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    1 Description of HTML Purifier v4.12.0 library import into Moodle
    3 * Make new (or delete contents of) /lib/htmlpurifier/
    4 * Copy everything from /library/ folder to /lib/htmlpurifier/
    5 * Copy CREDITS, LICENSE from root folder to /lib/htmlpurifier/
    6 * Delete unused files:
    7     HTMLPurifier.auto.php
    8     HTMLPurifier.autoload.php
    9     HTMLPurifier.autoload-legacy.php
   10     HTMLPurifier.composer.php
   11     HTMLPurifier.func.php
   12     HTMLPurifier.includes.php
   13     HTMLPurifier.kses.php
   14     HTMLPurifier.path.php
   15 * add locallib.php with Moodle specific extensions to /lib/htmlpurifier/
   16 * add this readme_moodle.txt to /lib/htmlpurifier/
   18 Modifications:
   19 (verify if we need to apply them on every upgrade, remove when not needed)
   20 * MDL-67115 applied https://github.com/ezyang/htmlpurifier/pull/243 towards
   21   php74 compatibility.