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QRCode.js is javascript library for making QRCode. QRCode.js supports Cross-browser with HTML5 Canvas and table tag in DOM. QRCode.js has no dependencies.

Basic Usages

<div id="qrcode"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
new QRCode(document.getElementById("qrcode"), "http://jindo.dev.naver.com/collie");

or with some options

var qrcode = new QRCode("test", {
    text: "http://jindo.dev.naver.com/collie",
    width: 128,
    height: 128,
    colorDark : "#000000",
    colorLight : "#ffffff",
    correctLevel : QRCode.CorrectLevel.H

and you can use some methods

qrcode.clear(); // clear the code.
qrcode.makeCode("http://naver.com"); // make another code.

Browser Compatibility

IE6~10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Mobile Safari, Android, Windows Mobile, ETC.


MIT License


twitter @davidshimjs

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