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ne_status — HTTP status structure


#include <ne_utils.h>

typedef struct {
    int major_version, minor_version;
    int code, klass;
    const char *reason_phrase;
} ne_status;


An ne_status type represents an HTTP response status; used in response messages giving a result of request. The major_version and minor_version fields give the HTTP version supported by the server issuing the response. The code field gives the status code of the result (lying between 100 and 999 inclusive), and the klass field gives the class[2], which is equal to the most significant digit of the status.

There are five classes of HTTP status code defined by RFC2616:


Informational response.


Success: the operation was successful




Client error: the request made was incorrect in some manner.


Server error

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[2] the field is named klass not class so that the header can be used from a C++ program, in which class is a reserved word)