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Wasm3 troubleshooting

Error: [trap] stack overflow

Increase the stack size:

wasm3 --stack-size 1000000 file.wasm

Error: missing imported function

This means that the runtime doesn't provide a specific function, needed for your module execution.
You need to implement the required functions, and re-build Wasm3.
Alternatively, you can use Python to define your environment. Check out pywasm3 module.

Note: If this happens with WASI functions like wasi_unstable.* or wasi_snapshot_preview1.*, please report as a bug.

Error: compiling function overran its stack height limit

Try increasing d_m3MaxFunctionStackHeight in m3_config.h and rebuilding Wasm3.

Error: [Fatal] repl_load: unallocated linear memory

Your module requires some Memory, but doesn't define/export it by itself.
This happens if module is built by Emscripten, or it's a library that is intended to be linked to some other modules.
Wasm3 currently doesn't support running such modules directly, but you can remove this limitation when embedding Wasm3 into your own app.