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    1 BUGS:
    3 There are no known Bugs in the current Version. Please contact me if you
    4 found a bug.
    6 Known security holes in older releases:
    8 MINOR_SEC  v. 2.5.0   - 2.7.3   - XSS hole in pic.php
    9  CVE-2008-2075; It was possibly to execute HTML embedded script code
   10  in pic.php. (01-05-08)
   12 MINOR_SEC  v. 2.0.0   - 2.6.5   - webinterface remote DoS
   13  CVE-2007-1426; It was possibly to shut down these astrocam versions
   14  remote via webinterface if someone writes too much data in the 'a'
   15  variable, what fills up the message queue. Not exploitable, but DoS.
   16  (09-03-07)
   18 MAJOR_SEC  v. 0.9-1-1 - 1.4.0   - cgi-webinterface remote execution,
   19  CVE-2002-1874; This CVE version numbers are currently _incorrect_,
   20  The version numbers in this file are the correct ones!; It was
   21  possibly to execute commands using a simple webinterface attack.