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    1 testhtmlparser.php - example of using
    2 rebuildgrammar.php - grammar compiler
    3 htmlgrammar.dat - grammar
    4 htmlgrammar.cmp - compiled grammar
    5 test.html - html file for test the html parser
    6 common.inc - additional functions
    7 imgsrcchange.inc - this example shows how to change src parameter for all img tags.
    9 Setup is very simple. You need copy all files into someone catalog on
   10 your web server and after this call http://..../testhtmlparser.php
   11 As result you will have start page of Russian PHPClub site which placed into the test.html file.
   12 This page was formed by tag's tree after parse process. Below you can see
   13 printed tag's tree.
   15 All questions you can send to
   16 anton@concord.ru
   18 or by ICQ
   19 3180528