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PHPUnit testing support in Moodle


Composer installation

Composer is a dependency manager for PHP projects. It installs PHP libraries into /vendor/ subdirectory inside your moodle dirroot.

  1. install Composer - http://getcomposer.org/doc/00-intro.md
  2. install PHUnit and dependencies - go to your Moodle dirroot and execute php composer.phar install

Configure your server

You need to create a new dataroot directory and specify a separate database prefix for the test environment, see config-dist.php for more information.

Initialise the test environment

Before first execution and after every upgrade the PHPUnit test environment needs to be initialised, this command also builds the phpunit.xml configuration files.

Execute tests

How to add more tests?

  1. create tests/ directory in your add-on
  2. add test file, for example local/mytest/tests/my_test.php file with local_my_testcase class that extends basic_testcase or advanced_testcase
  3. add some test_*() methods
  4. execute your new test case vendor/bin/phpunit local_my_testcase local/mytest/tests/my_test.php
  5. execute php admin/tool/phpunit/cli/init.php to get the plugin tests included in main phpunit.xml configuration file

Windows support