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7.0.1 (2021-02-23)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGIX: Fix drag-n-drop upload of assets in media browser

This fixes parsing of the Fluid template on PHP 7.3+ so the upload URL is correctly set.

BUGFIX: Allow Neos.Media package to be installed without Neos

Moves the Neos.Neos reference from the Neos.Media routing configuration to the Neos package.

NOTE: This removes the Neos.Media route positioning, so that it depends solely on the package loading order.

To set the position explicitly, this configuration can be overridden with a few lines of Settings.yaml, for example:

`yaml Neos: Flow: mvc: routes: 'Neos.Media': position: 'after Some.Package'`

BUGFIX: Prevent exception when shortcut nodes can't be resolved

Adjusts the FrontendNodeRoutePartHandler such that it doesn't throw an exception if the URL to a Shortcut node can't be resolved.

Instead the handler just won't handle this case, passing its handling on to the next route (usually leading to a NoMatchingRouteException when no custom route handles broken shortcuts).


When creating Shortcut nodes, the mode defaults to "first child node". If that new node is published without a child node, the shortcut points to a non-existing node which led to the exception.

BUGFIX: When copying nodes from another dimension, you are only allowed to re-use the other node's identifier if the identifier never appears in the target dimension





## Root Cause

ContentRepository Node.php createRecursiveCopy() checks only in the current context whether the target node identifier exists, and not taking deleted nodes into account.

## Affected versions

What I did

How I did it

How to verify it

BUGFIX: Avoid possible exception during sitemap rendering

hen rendering the XML sitemap with Neos.Seo sometimes an exception occurs:

No operation which satisfies the runtime constraints found for "context"

See https://github.com/neos/neos-development-collection/issues/2968 for more details.

This change should fix that by returning null early, if there is no "current" node.

BUGFIX: Set ``alt`` attribute per default for ``Neos.Neos:ImageTag``

Add alt attribute (empty by default) for full HTML conformance with validity checkers. See https://www.w3.org/wiki/HTML/Usage/TextAlternatives

Bonus effect: Since screen readers will read the full file name when no alt attribute is set at all, this will improve accessibility. It is recommended to provide meaningful alternative texts for non-decorative images.

TASK: Add 7.0 ReleaseNotes

BUGFIX: Fix headline in release notes (5.2)

The headline "What has changed" is one level to high, so it will generate the wrong menu on the sidebar.

TASK: Tweak generated change log for 7.0.0

Detailed log