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    1 2000-06-02  Fixed bug when saving templates. Erase the file "ide.php.conf" if you're upgrading from version 1.0.
    2 2000-06-02  Added line numbers to "Fancy view".
    3 2000-06-03  Added 'Options' page
    4 2000-06-03  Added 'About' page
    5 2000-06-10  Added option - 'Protect entities'. Makes IE4/5 handle > etc correctly in the code window
    6 2000-06-12  New feature - IDE.PHP can now be used to develop any server-side code, including CGI!
    7 2000-06-12  Added options to edit suffix list (to control in which context code is evaluated, - ".php .html .cgi" etc)
    8 2000-06-12  Added options to control file permissions and newline characters, necessary for CGI on UNIX
    9 2000-07-16  Added option to save username & password. Needed for 'Fancy view' when using password protection.
   10 2000-07-16  Fixed minor bug when using </TEXTAREA>.
   11 2001-08-28  Fixed a few bugs, saving files and template with </TEXTAREA> etc.
   12 2002-04-09  Several bugfixes. tar.gz now expands in a version specific subdirectory
   13 2004-08-21  Bugfix: you can now save files named "0" (zero) in your data-dir without crashes (...)
   14 2009-09-28  Updated code for compatibility with php 5.2