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ne_get_response_header, ne_response_header_iterate — functions to access response headers


#include <ne_request.h>
const char *ne_get_response_header(ne_request *request,
 const char *name);
void *ne_response_header_iterate(ne_request *request,
 void *cursor,
 const char **name,
 const char **value);


To retrieve the value of a response header field, the ne_get_response_header function can be used, and is given the name of the header to return.

To iterate over all the response headers returned, the ne_response_header_iterate function can be used. This function takes a cursor parameter which should be NULL to retrieve the first header. The function stores the name and value of the next header header in the name and value parameters, and returns a new cursor pointer which can be passed to ne_response_header_iterate to retrieve the next header.

Return value

ne_get_response_header returns a string, or NULL if no header with that name was given. If used during request processing, the return value pointer is valid only until the next call to ne_begin_request, or else, until the request object is destroyed.

Likewise, the cursor, names, and values returned by ne_response_header_iterate are only valid until the next call to ne_begin_request or until the request object is destroyed.


The following code will output the value of the Last-Modified header for a resource:

ne_request *req = ne_request_create(sess, "GET", "/foo.txt");
if (ne_request_dispatch(req) == NE_OK) {
    const char *mtime = ne_get_response_header(req, "Last-Modified");
    if (mtime) {
        printf("/foo.txt has last-modified value %s\n", mtime);

See also

ne_request_create, ne_request_destroy.