh: Added 'template' option to each attribute specification in CDetailView (Qiang)
 1371 - Chg #841: Changed CUrlManager::parsePathInfo() to non-static (Qiang)
 1372 - Chg #851: yiic tool no longer turns off E_NOTICE (Qiang)
 1373 - Chg #949: The init() method will be invoked after an AR instance is created by the find methods (Qiang)
 1374 - Chg #974: CComponent::evaluateExpression() no longer suppresses expression error (Qiang)
 1375 - Chg #978: CActiveRecord::afterSave() will now be invoked only when the saving is successful (Qiang)
 1376 - Chg: Upgraded jquery to version 1.4.2 (Qiang)
 1377 - Chg: CMenu will render the 'active' CSS class in the container tag of the link (Qiang)
 1378 - Chg: Set the default theme for JQuery UI widgets to be 'base' (Qiang)
 1379 - New: Added CActiveForm that performs model validations via AJAX (Qiang)
 1380 - New: Added 'form' command to the 'yiic shell' tool (Qiang)
 1381 - New: Upgraded JQuery UI to 1.8rc3 (Qiang)
 1383 Version 1.1.0 January 10, 2010
 1384 ------------------------------
 1385 - Bug #720: The new table prefix feature does not work with many-many relationship in AR (Qiang)
 1386 - Bug #735: CDbCriteria should save 'with' attribute when toArray() is called (Qiang)
 1387 - Chg #796: The alias name for the primary table in a relational AR query is changed to be 't' (Qiang)
 1388 - Chg: renamed CDetailView::model to be 'data'. renamed 'dataField' and 'dataExpression' to be 'name' and 'value' for grid view columns. (Qiang)
 1389 - Enh #656: Added support to indicate the size of enum column type for MySQL schema (sebas)
 1390 - Enh #767: Added CUrlRule::matchValue option to support creating URLs only when a rule's parameter value patterns are matched. (Qiang)
 1391 - Enh: Improved the default code generated by the yiic tool (Qiang)
 1392 - Enh: Refactored the blog demo (Qiang)
 1393 - New: Added CFormatter and CApplication::format (Qiang)
 1394 - New: Added CController::forward() and CController::route (Qiang)
 1395 - New: Added CTimestampBehavior to automatically set timestamps in AR (Jonah)
 1396 - New: Added CBaseMenu and CListMenu to aid in creating menus (Jonah)
 1397 - New: Added CJuiWidget (sebas, Qiang)
 1398 - New: Added CJuiInputWidget (sebas, Qiang)
 1399 - New: Added CJuiSlider (sebas, Qiang)
 1400 - New: Added CJuiSliderInput (sebas)
 1401 - New: Added CJuiAccordion (sebas, Qiang)
 1402 - New: Added CJuiProgressBar (sebas, Qiang)
 1403 - New: Added CJuiTabs (sebas, Qiang)
 1404 - New: Added CJuiDatePicker (sebas, Qiang)
 1405 - New: Added CJuiSortable (sebas)
 1406 - New: Added CJuiDialog (sebas)
 1407 - New: Added CJuiSelectable (sebas)
 1408 - New: Added CJuiDroppable (sebas)
 1409 - New: Added CJuiResizable (sebas)
 1410 - New: Added CJuiDraggable (sebas)
 1411 - New: Added CGridView (Qiang)
 1412 - New: Added CDetailView (Qiang)
 1413 - New: Added CListView (Qiang)
 1414 - New: Added CPortlet (Qiang)
 1415 - New: Added CBreadcrumbs (Qiang)
 1417 Version 1.1rc December 13, 2009
 1418 -------------------------------
 1419 - Bug #713: webapp command generates incorrect test bootstrap script (Qiang)
 1420 - Bug #724: the rememberMe attribute is not validated in generated webapp code (Qiang)
 1421 - Enh #666: Added support for auto-flushing log messages (Qiang)
 1422 - Enh #668: Nested forms generated by CForm will render attributes in the fieldset tag (Qiang)
 1423 - Enh #695: Upgraded HTML Purifier to 4.0.0 (Qiang)
 1424 - Enh #711: Added CWebUser::autoRenewCookie to support automatically renew cookie-based login (Qiang)
 1425 - Enh: Added CSS class for links generated by CSort to differentiate sorting directions (Qiang)
 1426 - Enh: Added CComponent::evaluateExpression() (Qiang)
 1427 - Enh: Added CPagination::offset and CPagination::limit (Qiang)
 1428 - Chg: CSort.multiSort is changed to sort by single attribute by default (Qiang)
 1429 - New: Added CDataProvider and CActiveDataProvider (Qiang)
 1430 - New: Updated I18N data to CLDR and added support for stand-alone month and day names (Qiang)
 1431 - New: Added CDbCriteria::with to support eager loading via a criteria with this property (Qiang)
 1433 Version 1.1b November 1, 2009
 1434 -----------------------------
 1435 - Bug #611: When using relation name as table alias, it should be properly quoted to avoid name conflict (Qiang)
 1436 - Bug #642: CPgsqlSchema::findTableNames() should not include view names in the result (Qiang)
 1437 - Bug #652: Calling CFormElementCollection::remove() triggers a method-not-defined error (Qiang)
 1438 - Bug: Using CFileValidator causes an error about accessing a method of a non-object (Qiang)
 1439 - Enh #570: Improved CSort so that it can support sorting by complex expressions or compound attributes (Qiang)
 1440 - Enh #597: Added support for modifying primary key of an AR instance by calling save() directly (Qiang)
 1441 - Enh #622: Added support for using HTML button tags in form builder (Qiang)
 1442 - Enh: Added getFixtureData() and getFixtureRecord() to CDbTestCase and CWebTestCase (Qiang)
 1443 - Chg #574: session ID is no longer hashed for CDbHttpSession (Qiang)
 1444 - New #633: Added support to allow using customized locale data (Qiang)
 1445 - New: Added support for using table prefixes (Qiang)
 1447 Version 1.1a October 1, 2009
 1448 ----------------------------
 1449 - New #429: CFileValidator and CUploadedFile now accept multiple uploads (pestaa)
 1450 - New: Refactored scenario-based validation and massive assignments (Qiang)
 1451 - New: Added CDbSchema::checkIntegrity() and resetSequence() (Qiang)
 1452 - New: Added phpunit-based testing framework (Qiang)
 1453 - New: Added CForm and relevant classes to allow reusing form representation and rendering (Qiang)
 1454 - New: Added support for widget skins (Qiang)
 1455 - New: Added support for accessing behavior's properties via the component it is attached to (Qiang)
 1456 - Chg #433: Changed application and module parameter names to be case-sensitive (Qiang)
 1457 - Chg #556: CHtml::resolveName now supports array-typed properties (pestaa)
 1458 - Chg: Changed AR eager loading so that it generates and executes a single SQL statement by default (Qiang)
 1459 - Chg: Changed AR table aliasing so that it uses relation names as default table aliases (Qiang)
 1460 - Chg: Changed the default value of allowEmpty to be false for CCompareValidator. (Qiang)
 1462 Version 1.0.12 March 14, 2010
 1463 -----------------------------
 1464 - Bug #731: When using CWebService to generate WSDL, it may cause the error about Premature end of data in tag definitions in SoapClient (Qiang)
 1465 - Bug #740: CDbCriteria::addColumnCondition() should handle NULL parameter correctly (Qiang)
 1466 - Bug #742: CEmailValidator should allow upper case email addresses (Qiang)
 1467 - Bug #776: CWebUser may fail when unserializing invalid cookie data (Qiang)
 1468 - Bug #788: CHttpRequest.sendFile() gives incorrect content length when output_handler is enabled (Qiang)
 1469 - Bug #801: CCaptcha allows unlimited tests if the CAPTCHA image is not reloaded (Qiang)
 1470 - Bug #832: CJavaScript::quote() should also escape the sequence "</" (Qiang)
 1471 - Bug #843: CApcCache::mget() may fail if some entries of the specified keys are not cached (Qiang)
 1472 - Bug: CVarDumper sometimes doesn't dump object value correctly (Qiang)
 1473 - Bug: COciSchema::findTableNames() should use upper case for the keys of query results (Qiang)
 1474 - Bug: Fixed several bugs related with readdir problem. If the directory contains a file named '0', the iteration would quit prematurely. (Qiang)
 1475 - Enh #730: Relational queries now respect changes made to CActiveRecord::dbCriteria in the onBeforeFind event (Qiang)
 1476 - Enh #737: CUrlManager::createUrl() now supports multidimensional array params (Jonah)
 1477 - Enh #757: Allow CDbCriteria::addInCondition() to use parameter array that is not integer-indexed (Qiang)
 1479 Version 1.0.11 December 13, 2009
 1480 --------------------------------
 1481 - Bug #608: yiic webapp command may generate incorrect path referring to yii scripts (Qiang)
 1482 - Bug #637: CDateTimeParser::parse() may generate unexpected result offset by the timezone in some environment (Qiang)
 1483 - Bug #639: CJSON::decode() should respect the second parameter recursively (Qiang)
 1484 - Bug #641: CDbCache::gc() is not defined (Qiang)
 1485 - Bug #651: Fixed a bug in Oracle driver that may cause big loop (Qiang)
 1486 - Bug #653: CDbMessageSource does translate messages when caching is enabled (Qiang)
 1487 - Bug #670: Requirements checker page shows wrong minute (Qiang)
 1488 - Bug #691: CUploadedFile::saveAs() may not return correct value for some PHP versions (Qiang)
 1489 - Bug #692: CHtml::listOptions() ignores the HTML options when handling nested options (Qiang)
 1490 - Bug #710: CRequiredValidator does not work as expected when its requiredValue is not null (Qiang)
 1491 - Bug: CQueue::peek() should return the first item in the queue (Qiang)
 1492 - Enh #629: Added support for specifying shell command search path via an environment variable YIIC_SHELL_COMMAND_PATH (Qiang)
 1493 - Enh #643: Enhanced CAccessControlFilter::expression, COutputCache::varyByExpression and CExpressionDependency::expression so that they can use PHP callback (Qiang)
 1494 - Enh #665: Added support for using CStarRating to collect tabular input (Qiang)
 1495 - Enh #672: Added Italian translation of error views (Qiang)
 1496 - Enh #674: Improved CPgsqlSchema to support auto-incremental column in composite primary  key (Qiang)
 1497 - Enh #677: Improved CPgsqlColumnSchema to recognize more column data types (Qiang)
 1498 - Enh #679: Added support for parsing and creating URLs with parameterized hostnames (Qiang)
 1499 - Enh #684: Improved Yii::import() to throw exception when set_include_path fails (Qiang)
 1500 - Enh #685: Added support for recognizing "Z" in CDateFormatter (Qiang)
 1501 - Enh #690: Enhanced the email validator pattern to capture 99% valid email addresses (Qiang)
 1502 - Enh #694: CActiveRecord count methods will ignore criterias that are incomatible with COUNT SQL statement (Qiang)
 1503 - Enh #697: Relational AR queries now also invoke CActiveRecord::beforeFind() (Qiang)
 1504 - Enh #703: Upgraded autocomplete js code to version 1.1.0 (Qiang)
 1505 - Enh #715: CHtml::textArea and CHtml::activeTextArea should respect the 'encode' option (Qiang)
 1506 - Enh: Added core message translation in Thai (Peerajak)
 1507 - Enh: Allow CHtml::label() and CHtml::activeLabel() not to render the 'for' attribute when it is set false (Qiang)
 1508 - Chg #723: When merging a CDbCriteria with another, the latter's order clause will take precedence over the former (Qiang)
 1509 - New #709: Added core message translation in Bosnian language (kenci81)
 1511 Version 1.0.10 October 18, 2009
 1512 -------------------------------
 1513 - Bug #550: Fixed image alt bug in CCaptcha (Qiang)
 1514 - Bug #551: CCache::mget() should return values (Qiang)
 1515 - Bug #561: CTabView fails to switch tabs on IE (pestaa)
 1516 - Bug #567: PHP <5.2 cannot convert exception class to string (pestaa)
 1517 - Bug #573: Typo in API (pestaa)
 1518 - Bug #584: CAutoComplete API was missing a fact (pestaa)
 1519 - Bug #594: The for-loop in jquery.yii.js breaks on IE (Qiang)
 1520 - Bug #596: CActiveFinder undefined $parent variable on line 1297 (Qiang)
 1521 - Bug #606: CMemCache does not work when useMemcached is set true (Qiang)
 1522 - Bug: Fixed a bug in Oracle driver when performing relational AR queries (Qiang)
 1523 - Bug: Fixed the problem of executing an SQL using CDbCommand may cause subsequent SQL executions to fail (Qiang)
 1524 - Enh #571: Enhanced CDbCriteria by adding several methods to help building common query conditions (Qiang)
 1525 - Enh #585: Added CChainedCacheDependency::setDependencies() (Qiang)
 1526 - Enh #598: Added CCaptchaAction::transparent (Qiang)
 1527 - Enh #600: Modified CHttpSession to allow open and close session multiple times (Qiang)
 1528 - Enh #612: Added YiiBase::registerAutoloader (Qiang)
 1529 - Enh #613: Enhanced Oracle driver to allow using views with AR (Qiang)
 1530 - Enh #615: Added cacheID property to several core components to allow specifying which cache component to use (Qiang)
 1531 - Enh #616: Added support to use anonymous functions (PHP 5.3+) as event handlers (Qiang)
 1532 - Enh #620: Enhanced message translation for modules (Qiang)
 1533 - Enh #623: Added the optional $params to CDbCommand::execute() and query*() methods (Qiang)
 1534 - Enh #626: Added labelOptions for checkbox and radiobutton lists in CHtml (Qiang)
 1535 - Enh #627: Improved AR metadata assignment to support single table inheritance (Qiang)
 1536 - Enh #628: Console commands are listed in alphabetical order now (Qiang)
 1537 - Enh: Enhanced CRequiredValidator so that it can validate an attribute contains the specified value (Qiang)
 1538 - Chg: Made request and urlManager components to be available for both console and web applications (Qiang)
 1539 - New #577: Enhanced the 'empty' option in CHtml so that it can render multiple extra list options with specific values (Qiang)
 1540 - New #621: Added YiiBase::createApplication (Qiang)
 1541 - New: Added CBooleanValidator (Qiang)
 1543 Version 1.0.9 September 6, 2009
 1544 -------------------------------
 1545 - Bug #470: Fixed CTimestamp getdate bug which is related with timezone setting (Qiang)
 1546 - Bug #499: Blog demo approve comment page doesn't have proper pagination (Qiang)
 1547 - Bug #510: CHtml::htmlButton() should render the label as the element body rather than value attribute (Qiang)
 1548 - Bug #513: CNumberValidator does not validate as expected when the attribute value is not string (Qiang)
 1549 - Bug #518: CFilterValidator uses call_user_func_array() incorrectly (Qiang)
 1550 - Bug #522: array-like parameters in path info are not parsed correctly by CUrlManager (Qiang)
 1551 - Bug #525: Invalid first chars in jquery.maskedinput.js (Qiang)
 1552 - Bug #527: Typo in CActiveFinder.php:581 (Wei)
 1553 - Bug #548: STAT queries don't work when the FK constraints are not defined in DB (Qiang)
 1554 - Bug #550: CCaptcha does not respect image alt option (Qiang)
 1555 - Bug #551: multiget in caching components does not use proper keys (Qiang)
 1556 - Bug: Set sequenceName in Oracle tables to be empty string so that yiic model command generates correct validation rules for PK (Qiang)
 1557 - Enh #417: Added CActiveRecord::beforeFind and onBeforeFind event (Qiang)
 1558 - Enh #419: Improved the performance of lazy relational AR by avoiding joining when possible (Qiang)
 1559 - Enh #473: Upgraded jquery multifile plugin to version 1.46 (Qiang)
 1560 - Enh #500: Added CDbCache::gcProbability (Qiang)
 1561 - Enh #505: Added CSS class to the table generated by CWebLogRoute (Qiang)
 1562 - Enh #508: CUrlManager should also store parsed GET parameters into $_REQUEST (Qiang)
 1563 - Enh #509: Enhanced CRequiredValidator to check for empty array value (Qiang)
 1564 - Enh #511: CHtml::activeCheckBox and activeRadioButton should respect the value attribute (Qiang)
 1565 - Enh #512: CHtml::beginForm() is made XHTML-compliant when CSRF is enabled (Qiang)
 1566 - Enh #521: Added CActiveRecord::deleteAllByAttributes() (Qiang)
 1567 - Enh #526: Added CSort::params and CPagination::params to allow customizing additional GET parameters in the generated URLs (Qiang)
 1568 - Enh #534: Allow using slash character as URL suffix when strict parsing is enabled (Qiang)
 1569 - Enh #542: Improved CInputWidget and all its descendant classes so that they can be used in tabular data input (Qiang)
 1570 - Enh #547: Changed CSort::resolveLabel and validateAttribute to be public (Qiang)
 1571 - Enh #549: Changed hour pattern in CDateTimeParser so that it is consistent with CDateFormatter (Qiang)
 1572 - Enh #554: Added CViewRenderer::fileExtension (Qiang)
 1573 - Enh #555: Added CApplication::timeZone (Qiang)
 1574 - Enh: Improved AR performance by not raising events when no event handlers (Qiang)
 1575 - Enh: Added CWebUser::setStateKeyPrefix() (Qiang)
 1576 - Enh: Added CLocale::getMonthNames and CLocale::getWeekDayNames (Qiang)
 1577 - Enh: Added uncheckValue option for CHtml::activeRadioButton (Qiang)
 1578 - Enh: Added CDbCriteria::addCondition() (Qiang)
 1579 - Enh: Added support for specifying DISTINCT when performing AR and relational AR queries (Qiang)
 1580 - New: Added core message and system view translations in Bulgarian (Nikolai)
 1582 Version 1.0.8 August 9, 2009
 1583 ----------------------------
 1584 - Bug #435: Setting charset for PostgreSQL database connection may fail to work on some servers (Qiang)
 1585 - Bug #440: typo in COciColumnSchema (Qiang)
 1586 - Bug #444: typo in blog demo (Qiang)
 1587 - Bug #446: Fixed bugs in MSSQL driver that cause problem when updating attribues and a column is of timestamp type (Qiang)
 1588 - Bug #451: CAssetManager::publish() may not report error when an asset is missing on BSD (Qiang)
 1589 - Bug #460: CFileValidator would display wrong error message when the uploaded file size is too small (Qiang)
 1590 - Bug #472: Dynamic relational query options should not treat 'condition' as 'on'. (Qiang)
 1591 - Bug #475: MainMenu widget in webapp ignores URL parameters (Qiang)
 1592 - Bug #477: CUrlManager generates unwanted homepage URL when URL suffix is used (Qiang)
 1593 - Bug #482: Relational AR would fail when using Oracle due to column case issue (Qiang)
 1594 - Bug #484: CDbCommandBuilder generates an invalid SQL when inserting a row with all default values (Qiang)
 1595 - Bug #486: CDbExpression does not work as expected for PHP versions prior to 5.2.0 (Qiang)
 1596 - Bug: Fixed an issue in CNumberFormatter which incorrectly cached parsed formats (Qiang)
 1597 - New #424: Improved CCaptcha to allow clicking on CAPTCHA image to refresh it (Qiang)
 1598 - New #425: Added defaultParams option to the rules used by CUrlManager (Qiang)
 1599 - New #426: Added CApplication::setExtensionPath() (Qiang)
 1600 - New #436: Added error templates in Russian (idlesign)
 1601 - New #456: Added CCompareValidator::operator to support comparing values using different operators (Qiang)
 1602 - New #461: Added CHtml::htmlButton() (Qiang)
 1603 - New #467: Improved the algorithm for determining script URL by CHttpRequest (Qiang)
 1604 - New #474: Added CActiveRecord::refreshMetaData() to allow using the latest table meta data (Qiang)
 1605 - New #478: Enhanced CActiveRecord::findByAttributes and findAllByAttributes so that when an attribute value is array, an IN condition is generated for searching (Qiang)
 1606 - New #480: Improved CUniqueValidator to allow specifying AR class and attribute to validate against (Qiang)
 1607 - New #488: Added CCache::mget() to support retrieving multiple cached values at a time (Qiang)
 1608 - New #492: Enhanced form submit script so that it respects to existing submit event handlers (Qiang)
 1609 - New #493: Added call stack information to log when a PHP error occurs (Qiang)
 1610 - New: CDbCommand::bindParam() and bindValue() now return the command object so that they can be used in a chainable fashion (Qiang)
 1611 - New: Added thead and tbody to the code generated by crud command (Qiang)
 1612 - New: Added CFormModel::init() and CActiveRecord::init() (Qiang)
 1613 - New: Improved CFileHelper::getMimeType() so that it can return a meaningful result in most cases (Qiang)
 1614 - New: Improved yiic shell commands so that they are easier to be extended (Qiang)
 1615 - New: Added CExistValidator.criteria property (Qiang)
 1616 - New: Improved CHtml::statefulForm() to make it XHTML-compliant (Qinag)
 1617 - New: Added CBaseUserIdentity::clearState() (Qiang)
 1618 - New: Added 'ext' root path alias which points to the directory containing all extensions (Qiang)
 1619 - New: Added Greek translation of core messages (Vasileios)
 1620 - Chg #479: Imported path aliases now have precedence over existing include paths (Qiang)
 1621 - Chg: Modified the count() method of relational AR to support counting composite keys (Qiang)
 1622 - Chg: Reverted back the support for assigning a related object to an AR object (Qiang)
 1624 Version 1.0.7 July 5, 2009
 1625 --------------------------
 1626 - Bug #367: CUploadedFile may fail if a form contains multiple file uploads in different array dimensions (Qiang)
 1627 - Bug #368: CUploadedFile::getInstance() should return null if no file is uploaded (Qiang)
 1628 - Bug #372: CCacheHttpSession should initialize cache first before using it (Qiang)
 1629 - Bug #388: 'params' options passed to linkButton are not cleared after submit (Qiang)
 1630 - Bug #393: Greek language code should be 'el' insead of 'gr' (Qiang)
 1631 - Bug #402: CNumberFormatter does not format decimals and percentages correctly (Qiang)
 1632 - Bug #404: AR would fail when CDbLogRoute uses the same DB connection (Qiang)
 1633 - Bug #421: Undefined variable: seconds in CDateTimeParser.php(140) (Qiang)
 1634 - Bug: CMemCache has a typo when using memcached (Qiang)
 1635 - Bug: COciCommandBuilder is referencing undefined variable (Qiang)
 1636 - Bug: yiic webapp may generate incorrect path to yii.php (Qiang)
 1637 - Bug: SQL with OFFSET generated by command builder for Oracle is incorrect (Qiang)
 1638 - Bug: yiic shell model command may fail when a foreign key is named as ID (Qiang)
 1639 - Bug: yiic shell controller command does not generate correct controller class file when the controller is under a sub-folder (Qiang)
 1640 - Bug: When using MySQL enum type, AR may incorrectly typcasting the column values (Qiang)
 1641 - Chg #391: defaultScope should not be applied to UPDATE (Qiang)
 1642 - New #360: Added anchor parameter to CController::redirect (Qiang)
 1643 - New #375: Added support to allow logout a user without cleaning up non-auth session data (Qiang)
 1644 - New #378: Added support to allow dynamically turning off and on log routes (Qiang)
 1645 - New #396: Improved error display when running yiic commands (Qiang)
 1646 - New #406: Added support to allow stopping saving and deletion by an ActiveRecord behavior (Qiang)
 1647 - New #415: Added HTML options to CHtml::errorSummary() and error() methods (Qiang)
 1648 - New: Rolled back the change about treating tinyint(1) in MySQL as boolean (Qiang)
 1649 - New: Added support for displaying call stack information in trace messages (Qiang)
 1650 - New: Added 'index' option to AR relations so that related objects can be indexed by specific column value (Qiang)
 1651 - New: Allow CHtml::activeLabel to override the automatically generated 'for' attribute (Qiang)
 1652 - New: Added 'csrf' to CHtml client options so that js-based form submission can submit CSRF token (Qiang)
 1653 - New: Removed typcasting in CNumberValidator so that it won't lose precision (Qiang)
 1654 - New: Added userAgent parameter to CHttpRequest::getBrowser() (Qiang)
 1656 Version 1.0.6 June 7, 2009
 1657 --------------------------
 1658 - Bug #305: column aliases used in CActiveFinder should be quoted so that their cases are kept (Qiang)
 1659 - Bug #308: typo in CLinkPager CSS class name (Qiang)
 1660 - Bug #310: Leading space in auto generated labels if they end with "ID" (Qiang)
 1661 - Bug #312: defaultScope not honored when other sopes are applied (Qiang)
 1662 - Bug #313: Dynamic parameter for lazy loading resets the parameters specified in default scope (Qiang)
 1663 - Bug #321: CProfileLogRoute should be disabled for AJAX requests (Qiang)
 1664 - Bug #331: HTTP 403 status code should be used to indicate auth failure (Qiang)
 1665 - Bug #338: Undefined variables in CTimestamp.php (Qiang)
 1666 - Bug #343: HtmlPurifier should register its autoload to allow using its plugins (Qiang)
 1667 - Bug #353: CClientScript may not generate expected output on some PHP version due to preg_replace bug (Qiang)
 1668 - Bug: Syntax errors in autoloaded classes are not reported (Qiang)
 1669 - New #36: Added column declarations to the generated model class using yiic (Qiang)
 1670 - New #231: Enhanced yiic shell model command to generate relations automatically (olafure, Qiang)
 1671 - New #271: Added CFileCache (Qiang)
 1672 - New #300: Added support for using a controller action to display application errors (Qiang)
 1673 - New #304: Added flv mimeType to the mimeType array (Qiang)
 1674 - New #315: Added CDbConnection.enableProfiling (Qiang)
 1675 - New #320: Added support for customizing a single URL rule by setting its urlFormat and caseSensitive options (Qiang)
 1676 - New #326: Yii::powered() will show Yii site in a new window (Qiang)
 1677 - New #328: Make yiic to work with f-cgi (Qiang)
 1678 - New #344: Added support to automatically attach behaviors to a controller (Qiang)
 1679 - New #346: Enhanced CMemCache so that it can be used with both memcache and memcached (Qiang)
 1680 - New #347: Added CUrlManager.useStrictParsing to support parsing URLs only based on rules (Qiang)
 1681 - New #349: Enhanced MySQL driver to recongize tinyint(1) as a boolean (Qiang)
 1682 - New #351: Enhanced CModelBehavior so that its beforeValidate() can stop the current validation process (Qiang)
 1683 - New: Enhanced the 'with' option in relational rules so that it also applies in eager loading (Qiang)
 1684 - New: Enhanced yiic shell model command to generate all models for the whole database (olafure, Qiang)
 1685 - New: Added support to allow using named scopes with update and delete methods (Qiang)
 1686 - New: Refactored support for dynamic query options with relational AR (Qiang)
 1687 - New: Added CDbCriteria::toArray() (Qiang)
 1688 - New: Added support to allow merging CDbCriteria using 'OR' operator (Qiang)
 1689 - New: Added CLogger::getStats() (Qiang)
 1690 - New: Added support to import and autoload interfaces (Qiang)
 1691 - New: Added tracing statements to cache components (Qiang)
 1692 - New: Added CLogFilter to support logging additional context information (Qiang)
 1694 Version 1.0.5 May 10, 2009
 1695 --------------------------
 1696 - Bug #234: Multi-line Yii::t() not found by 'yiic message' (Qiang)
 1697 - Bug #235: Dynamic content does not work when page caching is used together with fragment caching (Qiang)
 1698 - Bug #239: Syntax error in translated Portuguese error view file (Qiang)
 1699 - Bug #246: Undefined variable in CMaskedTextField (Qiang)
 1700 - Bug #252: mimeTypes.php contains clashing types (Qiang)
 1701 - Bug #258: Some eager loading queries may result in extra lazy loading queries (Qiang)
 1702 - Bug #261: CWsdlGenerator should not use 'tns:' namespace when declaring a complex type (Qiang)
 1703 - Bug #262: Setting 'charset' of CDbConnection causes exception when working with SQLite (Qiang)
 1704 - Bug #263: Exception is thrown when column names contain "=" symbol (Qiang)
 1705 - Bug #270: CComponent::detachBehavior() uses undefined index (Qiang)
 1706 - Bug #290: date formatter generates incorrect narrow day output (Qiang)
 1707 - Bug: Lazy loading HAS_MANY or MANY_MANY properties will get NULL instead of empty array when the result set is empty (Qiang)
 1708 - Bug: CDateFormatter::formatYear() only returns one digit when the year pattern is 'yy' (Qiang)
 1709 - Bug: The ON option is not respected for MANY_MANY relations (Qiang)
 1710 - New #210: Added support for named scope of AR (Qiang)
 1711 - New #211: Enhanced AR by supporting lazy relational query with on-the-fly query parameters (Qiang)
 1712 - New #224: Added CModel::addErrors() method (Qiang)
 1713 - New #241: Added support to define root path aliases in configuration (Qiang)
 1714 - New #247: Added support to allow using Web services in PHP versions lower than 5.2.0 (Qiang)
 1715 - New #249: Added option to CHtml to allow generate tags without encoding attribute values (Qiang)
 1716 - New #254: Added support to allow input widgets to be used with tabular inputs (Qiang)
 1717 - New #265: Added support to validate time and datetime inputs (Qiang)
 1718 - New #268: Added support to allow using dot syntax to generate list options with CHtml (Qiang)
 1719 - New #274: Added support to allow using route sub-patterns in URL rules (Qiang)
 1720 - New #284: Refactored code about page states to simplify overriding efforts (Qiang)
 1721 - New #291: Added support to validate emails with name part (Qiang)
 1722 - New #293: Added support to allow Yii to be used with other libraries which rely on autoload (Qiang)
 1723 - New #294: Added CDummyCache component (Qiang)
 1724 - New: Deprecated CHtml::getActiveId() (Qiang)
 1725 - New: Added CDbCriteria::mergeWith() (Qiang)
 1726 - New: Added Oracle support for Active Record (Ricardo)
 1727 - New: Modified CClientScript so that it can be used without the presence of a controller (Qiang)
 1728 - New: Enhanced CWebUser::checkAccess() to allow caching the access check results (Qiang)
 1729 - New: Enhanced the performance of CDbAuthManager::checkAccess() (Qiang)
 1730 - New: Added CAccessControlFilter::accessDenied() (Qiang)
 1731 - New: Added CWebUser::identityCookie property (Qiang)
 1732 - New: Added new message placeholder to CCompareValidator (Qiang)
 1733 - New: Added trace statements to auth components (Qiang)
 1734 - New: Added CHtml::value() (Qiang)
 1735 - New: Enhanced 'yiic shell model' command so that it generates attribute labels by default (Qiang)
 1736 - New: Added CDbConnection::enableParamLogging to allow logging parameters bound to SQL statements (Qiang)
 1738 Version 1.0.4 April 5, 2009
 1739 ---------------------------
 1740 - Bug #177: CFileValidator::getSizeLimit() not calculate well (Qiang)
 1741 - Bug #185: German error views have syntax errors (Qiang)
 1742 - Bug #183: Fatal error in CActiveFinder::afterFindInternal() (Qiang)
 1743 - Bug #186: MainMenu component in yiic webapp doesn't detect active menu item correctly (Qiang)
 1744 - Bug #187: SET CHARACTER SET is not working for MySQL in some cases (Qiang)
 1745 - Bug #190: yiic shell command does not work when the Web application redirects by default (Qiang)
 1746 - Bug #192: CDbLogRoute has several issues (Qiang)
 1747 - Bug #199: yiic webapp command may fail in some directory setup (Qiang)
 1748 - Bug #200: CDateFormatter does not recognize timestamp given as a string (Qiang)
 1749 - Bug #205: CTRL-D puts yiic into endless loop (olafure)
 1750 - Bug #206: Property "click" in CStarRating does not work (Qiang)
 1751 - Bug #218: Uppercase letter in controller in URL leads to exception (Qiang)
 1752 - Bug #226: CJoinElement uses undefined _primaryKey (Qiang)
 1753 - Bug #223: Calling CApplication::clearGlobalState causes error (Qiang)
 1754 - Bug #229: dynamic content does not work with page caching (Qiang)
 1755 - Bug: Setting the 'expression' option in an access url causes error (Qiang)
 1756 - Bug: CAccessRule.roles should be case sensitive (Qiang)
 1757 - Bug: CDbAuthManager::checkDefaultRoles() uses an undefined variable (Qiang)
 1758 - Bug: CPgsqlSchema does not handle quotes well in detecting FK constraints (Qiang)
 1759 - Bug: CPradoViewRenderer is calling an undefined method (Qiang)
 1760 - Bug: CClientScript::scriptMap generates duplicated script tags (Qiang)
 1761 - Bug: ActiveRecord may fetch the same PK column twice in a relational query (Qiang)
 1762 - Bug: CWebUser::hasState does not return consistent result (Qiang)
 1763 - Bug: A module layout in a theme cannot be applied (Qiang)
 1764 - Bug: Enabling both CSRF prevention and theming may cause a PHP error (Qiang)
 1765 - Bug: Eager loading in RAR may join the same table twice in some cases (Qiang)
 1766 - New #171: Added version info to yiic help output (Qiang)
 1767 - New #172: Added eAccelerator cache driver (Steffen)
 1768 - New #176: Added support to make yiic tool working with modules (Qiang)
 1769 - New #195: Added CModel::scenario property (Qiang)
 1770 - New #197: Added getParam, getQueryParam and getPostParam to CHttpRequest (Qiang)
 1771 - New #203: Added CZendDataCache (Steffen)
 1772 - New #207: Enhanced CHtml::activeFileField so that we can still use $_POST to detect form submission under some rare cases (Qiang)
 1773 - New #212: 'Readline' support in yiic console script (olafure)
 1774 - New #225: Added trace statements to CActiveRecord and CActiveFinder (Qiang)
 1775 - New #230: Enhanced CHtml so that it can be used in situations where controller is absent (Qiang)
 1776 - New #233: Allow CFileValidator::types to be set with an array (Qiang)
 1777 - New #292: Refactored CActiveRecord so that attribute assignment can be overridden more easily (Qiang)
 1778 - New: Added support to GROUP BY and HAVING in eager loading of AR (Qiang)
 1779 - New: Added CClientScript::scriptFiles and CClientScript::cssFiles (Qiang)
 1780 - New: Added SQL Server support for Active Record (Christophe)
 1781 - New: Added support for performing statistical query with Active Record (Qiang)
 1782 - New: Added CHtml::beginForm and endForm (Qiang)
 1783 - New: Added 'controllers' option to access control (Qiang)
 1784 - New: Added CContentDecorator.data property (Qiang)
 1785 - New: Refactored application and module code (Qiang)
 1786 - New: Added HTTP status code parameter to CHttpRequest::redirect (Qiang)
 1787 - New: Added beforeControllerAction and afterControllerAction to CWebApplication and CWebModule (Qiang)
 1788 - New: Added 'checkAll' option to CHtml::checkBoxList and CHtml::activeCheckBoxList (Qiang)
 1789 - New: Added CHtml::encodeArray() to allow HTML-encoding an array recursively (Qiang)
 1790 - New: Added case-sensitivity parameter to CDbCommandBuilder::createSearchCondition (Qiang)
 1791 - New: Added COutputCache.varyByExpression to allow variating cached content based on an expression value (Qiang)
 1792 - New: Added CExpressionDependency to represent dependency based on an expression value (Qiang)
 1793 - New: Added CAutoComplete.textArea to allow using it as a text area (Qiang)
 1794 - New: Added support to allow using AR when a table has no primary key defined (Qiang)
 1795 - New: Added support to CAPTCHA widget so that it can use captcha defined in other controllers (Qiang)
 1796 - New: Added CExistValidator (Qiang)
 1799 Version 1.0.3 March 1, 2009
 1800 ---------------------------
 1801 - Bug #127: CUploadedFile is using an undefined variable (Qiang)
 1802 - Bug #132: CMysqlSchema has a typo (Qiang)
 1803 - Bug #133: CSort should properly quote the columns to be sorted (Qiang)
 1804 - Bug #135: CSort::link() does not work well with labels with special chars (Qiang)
 1805 - Bug #145: When layout property of CController is false, main layout is still applied (Qiang)
 1806 - Bug #153: Accessing related objects in afterFind() causes a duplicated SQL query (Qiang)
 1807 - Bug #154: Calling behavior method in relations() does not work (Qiang)
 1808 - Bug #161: Date formatting with timezones (Qiang)
 1809 - Bug: CHttpRequest.hostInfo may give wrong port number (Qiang)
 1810 - Bug: CHtml::activeListBox does not work when multiple selection is needed (Qiang)
 1811 - Bug: Inconsistency in timezone of log messages for different log routes (Qiang)
 1812 - Bug: Script file registered for POS_BEGIN is rendered twice (Qiang)
 1813 - Bug: CHtml::registerMetaTag() failed to be rendered when no other scripts are registered (Qiang)
 1814 - New #117: Added count() support to relational AR (Qiang)
 1815 - New #136: Added support to CWebUser to allow directly accessing persistent properties (Qiang)
 1816 - New #137: yiic model command should only set a column as required when it does not have default value (Qiang)
 1817 - New #138: Added support to specify additional attributes for OPTION tags (Qiang)
 1818 - New #140: Allow the route in a URL rule to contain parameters by itself (Qiang)
 1819 - New #146: Added CUrlManager.appendParams which allows creating URLs in path format whose GET parameters are all in the query part (Qiang)
 1820 - New #150: Register CTabView css file with media type='screen' (Qiang)
 1821 - New #156: Added CUrlManager.cacheID to allow disabling URL rule caching (Qiang)
 1822 - New #213: Enhanced CEmailValidator by allowing checking server port (Qiang)
 1823 - New: Upgraded jquery to 1.3.2 (Qiang)
 1824 - New: Upgraded jquery star rating to 2.61 (Qiang)
 1825 - New: Added skeleton application and refactored 'yiic webapp' command (Qiang)
 1826 - New: Added 'expression' option to access rules (Qiang)
 1827 - New: Refactored the code generated by yiic command (Qiang)
 1828 - New: Refactored the blog demo (Qiang)
 1829 - New: Added ignoreLimit option when joining tables all at once (Qiang)
 1830 - New: Added params option to relation declaration (Qiang)
 1831 - New: Added the blog tutorial (Qiang)
 1832 - New: Added CActiveRelation.together option to allow enforcing a table to be joined with the primary table (Qiang)
 1833 - New: Added CActiveRecord.hasRelated() (Qiang)
 1834 - New: Enhanced CHtml::listData() to work with raw query results (Qiang)
 1835 - New: Controllers under subdirectories are now referenced using "path/to/xyz" (Qiang)
 1836 - New: Added a defaut path alias named "webroot" (Qiang)
 1837 - New: Added support for auto-incremental composite primary keys in active record (Qiang)
 1838 - New: Added support for application modules (Qiang)
 1839 - New: Added "module" command for yiic shell tool (Qiang)
 1840 - New: Added support for using default roles in RBAC (Qiang)
 1841 - New: Added support for translating a message into multiple languages on the same page at the same time (Qiang)
 1842 - New: Added CClientScript::scriptMap to support remapping registered scripts (Qiang)
 1843 - New: Added CGoogleApi (Qiang)
 1846 Version 1.0.2 February 1, 2009
 1847 ------------------------------
 1848 - Bug #81: Double backslashes in a clientscript became a singe backslash in the output (Qiang)
 1849 - Bug #83: yiic command may unexpectedly render its starting line on Windows (Qiang)
 1850 - Bug #87: yiic gives an error when using yiilite.php in the main application (Qiang)
 1851 - Bug #91: Relational AR eager fetching may bring back result even if it shouldn't (Qiang)
 1852 - Bug #109: CLinkPager shows wrong number of page buttons (Qiang)
 1853 - Bug: CDbAuthManager::saveAuthAssignment() causes updating all rows (Qiang)
 1854 - Bug: Fixed an issue in CUrlManager::createUrl when GET parameters contain arrays (Qiang)
 1855 - Bug: Fixed an issue that CCaptcha::buttonOptions is not used (Qiang)
 1856 - New #88: Added public properties to CActiveRecord::safeAttributes() (Qiang)
 1857 - New #92: Empty error messages in models are handled better when being displayed (Qiang)
 1858 - New #93: Changed CLinkPager and CListPager so that the messages are internationalized (Qiang)
 1859 - New #95: Added an option to CHtml::activeCheckBox() to define default value if unchecked (Qiang)
 1860 - New #98: Added support to translate messages in different plural forms. Added CChoiceFormat (Qiang)
 1861 - New #103: Added support to use dynamic query options in relational active record (Qiang)
 1862 - New #104: Added support to encode traversable objects using JSON (Qiang)
 1863 - New #111: Implemented nonobtrusive javascript "Get new image" link in CCaptcha (Qiang)
 1864 - New #113: Enhanced CSort so that it is easier to be used with relational active record (Qiang)
 1865 - New #116: Enhanced checkBoxList and radioButtonList in CHtml to enclose labels in label tag (Qiang)
 1866 - New #119: Added 'on' option to relational AR (Qiang)
 1867 - New #122: Added support to upload and validate files in a tabular form (Qiang)
 1868 - New: Added CActiveRecord::getRelated() (Qiang)
 1869 - New: Added 'return' option to HTML options in CHtml (Qiang)
 1870 - New: Refactored CSS-dependent widgets by adding registerCssFile static methods (Qiang)
 1871 - New: Added CDbSchema::getTables() and getTableNames() (Qiang)
 1872 - New: Modified CUniqueValidator so that it can correctly validate non-PK attributes when they are being updated (Qiang)
 1873 - New: Added scenario-based massive model attribute assignment (Qiang)
 1874 - New: Added support to specify views in terms of path aliases (Qiang)
 1875 - New: Enhanced getBaseUrl to allow it to return an absolute URL (Qiang)
 1876 - New: Allow flash message to be deleted right after its first access (Qiang)
 1877 - New: Upgraded jQuery to 1.3.0 (Qiang)
 1878 - New: Added CDbExpression so that AR can save DB expressions into database (Qiang)
 1879 - New: Added CDefaultValueValidator (Qiang)
 1880 - New: Implemented the behavior feature; added CBehavior, CModelBehavior and CActiveRecordBehavior (Qiang)
 1881 - New: Added a set of new events to CActiveRecord and CFormModel (Qiang)
 1882 - New: Added CModel::getValidatorsForAttribute (Qiang)
 1883 - New: Added CHtml::activeLabelEx and added 'required' option to CHtml::label (Qiang)
 1884 - New: Added array access support to CFormModel and CActiveRecord (Qiang)
 1885 - New: Added CActiveRecord::instantiate to support class table inheritance (Qiang)
 1886 - New: Added support to allow join tables all at once (Qiang)
 1888 Version 1.0.1 January 4, 2009
 1889 -----------------------------
 1890 - Bug #41: missing function CHttpRequest::getCsrfTokenFromCookie() (Qiang)
 1891 - Bug #42: Wrong links in crud generated admin view (Qiang)
 1892 - Bug #45: Many-to-many relation does not work when both foreign tables are the same (Qiang)
 1893 - Bug #47: Wrong url parsing when CUrlManager is set in path format (Qiang)
 1894 - Bug #48: Typo in CActiveRecord::setAttribute (Qiang)
 1895 - Bug #49: Invalid markup generated by yiic tool (Qiang)
 1896 - Bug #53: tabular form input causes AR to fail (Qiang)
 1897 - Bug #54: typo in CHtml::listOptions (Qiang)
 1898 - Bug #57: Explicit column aliasing is not working in relational AR when the column appears in ORDER BY (Qiang)
 1899 - Bug #60: Related objects not available in CActiveRecord::afterSave (Qiang)
 1900 - Bug #69: Variable undefined error in CController::renderText (Qiang)
 1901 - Bug #79: CUrlManager::createUrl does not work for GET parameters that are arrays (Qiang)
 1902 - Bug #80: Improper unset in CHtml::activeCheckBoxList and activeRadioButtonList (Qiang)
 1903 - New #44: Make "yiic shell" command to support controllers organized in subdirectories (Qiang)
 1904 - New #51: Add support to import actions declared by a widget (Qiang)
 1905 - New #55: Add support for generating meta and link tags (Qiang)
 1906 - New #56: Allow specifying customized 'on' when a validator can be applied (Qiang)
 1907 - New #58: Allow specifying HAVING clause in DB criteria (Qiang)
 1908 - New #62: Allow URL routes to be case-insensitive by adding CUrlManager::caseSensitive property (Qiang)
 1909 - New #64: Add support to use relational AR when FK constraints are not defined in DB (Qiang)
 1910 - New #65: Added "alias" option to AR relations so that table aliases can be explicitly specified (Qiang)
 1911 - New #66: Add support to allow using isset() and unset() with component properties (Qiang)
 1912 - New #68: Upgrade the javascript for CMaskedTextField to 1.2.0 (Qiang)
 1913 - New: Fixed inaccurate error message when adding an item as a child of itself in CAuthManager (Qiang)
 1914 - New: CHtml::activeId and CHtml::activeName (Qiang)
 1915 - New: Added German, Spanish and Swedish core message translations (mikl, sebas, tri)
 1916 - New: Added CController::init() (Qiang)
 1917 - New: Changed Yii::createComponent() to support property initialization (Qiang)
 1918 - New: Optimized the framework (Qiang)
 1919 - New: Added CSort to support multisort (Qiang)
 1920 - New: Refactored the code generated by the crud command (Qiang)
 1921 - New: Added "contact" page to the skeleton application (Qiang)
 1922 - New: Added CMarkdownParser::safeTransform (Qiang)
 1923 - New: Added support to allow specifying anchor when using createUrl() to create a URL (Qiang)
 1924 - New: Added blog demo (Qiang)
 1925 - New: Added CXCache (Qiang)
 1927 Version 1.0 December 3, 2008
 1928 ----------------------------
 1929 Initial release