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    1 Thanks to the following (in no particular order):
    3 Toby Deshane, for helping me with the tough areas of programming
    4 Daniel Stenberg, for writing curl (http://curl.haxx.se/)
    5 The authors of BASH, for some code (see extract.c)
    6 Bob Stout, for strrev (misc.c) obtained from http://www.brokersys.com/snippets/
    7 S.E. Margison and Robert B.Stout for most of remove_crud
    8 Johan Lindh, for memwatch (http://www.link-data.com/memwatch-2.64.tar.gz)
    9 Panagiotis Issaris, for the configure script, internationalisation support, 
   10 translations, bugfixes, testing, and rpm building
   11 Michael K. Hubbard, for rpm building
   12 henjin tai-sho <henjin@tai-sho.m4f.net>, for various patches
   13 Juan Ezquerro <arrase@gulcas.org>, for various patches
   14 Daniel Black <dragonheart@gentoo.org>, for patches and bug reports