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Member "tiki-21.2/templates/mail/user_watch_map_changed.tpl" (29 Jul 2020, 490 Bytes) of package /linux/www/tiki-21.2.tar.xz:

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    1 {* $Id$ *}{tr}The {$prefs.mail_template_custom_text}map {$mail_page} was changed by {$mail_user|username} at {$mail_date|tiki_short_datetime:"":"n"}{/tr}
    3 {tr}You can view the updated map following this link:{/tr}
    4 {$mail_machine_raw}/tiki-map.php?mapfile={$mail_page}
    6 {tr}You can edit the map following this link:{/tr}
    7 {$mail_machine}?mapfile={$mail_page}
    9 {tr}If you don't want to receive these notifications follow this link:{/tr}
   10 {$mail_machine_raw}/tiki-user_watches.php?id={$watchId}