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    1 Description of Twitter bootstrap import into Moodle
    3 Twitter bootstrap
    4 -----------------
    6 Sass:
    7 This theme uses Bootstrap version 4.5.0
    8 The Bootstrap repository is available on:
   10 https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap.git
   12 To update to the latest release of twitter bootstrap:
   14 * download bootstrap to your home folder
   15 * remove folder theme/boost/scss/bootstrap
   16 * copy the scss files from ~/bootstrap/scss to theme/boost/scss/bootstrap
   17 * comment out left: 0; from .popover {} in scss/bootstrap/_popover.scss. In RTL mode this prevents popovers from showing and it is not required in LTR mode.
   18 * comment out this line in theme/boost/scss/_print.scss
   19     @page {
   20        size: $print-page-size;
   21     }
   22   It breaks when compiled with phpscss.
   23 * update ./thirdpartylibs.xml
   25 Javascript:
   27 * copy the js files from ~/bootstrap/js/src to theme/boost/amd/src/bootstrap (including the subfolder)
   28 * Moodle core includes the popper.js library, make sure each of the new Bootstrap js files
   29 includes the 'core/popper' library instead of 'popper.js'. For version 4.5.0 these files were: tooltip.js and dropdown.js
   30 * update ./thirdpartylibs.xml to include all new Bootstrap js files
   31 * run "Grunt ignorefiles" to prevent linting errors appearing from the new Bootstrap js files.
   32 * in folder theme/boost run "Grunt amd" to compile the bootstrap JS