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ne_set_request_body_buffer, ne_set_request_body_fd — include a message body with a request


#include <ne_request.h>
void ne_set_request_body_buffer(ne_request *req,
 const char *buf,
 size_t count);
int ne_set_request_body_fd(ne_request *req,
 int fd,
 ne_off_t begin,
 ne_off_t length);


The ne_set_request_body_buffer function specifies that a message body should be included with the body, which is stored in the count bytes buffer buf.

The ne_set_request_body_fd function can be used to include a message body with a request which is read from a file descriptor. The body is read from the file descriptor fd, which must be a associated with a seekable file (not a pipe, socket, or FIFO). count bytes are read, beginning at offset begin (hence, passing begin as zero means the body is read from the beginning of the file).

For all the above functions, the source of the request body must survive until the request has been dispatched; neither the memory buffer passed to ne_set_request_body_buffer nor the file descriptor passed to ne_set_request_body_fd are copied internally.

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