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    1 Release 1.5
    2 2010-09-09	Fixed inconsistent blocking (bug 59).  Replaced defined routine
    3 		in sgDB.c
    4 2010-09-08	Added Russian translation from Vladimir Ipatov to squidGuard.cgi.in.
    5 2009-10-19	Fixed two bypass problems with URLs which length is close to 
    6 		the limit defined by MAX_BUF. The resulting proxy line exceeds
    7 		this limit and causes either squid or squidGuard to properly
    8 		block a site.
    9 2009-10-15	Fixed a problem with very long URLs. SquidGuard will go into 
   10 		emergency mode when a overlong URLs are encountered. The
   11 		emergency mode causes an entire stop of blocking. This is not
   12 		appropriate in this situation.
   13 2009-09-30	Added patch by beber and gentoo (thank you!) to fix a 
   14 		problem when cross compiling (bug 56).
   15 2009-09-27	Added patch by gentoo to fix alocal warnings (bug 57).
   16 2009-09-15	Added a feature to send log messages to syslog based on the
   17 		patch from Jun Jiang (thank you). (bug 42)  In order to use
   18 		syslog you have to run configure with the new option
   19 		"--with-syslog". In the configuration file you need to add
   20 		a line "syslog enable". If any other value but "enable" is
   21 		used syslog is disabled and logging to squidGuard.log takes
   22 		place as usual.
   23 		The following log level are used: DEBUG, NOTICE, WARN, ERROR
   24 		and EMERG. The local4 syslog facility is used by default.
   25 		If you want to change this, use the configure option
   26 		"--with-syslog-facility=<facility>".
   27 2009-09-12	Anonymized passwords (for connecting to the ldap or mysql 
   28 		server) written to logfiles when squidGuard is starting.
   29 		Added two configure options for choosing different location
   30 		for the LDAP include and library files.
   31 2009-08-25	Added patch to check IP addresses against LDAP. Patch by
   32 		Denis Bonnenfant (bug 41) - thank you.
   33 2009-08-23	Added patch to allow quoted strings in the configuration
   34 		file (bug 53). For more information see README.QuotedStrings.
   35 		Thanks to Iain Fothergill for providing the patch.
   36 		Removed the fix for usernames starting with a number because
   37 		it breaks the time declarations.
   38 2009-05-08	Added patch by INL to enable blocking against DNS based
   39 		blacklists (bug 55).
   40 		Fixed re-opened bug 12: a problem with regular expressions.
   41 		An entry like "www\.google\.de" did not block www.google.de
   42 		which it was supposed to do. Solving this issue solved
   43 		bug 46 as well.
   44 2009-03-08	Fixed bug 52: Sometimes squidGuard crashes with an overflow
   45 		error message for vsprintf. Thanks to Dirk Schoebel for 
   46 		suggesting the proper fix.
   47 		Fixed bug 49: Using numeric username made squidGuard goes
   48 		into emergency mode. This has been fixed. Usernames can
   49 		now start with a number, be numeric and can additionally
   50 		contain the following characters: @,à,é,è,ñ,á,ì,í,ò,ó,ù,ú.
   53 Release 1.4
   54 2008-12-23	Included last fixes for 1.4 final.
   55 2008-07-23	Some cleanup and fine work: added information about "-b"
   56 		parameter to the help output. Added "!" to the list of
   57 		allowed characters in urls.
   58 2008-07-14	Fixed bug40: When an url ended in "://" squidGuard crashed.
   59 		This has been fixed (the end of the url is now tested).
   60 		Fixed bug39: squid was complaining about stdout messages from 
   61 		squidGuard during the db update as a result of the progress
   62 		bar output. The output has been moved to stderr.
   63 2008-07-11	Added a switch to turn on the progress bar. The old default
   64 		behaviour has been restored to not show anything. To see the
   65 		progress of the compilation of the db files, use the command
   66 			squidGuard -b
   67 		(-b for "bar" - the progressbar).
   68 2008-07-05	Fixed bug 37: The sample block script squidGuard.cgi has been
   69 		rewritten to fix some bugs (basically warnings due to old perl
   70 		syntax but problem with the language selection as well) and to
   71 		enable an easier integration of additional languages. If a new
   72 		language shall be supported create a babel file the same way
   73 		the others are build and add the language to the supported hash
   74 		in squidGuard.cgi. The location of the babel files is the same
   75 		as for squidGuard.cgi. If you want to change the location change
   76 		the path in squidGuard.cgi (line 298).
   77 		The layout of the block page has been improved a bit as well.
   78 		Fixed bug 23: Syntax error when using "~" in redirect statement.
   79 		The "~" was not in the list of allowed characters for the
   80 		redirect url.
   81 		Fixed bug 34: On some system y.tab.c and y.tab.h were not properly
   82 		created although bison was installed. This led to errors during
   83 		compilation. If now no _executable_ bison is found, make copies
   84 		the files over. The prepared files have been updated, too.
   85 2008-06-13	Fixed bug 38: Bypass vulnerability using trailing dots. This 
   86 		problem only occurs when squid 3.0 is used. Squid 2.6 removes
   87 		trailing dots from domains before passing them to squidGuard.
   88 2008-05-17	Removed the automatic download of the documentation when running
   89 		"make install". From now on the documentation will be updated as
   90 		part of the release.
   91 2008-05-15	Corrected bugs 31 and 35: The "make install" command now tests
   92 		if the directory of the configuration file exists. If it is not
   93 		existing, the directory is created. 
   94 		If flex/lex is not installed "make" gave errors instead of just
   95 		copying the prepared flex file. If no flex/lex is found during
   96 		the configure run, "make" checks again and copies the prepared
   97 		file now fine.
   98 2008-04-18	Added MySQL support for authentication based on a patch from
   99 		Chris Fletcher (thank you). (bug 19.) Tested with MySQL 5.0.
  100 		To use MySQL configure must be started with the new option
  101 		"--with-mysql". If MySQL is not installed under   /usr   or 
  102 		/usr/local   you can specify a directory with this option. The
  103 		database is assumed to be configured on localhost.
  104 		Four new statements are required for MySQL support in the 
  105 		configuration file: 
  106 		mysqlusername (user to connect to the database)
  107 		mysqlpassword (password to authenticate 'mysqlusername')
  108 		mysqldb (database to use within mysql)
  109 		userquery (the sql query WITHOUT the trailing ';')
  110 2008-04-16	Fixed configure.in to comply with the autoconf standard and
  111 		produced an updated version of configure. As a result a couple
  112 		of configure options changed their syntax:
  113 		. to set the squid runtime user use --with-squiduser=<username>
  114 		  (default is "squid")
  115 		. to suppress log messages except for start and stop messages
  116 		  use:  --with-nolog=yes  (default is "no").
  117 2008-03-12      Fixed broken "make test" (bug 17).
  118 		Adjusted version.h.
  119 2008-03-12	Added new runtime parameter "-P". This parameter changes
  120 		the default behaviour from stop (emergency mode) to pass
  121 		when an error in building the database files occurs. So
  122 		this parameter only works in connection with the runtime
  123 		paramter "-C". Before using "-P" in your environment
  124 		make sure that nothing breakes when the building of the
  125 		db files fail.
  126 2008-01-19	Included some changes of a set of patches collated or 
  127 		developed by Chris Pates and Iain Fothegill of the CLEO 
  128 		Systems at Lancaster University
  129 2007-12-31	Added Spanish translation to squidGuard.cgi (thank you, Samuel
  130 		García for the translation) (bug 26).
  133 Release 1.3
  134 2007-09-19	Included configurable logging. New configure option --nolog
  135 		suppress all runtime logmessages. Start and stop is still logged.
  136 		Default behaviour is now to log the non debug messages except
  137 		when the runtime option -d is supplied to squidGuard. May need
  138 		some more finetuning in later versions. (bug 11)
  139 		Made some slight changes to the outdated FAQ file.
  140 2007-09-13	Modified auth code to work with and without ldap (choosing
  141 		subroutine rfc1738_unescape or sgFindUser in sg.y.in)
  142 2007-08-20	Corrected include statement in sg.h.in.
  143 2007-07-16	Added patch by Marc Clayton to include a progressbar to the
  144 	 	build of the database files (bug 6).
  145 2007-07-01	Added patch by Eric Harrison to enable full sed compliance
  146 		to rewrite statements (bug 7).
  147 2007-06-02	Corrected missing evaluation of configure parameters for
  148 		logdir, dbhome and config file (bug 11).
  149 2007-05-25	Added patch from satish to block urls entries that include
  150 		hostnames (bug 4).
  151 2007-05-20	Fixed broken regex evaluation (bug 12)
  152 		Fixed a compile problem on some systems (bug 10).
  153 2007-05-10	Corrected an issue with the fix for the double
  154 		slash vulnerability (incorrectly found double
  155 		slashes) (bug 1). 
  158 Release 1.2.1
  159 2007-04-10      Fixed multiple slash bypass vulnerabilty.
  160 2007-03-17	Fixed some bugs in squidGuard-simple.cgi and added a
  161 		German version of it.
  162 2007-03-16	Fixed encoding bypass vulnerabilty.
  163 2007-03-16	Updated y.tab.c.bison and y.tab.h.bison to the recent
  164 		version.
  165 2007-02-02	Fixed bug in user authentication.
  166 2007-01-20	Fixed some typos which broke compilation on Sun Solaris
  167 		when using the Sun CC compiler.
  168 2007-01-12	Corrected unproper evaluated if-clause, which broke the
  169 		BerkeleyDB 2 compatibility.
  170 		Fixed minor typo in samples/Makefile.in.
  171 2006-12-29	Replaced the sleepycat links from the configure program with
  172 		the oracle links.
  173 		Corrected typo in Makefile.in.
  174 2006-12-16	Removed a stupid bug from the Makefile in the docs directory.
  175 2006-12-10	Removed references to squidguard.org in Makefile.in in the
  176 		Doc directory (squidguard.org is down).
  177 		Added ISSUES.txt file about known problem with the current
  178 		code (any information that is missing and should go in there
  179 		is gladly welcomed).
  180 2006-06-17	Release now supports LDAP queries for authentication:
  181 		Added Chris Frey's ldap patches and fixes (03, 05, 06,
  182 		07 and 10; Patches from:
  183 		http://www.netdirect.ca/software/category.php?cat=SquidGuard).
  184 		The LDAP feature can be included during the configure run
  185 		by setting --with-ldap. Per default ldap support will not
  186 		be compiled in.
  187 		Added a fix provided by Francesco Ranieri to solve an issue
  188 		with the (un)escaping of the authentication "domain%5cusername".
  190 Patch Release 1.2.0p3
  192 2005-12-09	Modfied configure Skript to allow to specify the name of 
  193 		the useraccount the squid cache is using.
  194 		Modified Makefile.in that during the installation the
  195 		necessary squidGuard directories are created if they are
  196 		not existing. Additionally a default configuration file
  197 		will be copied to the default location for squidGuard unless
  198 		an old one is found there. 
  200 Patch Release 1.2.0p2
  202 2005-10-13	Added Adam Gorski's bugfix to correct a a null pointer access
  203 	 	bug in logging.
  204 		Added Chris Freys bugfix a bug where it won't search the url
  205 		db if the domain db is empty. 
  206 		Added Chris Frey's buffer overflow checks (except for commenting
  207 		out the part from line 446 to 470 in sgDb.c).
  208 		(Patches from: 
  209 		http://www.netdirect.ca/software/category.php?cat=SquidGuard)
  211 Patch Release 1.2.0p1
  213 2005-10-11      Added support for Berkeley DB 4.x
  215 Changes in release 1.2.0:
  217 2001-06-01	The source block takes a new argument: continue. With this
  218 		command an ipaddress or user can be configured in serval 
  219 		sourceblocks. If a client is found but not blocked, squidGuard
  220 		will continue to search in the next source block, if the 
  221 		continue command is defined. Thanks to Valentin Chopov 
  222 		<valentin@valcho.net> for the patch
  223 2001-06-01	Fixed configure.in so that it detects the supported
  224 		db lib.
  225 2001-05-15 	Userquota: userqouta <seconds> <sporadic> <renew>
  226 		<renew> can be hourly|dayly|weekly|seconds. <sporadic>
  227 		if a request comes within the number of seconds given
  228 		in the sporadic field the remaining time of the user will
  229 		decrease. userquota 3600 60 14400, gives the user one hour
  230 		surfing every 4th hour. If a user have a pause for more 
  231 		than a minute, the used timed does not increase.
  233 		userquota 3600 0 14400, gives the user one hour surfing
  234 		every 4th hour. userquota 3600 0 daily gies the user
  235 		one hour surfing a day.
  236 2001-05-11	Userquota. In an source block you can now write 
  237 		"userquota seconds hourly|daily|weekly". This meens that
  238 		a timer starts ticking when a user access an url. The user
  239 		is blocked when the time is used up. The user does not get
  240 		access until the next hour,day or week. userquota 3600 daily,
  241 		gives the user one hour surfing a day. 
  242 2001-03-02	Support for 3.2.* version of BerkleyDB. Previous version of
  243 		bdb 3.* is not suported. SquidGuard is still 2.7.7 compatible.
  244 		configure will check for vallid versions of bdb. (leh)
  246 Changes in release 1.1.5:
  248 2000-04-25	Removed dependency on LYNX in doc/Makefile.in. This should
  249 		make reported /bin/false dependency problems on some
  250 		platforms go away. (pb)
  252 Changes in release 1.1.4:
  254 2000-03-29	the %xx codes for whitespaces and newlines in the url, is not
  255 		decoded (0x20, 0x09, 0x0a and 0x0d) (leh) 
  256 2000-03-27	old .db files is now truncated (with the DB_TRUNCATE flagg) 
  257 		instead of removed (with unlink syscall) when running with the
  258 		-C option. defined() can now return DB_NOTFOUND. DB_NOTFOUND
  259 		from defined() indicates an empty database (leh)
  260 2000-03-27      %f in redirects will expand to file part of the url (leh)
  261 2000-03-27      the sgReloadConfig moved to the end of the while loop (leh)
  262 2000-03-21	sgReloadConfig uses execve instead of execvp, hopefully
  263 		solving exec problems with FreeBSD systems (leh)
  264 2000-03-21	squidGuard logs the version number when starting (leh)
  265 2000-03-21	squidGuard -C will not make .db files with no content (leh)
  266 2000-03-21	sgSourceIpList, sgSourceUserList and sgReadConfig now closes
  267 		open filehandle (leh)
  268 2000-03-21	sgReloadConfig closes the logfile and all DBs before exec(leh)
  269 2000-03-21	a sigHUP only sets a flag, sgReloadConfig is then called in the
  270 		main loop (leh)
  271 2000-03-21	the %u macro is not affected by the %xx decoding (leh)
  272 2000-03-09	uses sigaction() instead of signal() for masking the HUP 
  273 		signal, With signal() the HUP signal would only work once 
  274 		(on FreeBSD and Linux systems) (leh)	
  275 2000-03-09	squidGuard would core when no pass statement was defined
  276 		in an acl block (specially when expanding the %t macro in the 
  277 		redirect statement) (leh)
  278 2000-03-07	leading spaces in the redirect field in destination files 
  279 		are removed. Defined RM = rm -f in Makefiles.in (Not defined
  280 		on FreeBSD 3.4) Thanks to Michail Vidiassov 
  281 		<master@iaas.msu.ru> for patch (leh)
  283 Changes in release 1.1.3:
  285 2000-03-06	ident information is processed in lowercase (leh)
  286 2000-02-25	On the fly update should work, and small a change to usage(leh)
  287 2000-02-24	Contributed contrib/hostbyname (pb)
  288 2000-02-07	Fixed fopen mode when opening logfiles from "at" ??? to
  289 		"a"ppend. (leh)
  290 2000-02-07	Fixed db_open to use DB_RDONLY when DB_CREATE 
  291 		isn't necessary. (pb)
  292 2000-02-01	speeding up the code of 2000-01-27 (and removed a small 
  293 		case bug) (leh)
  294 2000-01-27	the url is %xx decoded, test data is updated (leh) 
  296 Changes in release 1.1.2:
  298 1999-12-27	now ip, and
  299 		works as expected. Thanks to bert_driehuis@nl.compuware.com 
  300 		and driehuis@playbeing.org for fix (leh)
  301 1999-12-20	A crash caused by operating *p++ on a static string (leh)
  302 1999-12-20	BSD/OS doesn't have SA_NODEFER (leh)
  303 1999-12-07	two redirect bugs in sgDb.c  defined() function fixed (leh)
  305 Changes in release 1.1.1:
  307 1999-11-02	fixed possible problem in the time scheduler when internal
  308 		clock has been changed by some external source like ntp (leh)
  309 1999-10-29      You can now define more than one timerange on a line in 
  310                 the configfile: date 1999-*-* 08:00-09:00 16:00-18:00. So
  311                 now, at last is the doc right. Thanks to Andrew (red@skazna.ru)
  312 		for patch (leh)
  313 1999-10-25	fixed small bug with url lists. If an url was not found in db
  314 		sg would find the first entry in the db insted of the last(leh)
  315 1999-10-25	fixed problems with tabs in acl block (leh)
  316 1999-10-01	removed the restriction on redefinition of acl in the acl block
  317 		so you can write something like 
  319 		acl {
  320 			clients within weekend { pass any }
  321 			clients within holidays { pass none  }
  322 		} (leh)
  323 1999-09-30      All rewrites now works on the original url not the
  324 		stripped version. (leh)
  325 1999-09-24      SquidGuard now goes into emergency mode if default acl is 
  326                 missing in the configfile (leh)
  327 1999-09-24      logfile will be placed relative to logdir (leh)
  328 1999-09-23      cleanup in the regexp functions. You can now use the @g switch
  329                 to substitute all occurences of a string. Uptil now only the
  330                 first one would be substituted (leh)
  331 1999-09-21	fixed a bug with cidr/mask notation in iplist and a bug 
  332 		where /32 notation where not recognized in both ip and 
  333 		iplist. (leh)
  334 1999-09-17      .db files will be opened with 644 mode (664 mode prev) (leh)
  335 1999-09-17      fixed rewrite logging, the request log is now on the 
  336 		format: Request(src/dest/rew) url src/domain ident method (leh)
  337 1999-09-13      fixed bug in the domainCompare function. Thanks again
  338                 to Fabrice Prigent's contribution (leh)
  339 1999-09-13	added sgclean perl script. Use it to remove redudant entries
  340 		in domain and url files. Look in the contrib dir (leh) 
  341 1999-09-10	fixed bug in string returned to squid during rewrite (leh)
  343 Changes in release 1.1.0:
  345 1999-08-24	Brought the doc up to date. (pb)
  347 Changes in release 1.1.0.beta1:
  349 1999-08-23	fixed bug with userlists. squidGuard used wrongly DB_SET_RANGE 
  350 		flag when searching for users. Thanks to Joseph Lesko
  351                 <joe@nationnet.com> for patch. (leh)
  352 1999-08-06      A redirect string now expands %p to the path part of an url.
  353                 So you could do something like this in a url file: 
  354                 ftp.linux.org/kernel/v2 ftp.yournet.com/%p (Thanks again to 
  355                 Jiri A. Randus pointing out the need of %p) (leh)
  356 1999-08-05      squidGuard will now save case in the url when doing rewrite,
  357                 and the %u macro will now expand to the original url instead
  358 		of the lowercase version (Thanks to Jiri A. Randus 
  359 		(Jiri.Randus@inway.cz) for finding this bug) (leh)
  360 1999-08-05      fixed seg fault bug in the rewrite function (Thanks to
  361                 Jiri A. Randus (Jiri.Randus@inway.cz) for patch) (leh)
  362 1999-08-02	autoconf now uses /usr/local/BerkleyDB instead of 
  363 		$prefix/BerkleyDB. use --with-db=DIR to change location.(leh)
  364 1999-07-30      seg fault bug fixed, seg faulted if lines in expressionlists
  365 	 	didn't have newline (!) (leh)
  366 1999-07-26	updated usage function (leh)
  367 1999-07-26	Two new switches to squidGuard -u and -C. If squidGuard is 
  368 		started with the "-C block" argument. squidGuard will make
  369 		a .db files out of the domain/url files belonging to that
  370 		destination block. An existsing .db file will be removed before
  371 		a new file is created. The argument "-C all" will create .db
  372 		files for all domain/url files found (look at the fix of 
  373 		1999-06-15). 
  374 		If squidGuard is started with -u. SquidGuard will look for
  375 		.diff files in the directory where the domain/urls files
  376   		lies. squidGuard will add lines to the .db file if a line in 
  377 		the .diff begins with a '+', and remove it, if the line begins
  378 		with a '-'. (leh)
  379 1999-07-26	fix of 1999-06-21 broke the lexer so that an ip adresses 
  380 		begining with the number 3 would be parsed as a word not 
  381 		as an ipaddress. The lexer now uses states to fix this (leh)
  382 1999-07-26      squidGuard logs a error if a logfile command is inserted into
  383 		an acl other than "default". The logfile command should be
  384                 used in the source block instead.(leh) 
  385 1999-07-14	changed the parseLine function so it doesn't strip www|ftp 
  386                 when searching in the domain base. urls searches will be
  387 	        done with stripped url. (leh)
  388 1999-07-14	fixed small bug in parsing of date wildcard format, ignored 
  389                 dot as separator. Now dot and dash can be used (leh)
  390 1999-07-09	Removed trailing slashes for DEFAULT_LOGDIR and DEFAULT_DBHOME
  391 		in src/sg.h.in (pb)
  392 1999-06-28	Renamed the blacklists "blacklist" so people don't jump
  393 		too easy into wrong conclusions in case they get a glimpse
  394 		of your screen.. (pb)
  395 1999-06-21	Problems with redirects commands begining with 301|302:http...,
  396 		fixed regexp in sg.l to cope with this (leh) 
  397 1999-06-16	Added automatic fallback to prebuilt versions of y.tab.c,
  398 		y.tab.h and lex.yy.c to make it easier for those who have
  399 		problems with their yacc or lex (pb)
  400 1999-06-16	Added a prerelease of the squidGuardRobot in contrib (pb)
  401 1999-06-15	When loading urllist and domainlist squidGuard checks if a
  402 		.db file exists. If it does it will use the db
  403 		file instead of loading the textfile into memory. This will
  404 		speed up the initialization of squidGuard, and limit the
  405 		memory usage. (leh)
  406 1999-06-15	Fixed a bug with empty dest blocks, and dest blocks under time
  407 		control. Pre 1.1 an empty destblock would stop further 
  408 		checks of the pass statment. Now an empty destblock will be 
  409 		ignored	(leh)
  410 1999-06-10	Added French texts to samples/squidGuard.cgi thanks to
  411 		Fabrice Prigent (pb)
  412 1999-06-09	Changed all functions and prototypes to start support for
  413 		both ANSI and old K&R C (pb)
  414 1999-06-09	Added own yywrap() (pb)
  416 Changes in release 1.0.0:
  418 1999-06-07	squidGuard skips chars after the first ':' in an userlist.
  419 		You can use this for something like: userlist /etc/passwd (leh)
  421 Changes in release 1.0.0.beta3:
  423 1999-06-03	Changed the test requestst to be more realistic. (pb)
  424 1999-06-02	squdiGuard takes a new commandline argument:
  425 		-t yyyy-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS, and uses the value to -t in every
  426 		time calculation in squidGuard. With this you can easily 
  427 		test your time blocks without altering the config all the 
  428 		time. (leh)
  430 Changes in release 1.0.0.beta2:
  432 1999-05-31	The default acl block can take a log|logfile argument (leH)
  433 1999-05-31	A substitution in a rewrite block now can take a [rR]
  434 		argument in addition to [i]. With the lowercase r 
  435 		squidGuard will return an 302 (redirect temporarily) code
  436 		in front of the rewritten url. And an 301 (redirect permanent) 
  437 		with the uppercase R. (leh)
  438 1999-05-28	A src block can have a "userlist filename" command. (leh)
  439 1999-05-27	More cleaning in Makefiles.in and configure.in
  440 		Removed less portable :sh= dependencies
  441 		Added make tar (pb)
  442 1999-05-26	Completed the documentation (pb)
  443 1999-05-26	The global logfunctions now uses the same logfunctions 
  444 		that the logfile command in the configfile. This means 
  445 		one open filedescriptor per file. The file is also open
  446 		for writing aslong as squidGuard is running. (leh)
  447 1999-05-26	/dev/null as configfile will pass all (not seg fault) (leh)
  448 1999-05-25	configure now takes --with-sg-dbhome=DIR argument (leh)
  449 1999-05-20	src blocks can have a "iplist filename" command where the
  450 		ipaddresses of a src block is stored in the file "filename". 
  451 		The file can look like this:
  452 		#
  453 		# iplist file for the admin src block
  454 		#
  455 # the managers
  456	# the servers
  457 #the rest		  (leh)
  458 1999-05-20	Added time support for the rewrite block (leh)
  459 1999-05-20	Added new log functionality. The source, destination and
  460 		rewrite blocks now take log|logfile commands. You can 
  461 		write 
  462 		src client {
  463 			    user root
  464 			    log anonymous /log/client.log
  465 		}
  467 		squidGuard will then log every redirects triggered by
  468 		the user root. The ident entry in the logfile will be "-". (leh)
  469 1999-05-19	dbfiles can have #comments (leh)
  470 1999-05-18	removed the hostpart stripping functionality from version 
  471 		0.0.9. Now only www[0-9]*, web[0-9]* and ftp[0-9]* will
  472 		be stripped from the hostpart of an url. (leh)
  473 1999-05-18	empty src blocks made some problems. Every src/dest block
  474 		is now terminated with a call to sgSourceEnd/sgDestEnd. The
  475 		functions check if a block is empty, and sets it to
  476 		innactive if that's the case. (leh)
  477 1999-05-18	fixed some very dangerous memmory allocations. I forgot to add
  478 		1 to some of the strlen() calls. Thanks to Bruce Perens's
  479 		tool ElectricFence, for findig these ugly bugs so fast. (leh)
  480 1999-05-16	Added test and benchmark suite (pb)
  481 1999-05-16	Added test and benchmark suite (pb)
  482 1999-05-16	Added time logging for start, ready and stop to main.c (pb)
  483 1999-05-16	Reorganized the doc source in split files with
  484 		server side include (pb)
  485 1999-05-15	Added update uption and did some cleanup in the Makefiles.
  486 		Cleanup in the new samples/squidGuard.cgi. Now with
  487 		prototypes (pb)
  488 1999-05-12	Written a new heavily improved samples/squidGuard.cgi with
  489 		strict perl, subroutines, reverse lookup on
  490 		targetgroup=in-addr with optional auto redirect on 1-1 or
  491 		1-N match, configurable multilingual messages and more.
  492 		Saved the old samples/squidGuard.cgi to
  493 		samples/squidGuard-simple.cgi as a simpler more straight
  494 		forward example (pb)
  495 1999-05-11	INSTALL now points to the online doc (pb)
  496 1999-05-11	Added make options dist, distribution, version,
  497 		readme and changelog (pb)
  498 1999-05-11	Added automatic update facility for doc/* from the
  499 		online versions via lynx (pb)
  500 1999-05-11	Renamed contrib/blocked.cgi samples/squidGuard.cgi (pb)
  501 1999-05-11	Done some code cleanup in contrib/blocked.cgi (pb)
  502 1999-05-11	Added in-addr hook in contrib/blocked.cgi (pb)
  503 1999-05-11	Added expires header in contrib/blocked.cgi (pb)
  504 1999-05-11	Fixed a minor (cosmetic) bug in sgParseRedirect
  505 		targetclass token %t now expands to
  506 		destgroup|none|in-addr|unknown (leh)
  508 Changes in release 1.0.0.beta1:
  510 1999-05-10	Added the latest documentation to the doc/ directory (pb)
  511 1999-05-10	Removed the out of date documentation from the README file (pb)
  512 1999-05-05	Removed the two last calls to scanf in parseLine (leh)
  513 1999-05-05	Rewrite will now fallback to the default acl's rewrite (leh)
  514 1999-05-05	Empty dbs will now be removed from memory. (leh) 
  515 1999-04-23	Exchanged four strcmp functioncalls in sgAclAccess, with 
  516 		two integer tests (leh)
  517 1999-04-21	Fixed minor bug in sgParseRedirect targetclass token %t
  518 		now expands to any,none and ipaddress (leh)
  519 1999-04-21	The pass command in an acl block got a new predefined
  520 		destination token "in-addr"
  522 		acl lan {
  523 			pass good !in-addr !adult any
  524 		}
  526 		all urls witch is not found in good or adult and the
  527 		hostpart is an ipaddress will be stopped. If the url does
  528 		not contains an ipaddress then squidGuard will continue
  529 		with the next token ("any" in this example) (leh)
  531 1999-04-30	New time function: (leh)
  533 		The config file can now take a new object; time <name> 
  535 		The time object has to be configured before the src and
  536 		dest blocks 
  538 		time workhours {
  539 			weekly mtwhf	 08:00 - 16:00
  540 			1999-12-24	 08:00 - 12:00
  541 			1999-06-10 - 1999-06-20
  542 			*-*-01		 08:00 - 16:00 # every first in month
  543 			*-05-17		 08:00 - 16:00 # every 17 may
  544 		}
  546 		the workhours object can now be used in the src and dest
  547 		block like this:
  549 		src lan {
  550 			ip ....
  551 			within workhours
  552 		}	 
  554 		dest good {
  555 			urllist -
  556 			outside workhours
  557 		}
  559 		or in the acl block
  561 		acl {
  562 			lan within workhours {
  563 				pass good !ipaddress !adult any
  564 			} else {
  565 				pass any
  566 			}
  568 			default {
  569 				....
  570 			}
  571 		 }
  573 Changes in release 0.9.11:
  575 1999-05-18	Added some ; in the yacc code, so yacc, not only bison
  576 		can compile. (leh)
  578 Changes in release 0.9.10:
  580 1999-04-07	If protocol is https squids sends a line to squidGuard
  581 		without the https:// in the url. Pre 0.9.10 squidGuard would 
  582 		skip the line and log an error. Now squidGuard sets the 
  583 		protocol to "unknown", and continues to parse the rest of the
  584 		line (leh)
  585 1999-03-31	fixed bug in parseLine (leh)
  587 Changes in release 0.9.9:
  589 1999-03-16	sgDbLoadTextFile will now strip user:pass, hostpart
  590 		and :port from the url before it's loaded into the db. So 
  591 		user:passwd@www.yyy.xxx.com:80/~some/index.html will be 
  592 		loaded as xxx.com/~some/index.html. The same goes for the 
  593 		strippedurl in the SquidInfo struct. If a line in the urllist
  594 		begins with a '.',  the hostpart of the url will be unchanged.
  595 		The line .abc.def.ghi.com:80/index.html in a urllist textfile 
  596 		will be loaded as abc.def.ghi.com/index.html (leh)
  598 Changes in release 0.9.8:
  600 1999-03-15	Rewrite of the function parsing the url from squid.
  601 		the function will now take an url like
  602 		http://user:passwd@www.xxx.com:80/index.html 
  603 		and normalize it to xxx.com (used in domainlist searches) 
  604 		and xxx.com:80/index.html (used in urllist searches) (leh)
  605 1999-03-15	squidGuard will only lowercase the urlpart of the line
  606 		squid sends to squidGuard (GET where converted to get 
  607 		pre 0.9.8) (leh)
  608 1999-03-12	Fixed bug in sgStrRncmp (leh)
  610 Changes in release 0.9.7:
  612 1999-03-10	Attempt to fix a problem with domains like xxx.com 
  613 		and xxxx.com in domainfiles. Pre 0.9.7 may not find
  614 		the url http://aaa.xxx.com/ (leh)
  615 1999-03-09	Domain/url files can have trailing spaces (leh)
  616 1999-03-08	Any lines in domainfile or urlfile can have an optional 
  617 		redirect field after the key (separted by space or tab). (leh) 
  618 1999-03-08	A dest block can now take redirect and rewrite 
  619 		directives as in the acl block. If both redirect and
  620 		rewrite is defined only redirect will be used. Both
  621 		directives will be triggered if one of domainlist, urllist
  622 		or expressionlist matches whith the destination url (leh)
  623 1999-03-08	squidGuard -v shows, beside the squidGuard version,
  624 		the BerkleyDB version (leh)
  625 1999-03-08	sgDbLoadTextFile and sgDestExpressionList now removes ^M 
  626 		from end of line (leh)
  628 Changes in release 0.9.6:
  630 1999-02-24	Fixed bugs in sgLog.c (leh)
  631 1999-02-23	Fixed bug in configure.in checking db_version. (leh)
  632 1999-02-23	Default location of configfile is now	
  633 		prefix/squidGuard/squidGuard.conf. You can change this	
  634 		--with-sg-config= argument to configure. (leh)
  636 Changes in release 0.9.5:
  638 1999-02-22	Fixed  a bug in our reverse-string-compare functions
  639 		Thanks to Gary Lindstrom (gplindstrom@exodus.nnc.edu)
  640 		for the patch (leh)
  641 1999-02-22	Now with configure script. Removed regex-0.12
  642 		distribution. Using native regexlib instead.
  643 1999-02-22	Changes in the directory structure (leh)
  644 1999-02-22	Fixed a couple of compiler warnings (leh)
  646 Changes in release 0.9.4:
  648 1999-02-01	Some minor changes in the README file (pb)
  649 1999-02-01	Somewhat stronger check of lines from squid (leh)
  650 1999-02-01	Db and Lines from squid is convertet to lowercase (leh)
  651 1999-02-01	Support for db-2.6.4 (leh)
  653 Changes in release 0.9.3:
  655 1999-01-04	Updated the sample adult database and README (pb)
  656 1998-12-18	Added Lex/Flex choice in the Makefile (pb)
  658 Changes in release 0.9.2:
  660 1998-12-07	Removed unnecessary lib dependencies from the Makefile (pb)
  661 		Added a more useful sample adult database (pb)
  662 		Changed sample.conf accordingly (pb)
  664 1998-10-18	Changed the sgLog time format to "%Y-%m-%d %T" (pb)
  666 Changes in release 0.9.1:
  668 1998-10-12	Fixed problems with db 2.4.14 (leh)
  669 		Added version.h (pb)
  670 		Added -v option to print version number and exit (pb)