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    1 Tiki Changelog
    2 ------------------
    4 Changelog is now generated by a script (doc/devtools/release.php)
    6 The following tags can be used to distinguish changes:
    7 * [NEW] for additions of new features
    8 * [ENH] is an enhancement; not really new but makes things work better (e.g. look and feel, performance...)
    9 * [DOC] for improvements in the tips or contextual documentation provided to the user/admin
   11 * [FIX] for bug fixes of any sort
   12 * [SEC] for security fix operations. If you feel you have reason to put this tag, please first contact security at tiki.org.
   13 * [UPD] for updates of third party/vendor libraries
   15 * [UX] for user experience improvements; makes Tiki easier to use and understand (more details in https://dev.tiki.org/UX )
   17 * [DB] for changes in the database
   19 * [MOD] is a change which may be disruptive. For example, changing the default value of an option.
   20 * [REM] for feature removals
   22 * [REF] for refactoring; changes the structure of the code (to make it cleaner or clearer), without changing its actual behaviour.
   23 * [KIL] for removals of unused or obsolete files. This tag was used in the sense of [REM] prior to Tiki 6.
   25 * [REL] for the release process
   26 * [MRG] for branch merges, generally performed by the merge scripts
   27 * [TRA] for translation
   29 When possible, it's also nice to indicate what feature is concerned by the change.
   30 The tags info is also online: https://dev.tiki.org/Commit+Tags
   32 Before 2.0, there was only [MOD] for both [ENH] and [MOD]:
   34 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
   35 Version 21.2
   36 <http://doc.tiki.org/Tiki21>
   37 ------------------
   39 ----------------------------------------------