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    1 <tal:block metal:use-macro="templates/page/macros/frame">
    2 <title metal:fill-slot="head_title" i18n:translate="">Password reset request - <span
    3  i18n:name="tracker" tal:replace="config/TRACKER_NAME" /></title>
    4 <span metal:fill-slot="body_title" tal:omit-tag="python:1"
    5  i18n:translate="">Password reset request</span>
    6 <td class="content" metal:fill-slot="content">
    8 <tal:askforinfo tal:condition="python:options['error_message'] or '@action' not in request.form"> 
   10 <p i18n:translate="">You have two options if you have forgotten your password.
   11 If you know the email address you registered with, enter it below.</p>
   13 <p i18n:translate="">If your  user was  automatically  created during
   14 import  from  the old  sourceforge  tracker,  your  e-mail address  is
   15 &lt;Sourceforge  username&gt;@users.sourceforge.net. The  mail address
   16 associated with your account can be changed after login.</p>
   18 <form method="POST" onSubmit="return submit_once()"
   19       tal:attributes="action context/designator">
   20     <table class="form">
   21       <tr>
   22         <th i18n:translate="">Email Address:</th>
   23         <td><input name="address"></td>
   24       </tr>
   25       <tr>
   26         <td>&nbsp;</td>
   27         <td>
   28       <input name="@csrf" type="hidden"
   29          tal:attributes="value python:utils.anti_csrf_nonce()">
   30           <input type="hidden" name="@action" value="passrst">
   31           <input type="hidden" name="@template" value="forgotten">
   32           <input type="submit" value="Request password reset"
   33            i18n:attributes="value">
   34         </td>
   35       </tr>
   36 </table>
   38 <p i18n:translate="">Or, if you know your username, then enter it below.</p>
   40 <p i18n:translate="">If you have previously created or modified issue
   41 reports in the sourceforge issue tracker, you have an account here with
   42 the same username as your sourceforge username.</p>
   44 <table class="form">
   45  <tr><th i18n:translate="">Username:</th> <td><input name="username"></td> </tr>
   46  <tr><td></td><td><input type="submit" value="Request password reset"
   47    i18n:attributes="value"></td></tr>
   48 </table>
   49 </form>
   51 <p i18n:translate="">A confirmation email will be sent to you -
   52 please follow the instructions within it to complete the reset process.</p>
   54 </tal:askforinfo>
   56 </td>
   57 g
   58 </tal:block>