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    1 Links
    3 Compile:
    5 Unix - use ./configure; make
    6 	in some FreeBSD 3 distributions you have to set CFLAGS=-aout before
    7 	running ./configure.
    8 	Tested on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, IRIX
    9 	If counfigure fails, you can try generic makefile: make -f Makefile.gen
   11 OS/2 - you can use ./configure. If it fails or if you don't have bash, use
   12 	make -f Makefile.gen
   13 	The only supported compiler is EMX, you probably won't be able to
   14 	compile it with anything else
   16 	configure under OS/2 needs to know paths to gcc, make anb bash. Set (for
   17 	example):
   18 	SET HOSTTYPE=i586
   19 	SET MACHTYPE=i586-pc-os2
   20 	SET CONFIG_SHELL=d:/prg/gnu/bin/bash.exe
   21 	SET CC=d:/prg/emx/bin/gcc.exe
   22 	SET MAKE=d:/prg/emx/bin/make.exe
   23 	SET EMXOPT=-h100
   25 Dos, Windows - port it yourself
   27 Install:
   29 Unix - make install
   31 OS/2 - copy file links.exe somewhere to your path or create CMD file that runs
   32 	links
   34 WARNING: EMX has nasty limit of open files. Links will work badly or won't work
   35 	with default settings. Set variable EMXOPT=-h100 before you run links.
   37 vim: textwidth=80