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If you click on a site, the details and attributes of that site will be displayed in the main area of the program. These are divided into what are hopefully logical sections. Each section is separated by a frame, described below.

Basic Details

  • Hostname is the name of your remote web server. For example, ftp.geocities.com.

  • Port specifies the port that should be connected to on the remote server. Unless you know you need to change this, it should be safe to simply use the default value setup by your chosen protocol.

  • Protocol determines the method that sitecopy uses to transfer your files. This is totally dependant upon whether or not you would normally upload files to your website using FTP, or whether you are using a WebDAV server. You should choose the protocol accordingly. Note:- If xsitecopy has been compiled without WebDAV support, FTP will be the only option here.

  • Username is the name you normally use to login when uploading files. If this is incorrect, you will receive errors when trying to upload your files.

  • Password is the password required in order to login to the remote server. This will appear as asterisks on the screen.

  • Site Statistics provides a short summary of the changes (if any) to the local site, since the last update was performed.