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ne_buffer_destroy, ne_buffer_finish — destroy a buffer object


#include <ne_string.h>
void ne_buffer_destroy(ne_buffer *buf);
char *ne_buffer_finish(ne_buffer *buf);


ne_buffer_destroy frees all memory associated with the buffer. ne_buffer_finish frees the buffer structure, but not the actual string stored in the buffer, which is returned and must be free()d by the caller.

Any use of the buffer object after calling either of these functions gives undefined behaviour.

Return value

ne_buffer_finish returns the malloc-allocated string stored in the buffer.


An example use of ne_buffer_finish; the duplicate function returns a string made up of n copies of str:

static char *duplicate(int n, const char *str)
  ne_buffer *buf = ne_buffer_create();
  while (n--) {
    ne_buffer_zappend(buf, str);
  return ne_buffer_finish(buf);

See also

ne_buffer, ne_buffer_create, ne_buffer_zappend