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Constant Field Values


public static final short TO_TYPE_FORWARD 1
public static final short TO_TYPE_PERMANENT_REDIRECT 2
public static final short TO_TYPE_POST_INCLUDE 5
public static final short TO_TYPE_PRE_INCLUDE 4
public static final short TO_TYPE_PROXY 6
public static final short TO_TYPE_REDIRECT 0
public static final short TO_TYPE_TEMPORARY_REDIRECT 3

public static final java.lang.String DEFAULT_MATCH_TYPE "regex"
public static final java.lang.String MATCH_TYPE_WILDCARD "wildcard"

public static final short TYPE_ATTRIBUTE 14
public static final short TYPE_AUTH_TYPE 15
public static final short TYPE_CHARACTER_ENCODING 16
public static final short TYPE_CONTENT_LENGTH 17
public static final short TYPE_CONTENT_TYPE 18
public static final short TYPE_CONTEXT_PATH 19
public static final short TYPE_COOKIE 20
public static final short TYPE_EXCEPTION 40
public static final short TYPE_HEADER 1
public static final short TYPE_LOCAL_PORT 39
public static final short TYPE_METHOD 21
public static final short TYPE_PARAMETER 22
public static final short TYPE_PATH_INFO 23
public static final short TYPE_PATH_TRANSLATED 24
public static final short TYPE_PROTOCOL 25
public static final short TYPE_QUERY_STRING 26
public static final short TYPE_REMOTE_ADDR 27
public static final short TYPE_REMOTE_HOST 28
public static final short TYPE_REMOTE_USER 29
public static final short TYPE_REQUEST_URI 31
public static final short TYPE_REQUEST_URL 32
public static final short TYPE_REQUESTED_SESSION_ID 30
public static final short TYPE_SCHEME 37
public static final short TYPE_SERVER_NAME 36
public static final short TYPE_SERVER_PORT 35
public static final short TYPE_SESSION_ATTRIBUTE 33
public static final short TYPE_SESSION_IS_NEW 34
public static final short TYPE_TIME 4
public static final short TYPE_TIME_AMPM 9
public static final short TYPE_TIME_DAY_OF_MONTH 7
public static final short TYPE_TIME_DAY_OF_WEEK 8
public static final short TYPE_TIME_HOUR_OF_DAY 10
public static final short TYPE_TIME_MILLISECOND 13
public static final short TYPE_TIME_MINUTE 11
public static final short TYPE_TIME_MONTH 6
public static final short TYPE_TIME_SECOND 12
public static final short TYPE_TIME_YEAR 5
public static final short TYPE_USER_IN_ROLE 38

public static final java.lang.String DEFAULT_MOD_REWRITE_STYLE_CONF_PATH "/WEB-INF/.htaccess"
public static final java.lang.String DEFAULT_WEB_CONF_PATH "/WEB-INF/urlrewrite.xml"
public static final java.lang.String VERSION "3.2.0"

protected static final int MATCH_BEGIN -4
protected static final int MATCH_END -3
protected static final int MATCH_FILE -1
protected static final int MATCH_PATH -2
protected static final int MATCH_THEEND -5