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    1 The development team at LogicalDOC is pleased to announce the release of LogicalDOC CE 8.7.3.
    3 This distribution is available from SourceForge as a Tomcat-bundle archive: 
    4 https://sourceforge.net/projects/logicaldoc/files/distribution/LogicalDOC%20CE%208.7/logicaldoc-8.7.3-tomcat-bundle.zip/download
    6 LogicalDOC Community Edition is a free (libre) software (FLOSS) application that allows businesses and individuals to centralize document management, storage, retrieval, and dissemination.
    8 With a multilingual, desktop interface and user-friendly features including multilingual full-text indexing, complete version control, task manager, importing from zip files, and document searching, LogicalDoc Community Edition provides a lot for your document management requirements.
   10 LogicalDOC is available in a variety of languages, including Russian, English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and many more, and one of its most intriguing characteristics is its ability to index document content using different algorithms based on the document's language.
   11 This enables for "smart" full-text searches afterwards.
   13 The LogicalDOC Community provides a set of SOAP and REST API interfaces for integrating the system with other applications.
   14 The web-service API documentation may be found at https://docs.logicaldoc.com/en/web-services-api on the LogicalDOC Documentation website.
   16 A WebDAV and a CMIS interface are also provided.
   17 On Google Play and iTunes, native applications for Android and iOS have been released and are available for free download.
   19 Visit https://www.logicaldoc.com/features for a comprehensive list of features.
   22 Some changes since version 8.6.1:
   23 Compatibility with PostgreSQL 14
   24 #1129	Configurable columns set in dashlets of type Document and Document Event
   25 #1130	Specify new folder metadata when copying an existing one to a different location
   26 #1132	Changed the signature of webservice method FolderService.copy
   27 #1117	Restrict the visibility of templates to certain users and groups
   28 #1120	Option to enforce the user's working time
   29 #1116	SMTP connection issues with Gmail
   30 #1121	Disable users inactive after a configurable amount of days
   31 #1095	Resize columns in a Dashlet
   32 #1104	Option to notify users at checkin as during the creation
   33 #1107	Added color attribute to documents
   34 #1108	Share contacts among users and groups
   35 #1109	Customizable display date format
   36 #1101	Flag to enable / disable avatars in the documents and search grid
   37 #1102	Implementation of copy method in Document web service
   38 #1106	Updated the document preview engine
   39 #1085	Document pages counter
   40 #1090	Alert the user to stay on page when he closes the browser's window
   41 #1091	API calls counter
   42 #1092	Ability to update the right panels by pressing spacer on the keyboard
   43 #1099	Prevent a user from selecting another file during metadata editing
   47 The LogicalDOC documentation may be found at https://docs.logicaldoc.com
   49 Please keep in mind that this documentation is for LogicalDOC Enterprise, and some functionality may be unavailable in the Community edition.
   51 The LogicalDOC development Team