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ne_get_status — retrieve HTTP response status for request


#include <ne_request.h>
const ne_status *ne_get_status(const ne_request *request);


The ne_get_status function returns a pointer to the HTTP status object giving the result of a request. The object returned only becomes valid once the request has been successfully dispatched (the return value of ne_request_dispatch or ne_begin_request was zero). The object remains valid until the associated request object is destroyed.

See also

ne_status, ne_request_create


Display the response status code of applying the HEAD method to some resource.

ne_request *req = ne_request_create(sess, "HEAD", "/foo/bar");
if (ne_request_dispatch(req))
   /* handle errors... */
   printf("Response status code was %d\n", ne_get_status(req)->code);