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neon-config — script providing information about installed copy of neon library


neon-config [--prefix] [[--cflags] | [--libs] | [--la-file] | [--support feature] | [--help] | [--version]]


The neon-config script provides information about an installed copy of the neon library. The --cflags and --libs options instruct how to compile and link an application against the library; the --version and --support options can help determine whether the library meets the applications requirements.



Print the flags which should be passed to the C compiler when compiling object files, when the object files use neon header files.


Print the flags which should be passed to the linker when linking an application which uses the neon library


Print the location of the libtool library script, libneon.la, which can be used to link against neon by applications using libtool.


Print the version of the library

--prefix dir

If dir is given; relocate output of --cflags and --libs as if neon was installed in given prefix directory. Otherwise, print the installation prefix of the library.

--support feature

The script exits with success if feature is supported by the library.


Print help message; includes list of known features and whether they are supported or not.


Below is a Makefile fragment which could be used to build an application against an installed neon library, when the neon-config script can be found in $PATH.

CFLAGS = `neon-config --cflags`
LIBS = `neon-config --libs`
OBJECTS = myapp.o
TARGET = myapp


myapp.o: myapp.c
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c myapp.c -o myapp.o