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    2 ==================================
    4 This version brings AS12.1 and AS14 protocol to your Z-Push installation. Both
    5 protocols aim to lower the battery usage. Furthermore AS14 brings SMS Sync 
    6 possibilities. These functionality works currently with ics backend and is not
    7 included in other backends. In other backends it could break the sync if you 
    8 enable the sync of SMS items on your device. If you would like to have SMS messages
    9 propper shown in your Inbox with Webaccess you need to apply one of my patches for
   10 Zarafa Webaccess. Since I could not test everything but the version for me behaves
   11 quite stable it got commited as of 28.02.2010 but please keep in mind that I 
   12 myself say that this version is highly experimental and contains for sure bugs. 
   13 Maybe even serious once that I did not find during my development / testings. Use
   14 this version on your own risk and please prepare backups of your data!
   16 If you simply need HTML on Win Mob devices or Server Searches on your device, 
   17 please use the AS12 Branch that is much more stable than this AS12.1 one!
   19 Windows Mobile 6.1 devices could be brought to AS14 protocol level by installing
   20 https://update.outlook.com/cabs/OutlookLiveSetup.cab from Microsoft. The cab is
   21 the one thing to install. Device after installation downloads additional data from
   22 Microsoft so please take care about how you download this if you don't have a data
   23 plan for your mobile contract!
   25 The changes in protocol made it necessary to enhance the StateMachine class. Due
   26 to this change and since I found it personally a bit difficult to keep the state 
   27 folder clean, I decided to write the state and device specific files to device id
   28 named folders. The device id never the less is unique and needs to be unique
   29 so this should not bring problem. Advantage from this is that since there are not 
   30 that many files in each folder that some routines run quicker. Especially in big 
   31 installations this should bring advantages. Disadvantage is that you have to resync
   32 all devices but this never the less occurs since the version contains routines to
   33 bring devices to their optimum protocol level but please keep in mind that if you
   34 intend to go back to an older Z-Push Version you need to resync all your devices!
   36 If you would simply like to try this version please do it seperate from your 
   37 production z-push installation . This can be achived by installing this Z-Push 
   38 version to a seperate v-host. Afterwards do a complete resync of your device 
   39 (and devices you'd like to test this version for compatibility) with the new 
   40 instance. If everything works fine feel free to use this version for production on
   41 your own risk.
   43 Please take the above serious since I don't have test lab environment. I can only 
   44 test things with emulators (and I do so with Win Mobile 5.0-6.5, Palm Pre 1.2-1.3,
   45 Android 1.2). Other real emulators with enabled Mail Push I didn't found out until 
   46 now. If you have one, please send me the download link ;-). For real devices I 
   47 currently test on Eton GloFish, T-Mobile MDA Vario 5, Nokia E51 with MfE 2.9.258,
   48 HTC 4350. In general I use Zarafa 6.30 series with the latest Beta for Backend tests. 
   50 You still can use the production server as the data source but please keep in mind 
   51 that this could bring problems to your data (although I never experienced this 
   52 until now!). 
   54 If you experience problems, please include debug.txt file with switched on wbxml 
   55 output and report bug either to forum or ask in IRC channel #zarafa for my email 
   56 address. Same applies if you have questions about this version - simply contact
   57 me.
   59 dw2412
   61 Installing Z-Push
   62 ======================
   64 Requirements
   65 ------------
   67 Z-Push runs on either PHP4 or PHP5 but requires the 'Mail' package from
   68 PEAR, so you may need to install the php-pear package on your system if it
   69 has not been preinstalled.
   70 NOTE: beginning with the version 1.2.2RC z-push includes RFC822.php file, so
   71 'Mail' package is no longer required.
   73 On some systems, this means you must install the 'php-pear' AND the
   74 'php-mail' packages, or the packages may even be called something completely
   75 different. In the end, you're looking for the package with RFC822.php in it.
   78 How to install
   79 --------------
   81 To Install Z-Push, simply untar the z-push tar to your webroot,
   82 e.g. with
   84 tar -xzvf z-push-<version>.tar.gz -C /var/www
   86 Now, edit the config.php file in the directory to reflect your local system.
   87 For MAPI use with Zarafa, you needn't change any settings and should work
   88 as-is.
   90 Please also set your timezone in the config.php file.
   91 If you don't want to use the Zarafa backend, please move the backend/ics.php 
   92 file to another folder or delete it. Otherwise, errors regarding the 
   93 php-mapi extension will be displayed.
   95 Make sure that the 'state' directory is writeable for your webserver
   96 process, so either change the owner of the 'state' directory to the UID of
   97 your apache process, or make the directory world writeable:
   99 chmod 777 /var/www/z-push/state
  101 Now, you must configure Apache to redirect the URL
  102 'Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync' to the index.php file in the Z-Push
  103 directory. This can be done by adding the line
  105 Alias /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync /var/www/z-push/index.php
  107 to your httpd.conf file. Make sure that you are adding the line to the
  108 correct part of your Apache configuration, taking care of virtual hosts and
  109 other Apache configurations.
  111 *WARNING* You CANNOT simply rename the z-push directory to
  112 Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync. This will cause Apache to send redirects to the
  113 PDA, which will definitely break your PDA synchronisation.
  115 Lastly, make sure that PHP has the following settings:
  117 php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off
  118 php_flag register_globals off
  119 php_flag magic_quotes_runtime off
  120 php_flag short_open_tag on
  122 You can set this in the httpd.conf, in php.ini or in an .htaccess file in
  123 the root of z-push. If you don't set this up correctly, you will not be
  124 able to login correctly via z-push.
  126 After doing this, you should be able to synchronize from your PDA.
  128 Setting up your PocketPC
  129 ------------------------
  131 This is simply a case of adding an 'exchange server' to your activesync
  132 server list, specifying the IP address of the Z-Push apache server,
  133 disabling SSL, unless you have already setup SSL on your Apache server,
  134 setting the correct username & password (the domain is ignored, you can
  135 simply specify 'domain' or some other random string), and then going through
  136 the standard activesync settings.
  138 Once you have done this, you should be able to synchronise your PocketPC
  139 simply by clicking the 'Sync' button in ActiveSync on your PocketPC.
  141 Troubleshooting
  142 ---------------
  144 Most problems will be caused by incorrect Apache settings. To test whether
  145 your Apache setup is working correctly, you can simply type the Z-Push URL
  146 in your browser, to see if apache is correctly redirecting your request to
  147 z-push. You can simply use:
  149 http://<serverip>/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync
  151 If correctly configured, you should see a username/password request, and
  152 when you specify a valid username & password, you should see a string like
  154 "Your device requested the Z-Push URL without the required GET parameters"
  156 If not, then check your PHP and Apache settings.
  158 If you have other synchronisation problems, you can create the file
  159 'debug.txt' in the root directory of z-push, which should also be
  160 world-writable:
  162 touch /var/www/z-push/debug.txt
  163 chmod 777 /var/www/z-push/debug.txt
  165 The debug.txt file will then collect debug information from your
  166 synchronisation.