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    1   - Ide.php is a web-based editor for quick development of server-side code.
    3   - Ide.php requires PHP version 4 or higher.
    5   - Ide.php is distributed under GPL, "the GNU General Public License"
    6     A copy of this license should be included in this distribution, "license.txt"
    8   - Ide.php was written by Johan Ekenberg, johan@ekenberg.se
    9     For questions regarding Ide.php, please use: ide.php@ekenberg.se
   11   - Documentation is included with the distribution, filename: "about_ide.php".
   12     Please pay extra attention to the section on security!
   15   - The Ide.php homepage is at http://www.ekenberg.se/php/ide
   16   - The PHP homepage is at http://www.php.net