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Wasm3 tests

Running WebAssembly spec tests

To run spec tests, you need python3

# In test directory:
python3 ./run-spec-test.py

It will automatically download, extract, run the WebAssembly core test suite.

Running WASI test

Wasm3 comes with a set of benchmarks and test programs (prebuilt as WASI apps) including CoreMark, C-Ray, Brotli, mandelbrot, smallpt and wasm3 itself.

This test will run all of them and verify the output:

# In test directory:
python3 ./run-wasi-test.py

It can be run against other engines as well:

./run-wasi-test.py --exec wasmtime                    # [PASS]
./run-wasi-test.py --exec "wavm run"                  # [PASS]
./run-wasi-test.py --exec "wasmer run"                # [PASS]
./run-wasi-test.py --exec "wasmer-js run"             # [PASS]
./run-wasi-test.py --exec $WAMR/iwasm --timeout=300   # [PASS, but very slow]
./run-wasi-test.py --exec $WAC/wax   --timeout=300    # [FAIL, crashes on most tests]

Running coverage-guided fuzz testing with libFuzzer

You need to produce a fuzzer build first (use your version of Clang):

# In wasm3 root:
mkdir build-fuzzer
cd build-fuzzer
cmake -GNinja -DCLANG_SUFFIX="-9" ..
# In test directory:
../build-fuzzer/wasm3-fuzzer -detect_leaks=0 ./fuzz/corpus

Read more on libFuzzer and it's options.

Note: to catch fuzzer errors in debugger, you need to define:

export ASAN_OPTIONS=abort_on_error=1
export UBSAN_OPTIONS=abort_on_error=1