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2.29.3 Full changelog

2.29.2 See full changelog

Address https://github.com/moment/moment/security/advisories/GHSA-8hfj-j24r-96c4

2.29.1 See full changelog

Updated deprecation message, bugfix in hi locale

2.29.0 See full changelog

New locales (es-mx, bn-bd). Minor bugfixes and locale improvements. More tests. Moment is in maintenance mode. Read more at this link: https://momentjs.com/docs/#/-project-status/

2.28.0 See full changelog

Fix bug where .format() modifies original instance, and locale updates

2.27.0 See full changelog

Added Turkmen locale, other locale improvements, slight TypeScript fixes

2.26.0 See full changelog

TypeScript fixes and many locale improvements


Remove package.json module property. It looks like webpack behaves differently for modules loaded via module vs jsnext:main.


This release includes ES Module bundled moment, separate from it's source code under dist/ folder. This might alleviate issues with finding the `./locale subfolder for loading locales. This might also mean now webpack will bundle all locales automatically, unless told otherwise.


This is a quick patch release to address some of the issues raised after releasing 2.25.0.

2.25.0 See full changelog

2.24.0 See full changelog

2.23.0 See full changelog

2.22.2 See full changelog

2.22.1 See full changelog

2.22.0 See full changelog

2.21.0 See full changelog

2.20.1 See changelog

2.20.0 See full changelog

2.19.4 See changelog

2.19.3 See changelog

2.19.2 See changelog (it's the same >:D)


Make react native and webpack both work

2.19.0 See full changelog

Fix React Native 0.49+ crash



Bugfixes, new locales, locale fixes etc...


2.18.0 See full changelog



7 new locales, many locale improvements and some misc changes

2.17.1 Also available here

2.17.0 Also available here

2.16.0 See full changelog



New Locales

And more locale, build and typescript improvements



2.15.0 See full changelog

New Locales



Also some locale and typescript improvements


2.14.0 See full changelog

New Features


Plus es-do locale and locale bugfixes

2.13.0 See full changelog



Plus 3 new locales and locale fixes.

2.12.0 See full changelog



New locales:

And more

2.11.2 (Fix ReDoS attack vector)

2.11.1 See full changelog


2.11.0 See full changelog


#2515 Fix regression introduced in 2.10.5 related to moment.ISO_8601 parsing.

2.10.5 See full changelog

Important changes:

2.10.3 See full changelog




Ported code to es6 modules.

2.9.0 See full changelog




Some bugfixes and language improvements -- full changelog

2.8.4 See full changelog


Some bugfixes and language improvements -- full changelog




Minor bugfixes:


2.8.0 See changelog

2.7.0 See changelog

2.6.0 See changelog


2.5.0 See changelog



Removed a trailing comma [1169] and fixed a bug with months, weekdays getters #1171.

2.3.0 See changelog

Changed isValid, added strict parsing. Week tokens parsing.


Fixed bug in string prototype test. Updated authors and contributors.

2.2.0 See changelog

Added bower support.

Language files now use UMD.

Creating moment defaults to current date/month/year.

Added a bundle of moment and all language files.

2.1.0 See changelog

Added better week support.

Added ability to set offset with moment#zone.

Added ability to set month or weekday from a string.

Added moment#min and moment#max

2.0.0 See changelog

Added short form localized tokens.

Added ability to define language a string should be parsed in.

Added support for reversed add/subtract arguments.

Added support for endOf('week') and startOf('week').

Fixed the logic for moment#diff(Moment, 'months') and moment#diff(Moment, 'years')

moment#diff now floors instead of rounds.

Normalized moment#toString.

Added isSame, isAfter, and isBefore methods.

Added better week support.

Added moment#toJSON

Bugfix: Fixed parsing of first century dates

Bugfix: Parsing 10Sep2001 should work as expected

Bugfix: Fixed weirdness with moment.utc() parsing.

Changed language ordinal method to return the number + ordinal instead of just the ordinal.

Changed two digit year parsing cutoff to match strptime.

Removed moment#sod and moment#eod in favor of moment#startOf and moment#endOf.

Removed moment.humanizeDuration() in favor of moment.duration().humanize().

Removed the lang data objects from the top level namespace.

Duplicate Date passed to moment() instead of referencing it.

1.7.2 See discussion


1.7.1 See discussion


1.7.0 See discussion

Added moment.fn.endOf() and moment.fn.startOf().

Added validation via moment.fn.isValid().

Made formatting method 3x faster. http://jsperf.com/momentjs-cached-format-functions

Add support for month/weekday callbacks in moment.fn.format()

Added instance specific languages.

Added two letter weekday abbreviations with the formatting token dd.

Various language updates.

Various bugfixes.

1.6.0 See discussion

Added Durations.

Revamped parser to support parsing non-separated strings (YYYYMMDD vs YYYY-MM-DD).

Added support for millisecond parsing and formatting tokens (S SS SSS)

Added a getter for moment.lang()

Various bugfixes.

There are a few things deprecated in the 1.6.0 release.

  1. The format tokens z and zz (timezone abbreviations like EST CST MST etc) will no longer be supported. Due to inconsistent browser support, we are unable to consistently produce this value. See this issue for more background.

  2. The method moment.fn.native is deprecated in favor of moment.fn.toDate. There continue to be issues with Google Closure Compiler throwing errors when using native, even in valid instances.

  3. The way to customize am/pm strings is being changed. This would only affect you if you created a custom language file. For more information, see this issue.

1.5.0 See milestone

Added UTC mode.

Added automatic ISO8601 parsing.

Various bugfixes.

1.4.0 See milestone

Added moment.fn.toDate as a replacement for moment.fn.native.

Added moment.fn.sod and moment.fn.eod to get the start and end of day.

Various bugfixes.

1.3.0 See milestone

Added support for parsing month names in the current language.

Added escape blocks for parsing tokens.

Added moment.fn.calendar to format strings like 'Today 2:30 PM', 'Tomorrow 1:25 AM', and 'Last Sunday 4:30 AM'.

Added moment.fn.day as a setter.

Various bugfixes

1.2.0 See milestone

Added timezones to parser and formatter.

Added moment.fn.isDST.

Added moment.fn.zone to get the timezone offset in minutes.

1.1.2 See milestone

Various bugfixes

1.1.1 See milestone

Added time specific diffs (months, days, hours, etc)


Added moment.fn.format localized masks. 'L LL LLL LLLL' issue 29

Fixed issue 31.


Added moment.version to get the current version.

Removed window !== undefined when checking if module exists to support browserify. issue 25


Added convenience methods for getting and setting date parts.

Added better support for moment.add().

Added better lang support in NodeJS.

Renamed library from underscore.date to Moment.js


Added Portuguese, Italian, and French language support


Added _date.lang() support. Added support for passing multiple formats to try to parse a date. _date("07-10-1986", ["MM-DD-YYYY", "YYYY-MM-DD"]); Made parse from string and single format 25% faster.


Bugfix for issue 8 and issue 9.


Bugfix for issue 5.


Dropped the redundant _date.date() in favor of _date(). Removed _date.now(), as it is a duplicate of _date() with no parameters. Removed _date.isLeapYear(yearNumber). Use _date([yearNumber]).isLeapYear() instead. Exposed customization options through the _date.relativeTime, _date.weekdays, _date.weekdaysShort, _date.months, _date.monthsShort, and _date.ordinal variables instead of the _date.customize() function.


Added date input formats for input strings.


Added underscore.date to npm. Removed dependencies on underscore.


Added 'z' and 'zz' to _.date().format(). Cleaned up some redundant code to trim off some bytes.


Cleaned up the namespace. Moved all date manipulation and display functions to the _.date() object.


Switched to the Underscore methodology of not mucking with the native objects' prototypes. Made chaining possible.


Changed date names to be a more pseudo standardized 'dddd, MMMM Do YYYY, h:mm:ss a'. Added Date.prototype functions add, subtract, isdst, and isleapyear.


Changed function names to be more concise. Changed date format from php date format to custom format.


Initial release