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    1 <!-- $Id: doc_en.html,v 1.2 2005/11/05 12:35:37 aurb Exp $ -->
    2 <p>Documentation is not very exhaustive and clear yet, not to mention my
    3 poor English ;-)... But I hope you'll get the main ideas. I'm also planning
    4 to open a FAQ section after enough questions arrive via
    5 <a href="mailto:<val MAILME>" title="Mail author">e-mail</a>. I'd also be
    6 grateful if you'd report about any mistakes.</p>
    8 <ul><for P in PAGE.subpages>
    9  <li><a href="<val P.link>" title="<val P.title>"><val P.title></a></li></for>
   10 </ul>