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    1 \section{Installation and Further Support}
    2 \label{sec:sup}\index{installation|(}
    3 \subsection{Requirements}%
    4 %\section{Requirements}%
    5 \index{requirements|(}\html{\\}%
    6 The translator makes use of several utilities all of which 
    7 are freely available on most platforms. 
    9 You can choose between two ways to do the installation of the required
   10 tools: either go the convenient way and install binary distributions
   11 (no compilation required, just install out of the box), or get and
   12 compile a source code distribution.
   13 You will stick to the latter in case you have a special kind of
   14 operating system or want to make customisations prior to compilation
   15 such as applying source level patches.
   16 Windows users will probably want to read the section about
   17 \htmlref{installation on Windows}{windowsinst}.
   19 For the best use of \latextohtml{} you want to get the latest
   20 versions of all the utilities that it uses. (It will still work
   21 with earlier versions, but some  special effects may not be possible. 
   22 The specific requirements are discussed below.)
   23 %
   24 \begin{itemize}
   25 \item \Perl{} version 5.003, or later (check with \verb/perl -v/);
   26 \item \LaTeX, meaning \LaTeXe{} dated \texttt{<1995/06/01>}, or later;
   27 \item \fn{dvips} or \fn{dvipsk}, at version 5.58 or later;
   28 \item \appl{Ghostscript} at version 4.02 or later;
   29 \item \fn{netpbm} library of graphics utilities, version \textsc{1-mar-94}\\
   30   (check with \fn{pnmcrop} \Cs{version}).
   31 \item \fn{pdftocairo}, if you want to produce SVG images
   32       (available through the poppler-utils package)
   33 \end{itemize}
   35 \medskip\htmlrule
   36 \medskip\noindent
   37 More specific requirements for using \latextohtml{} 
   38 depend on the kind of translation you would like to perform, as follows:
   39 %
   40 \begin{enumerate}
   41 \item 
   42 \index{requirements!minimal}%
   43 \textbf{\LaTeX{}  commands but without equations, figures, tables, etc.} \hfill
   44 \begin{itemize}
   45 \item 
   46 \htmladdnormallink{Perl}{http://www.perl.com/}
   47 \begin{small}
   48 \textbf{Note:} \latextohtml{}\textbf{ requires \Perl{ 5} to operate}.
   49 \end{small}\html{\smallskip}
   52 \index{requirements!DataBase Management system}%
   53 \item 
   54 \appl{DBM} or \appl{NDBM}, the Unix DataBase Management system,
   55 or \appl{GDBM}, the GNU database manager.
   57 \textbf{Note: }Some systems lack any DBM support.
   58 \Perl{ 5} comes with its own database system SDBM, but it is sometimes
   59 not part of some Perl distributions.
   61 The installation script \fn{install-test} will check that for you.
   62 If no database system is found, you will have to install Perl
   63 properly.
   64 \end{itemize}
   66 \index{requirements!for full graphics}%
   67 \index{tables!as images}\index{images!tables}%
   68 \index{images!figures}\index{images!equations}%
   69 \item 
   70 \textbf{\LaTeX{}  commands with equations, figures, tables, etc.} \\
   71 As above plus \dots
   72 %
   73 \begin{itemize}
   74 \item \fn{latex} (version 2e recommended but 2.09 will work --- with
   75 reduced ability to support styles and packages);
   76 %
   77 \index{dvips@\texttt{dvips} version}
   78 \item 
   79 \htmladdnormallink{\fn{dvips}}
   80 {ftp://ftp.tex.ac.uk/pub/archive/dviware/dvips}
   81 (version~5.516 or later) or \fn{dvipsk}\\
   82   Version 5.62 or higher enhances the performance of image creation
   83   with a \emph{significant} speed-up. See latex2html.config for this
   84   after you are done with the installation.
   85   Do not use the 'dvips -E' feature unless you have 5.62, else you
   86   will get broken images.
   87 %
   88 \index{Ghostscript@\textsl{Ghostscript} version}
   89 \item 
   90 \fn{gs} \appl{Ghostscript} (version 4.03 or later);
   91   with the ppmraw device driver, or even better pnmraw.
   92   Upgrade to 5.10 or later if you want to go sure about seldom problems
   93   with 4.03 to avoid (yet unclarified).
   94 %
   95 \index{image conversion!Postscript@\PS\ to GIF}%
   96 \index{GIF!image conversion}%
   97 \item 
   98 The \htmladdnormallink{\fn{netpbm}}{ftp://ftp.x.org/R5contrib/}
   99 library of graphics utilities; \fn{netpbm} dated 1 March 1994
  100 is required, else part of the image creation process will fail.\\
  101 Check with: \fn{pnmcrop} \Cs{version}.
  103 Several of the filters in those libraries are used during the \PS\ to
  104 GIF conversion. 
  105 \index{image conversion!Postscript@\PS\ to PNG}%
  106 \index{PNG!image conversion}%
  107 \item 
  108 If you want PNG images, you need \fn{pnmtopng} (current version is 2.31).
  109 It is not part of \fn{netpbm} and requires \fn{libpng-0.89c.tar.gz} and
  110 \fn{libz} (1.0.4) (or later versions).
  111 \fn{pnmtopng} supports transparency and interlace mode.\\
  112 \appl{Netscape Navigator} as well as \appl{MS IE} do support inlined
  113 PNG images.
  114 \end{itemize}
  117 \index{requirements!for segmentation feature}%
  118 \index{segmentation!needs latex2e@needs \LaTeXe}%
  119 \item 
  120 \textbf{\htmlref{Segmentation}{Segmentation} of large documents}\\
  121 If you wish to use this feature, you will have to upgrade your
  122 \LaTeX{} to \LaTeXe\,. 
  123 Some other hyperlinking features also require \LaTeXe\,.
  125 \index{requirements!for transparent images}%
  126 \index{images!transparent}%
  127 \item 
  128 \textbf{Transparent inlined images}\\
  129 If you dislike the white background color of the
  130 generated inlined images then you should get either 
  131 the \fn{netpbm} library (instead of the older \fn{pbmplus}) 
  132 or install the \fn{giftrans}
  133 %{ftp://ftp.uni-stuttgart.de/pub/comm/infosystems/www/tools/imaging/giftrans/giftrans-1.11.1.tar.gz}
  134 filter by Andreas Ley \Email{ley@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de}. 
  135 \latextohtml{} now supports the shareware program \fn{giftool}
  136 (by Home Pages, Inc., version 1.0), too.
  137 It can also create interlaced GIFs.
  138 %
  139 \end{enumerate} 
  141 \index{requirements!without images}%
  143 \noindent
  144 If \appl{Ghostscript} or the \fn{netpbm} library are
  145 not available, it is still possible to use the translator with the
  146 \Cs{no\_images} option. 
  148 \index{requirements!for special features}\index{special!features}%
  149 \index{html.sty@\texttt{html.sty} style-file!needed for special features}%
  150 \html{\\}%
  152 If you intend to use any of the \htmlref{special features}{sec:hyp}
  153 of the translator \latex{(see page~\pageref{sec:hyp})}
  154 then you have to include the \fn{html.sty} file 
  155 in any \LaTeX{}  documents that use them. 
  157 \index{browser!character-based}%
  158 \index{browser!character-based}\index{browser!lynx@\textsl{lynx}}%
  159 \html{\\}%
  161 If only a character-based browser, such as \appl{lynx}, is available, 
  162 or if you want the generated documents to be more portable, 
  163 then the translator can be used with the \Cs{ascii\_mode} 
  164 \hyperref{option}{option (see Section~}{)}{cs_asciimode}. 
  166 \index{requirements|)}
  168 \subsection{Installation on Windows}
  169 \label{windowsinst}\index{installation!on~Windows~95/98/NT}
  170 To install the tools required to run the translator, perform the steps
  171 below. Thanks to Jens Berger (\texttt{jberger@mail.zedat.fu-berlin.de})
  172 for providing this list!
  173 \begin{itemize}
  174 \item install \fn{WinZip};
  175 \item install \TeX/\LaTeXe{} and \fn{dvips};
  176 \item install \fn{Perl};\\
  177    E.g. \fn{ActivePerl} $509$ or higher from \ActiveStateURL.
  178    Windows $95$ users will also need \fn{DCOM}, it is listed on
  179    that download page, too.
  180 \item install \fn{GhostScript};\\
  181     E.g. \fn{Aladdin GhostScript} $5.50$.
  182 \item install the \fn{NetPBM} tools library from \NetpbmWinURL.
  183 \item unpack \latextohtml{}, e.g. under \verb|C:\TEXMF\LATEX2HTML|;
  184 \item check that the path to \fn{GSWIN32C.EXE} is added to the
  185   \texttt{PATH} variable in your \texttt{AUTOEXEC.BAT};
  186 \item with \latextohtml{} $99.1$ or higher, edit \texttt{l2hconf.pin},
  187   then run \texttt{CONFIG.BAT} to install the translator;\\
  188   with older releases, edit \texttt{LATEX2HTML.CONFIG} and run
  189   \begin{verbatim}
  190   cd c:\texmf\latex2html
  191   perl install-test
  192   \end{verbatim}
  193   from within a DOS box.
  194 \item you might want to write a small \texttt{.BAT} file in your
  195   \latextohtml{} directory:
  196   \begin{verbatim}
  197   perl c:\texmf\latex2html\latex2html %1 %2 %3 >> l2h.log
  198   \end{verbatim}
  199   \texttt{\%1} is the name of the \texttt{.TEX} file,
  200   \texttt{\%2} and \texttt{\%3} are optional arguments to the
  201   translator such as \Cs{"-split 3"}.\\
  202   Note that if you want more than two arguments you will need
  203   to supply more parameters to the \texttt{.BAT} file.
  204 \item run it with a test document \texttt{test.tex}:
  205   \begin{verbatim}
  206    l2h test
  207   \end{verbatim}
  208   Maybe you will need to run \LaTeX{} before this, too!
  209 \end{itemize}
  212 \subsection[center]{Getting \protect\latextohtml}
  213 %\section[center]{Getting \protect\latextohtml}
  214 \tableofchildlinks*
  215 \htmlrule
  216 \latextohtml\ is available through the Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu
  217 package managers for Linux, and the macports package manager for MacOS.
  219 \index{source code}%
  220 Releases of \latextohtml\ may also be obtained at
  221 \htmladdnormallink{\path{https://www.github.com/latex2html/latex2html/releases}}{https://www.github.com/latex2html/latex2html/releases}\,,
  223 \bigskip
  224 \index{source code!developer's repository}\label{cvsrepos}%
  225 \noindent
  226 Finally there is the \latextohtml{} developers' source repository, at \CVSrepos\,.\\
  227 The files to be found here are the most up-to-date with current developments,
  228 but they cannot be guaranteed to be fully reliable. New features may be
  229 still under development and not yet sufficiently tested for release.
  230 A daily updated compressed archive of the developers' work may be
  231 downloaded from \CVSlatest\,.
  233 \htmlrule\index{source code!compressed}%
  234 \medskip\noindent
  235 Having obtained a compressed \fn{tar} version, save it into a file 
  236 \fn{latex2html-2019.tar.gz} say,
  237 then extract its contents with 
  238 %begin{latexonly}
  239 \begin{small}
  240 %end{latexonly}
  241 \begin{verbatim}
  242 % gzip -d latex2html-2019.tar.gz
  243 % tar xvf latex2html-2019.tar
  244 \end{verbatim} 
  245 %begin{latexonly}
  246 \end{small}
  247 %end{latexonly}
  248 \index{source code!listing}%
  250 \noindent
  251 You should then have the following:
  252 \begin{itemize}
  253 \item \fn{README} file;
  254 \item \fn{Changes} index with latest changes;
  255 \item \strikeout{\fn{Changes.detailed}} (no longer supplied);
  256 \item \fn{latex2html} \Perl{} script;
  257 \item \fn{texexpand} \Perl{} script\footnote{Initially written 
  258 by \RobertThau, completely rewritten by \Rouchal\ and \Lippmann.};
  259 \item \fn{latex2html.config} configuration file;
  260 \item \fn{install-test} \Perl{} script, for installation and testing;
  261 \item \fn{dot.latex2html-init} sample initialisation file;
  262 %
  263 \item \fn{texinputs/} subdirectory, containing various \LaTeX{} style-files;
  264 \item \fn{versions/} subdirectory, containing code for specific
  265 \texttt{HTML} versions;
  266 \item \fn{makemap} \Perl{} script;
  267 \item \fn{example/} subdirectory, containing the segmentation example,
  268 described in detail in 
  269 \hyperref{a later section}{Section~}{}{Segmentation};
  270 \item \fn{.dvipsrc} file;%
  271 \begin{htmlonly}
  272 \item \strikeout{\fn{pstogif} \Perl{} script} (no longer supplied);
  273 \end{htmlonly}
  274 \item \fn{pstoimg} \Perl{} script for image conversion (replaces \fn{pstogif});
  275 \item \fn{configure-pstoimg} \Perl{} script for installation;
  276 \item \fn{local.pm} \Perl{} input file;
  277 \item \fn{icons.gif/} subdirectory, containing icons in GIF format;
  278 \item \fn{icons.png/} subdirectory, containing icons in PNG format;
  279 \item \fn{makeseg} \Perl{} script and examples to handle segmented
  280 documents via a generated Makefile, see \verb/makeseg.tex/;
  281 \item \fn{docs/foilhtml/} contains \LaTeX{} package and \Perl{} implementation by \Veytsman,
  282 to support \FoilTeX{} to \fn{HTML} translation;
  283 \item \fn{IndicTeX-HTML/} package that contains \Perl{} and
  284  \LaTeX{} code for translating Indic\TeX{} documents (see README file);
  285 \item \fn{docs/} subdirectory, containing the files needed to create 
  286 a version of this manual;
  287 \item \fn{styles/} subdirectory, containing \Perl{} code for handling
  288 some style-files;
  289 \item \fn{tests/} contains some test documents for \latextohtml.
  290 \end{itemize}
  292 \htmlrule
  293 \tableofchildlinks
  295 \subsection{Installing \protect\latextohtml}%
  296 %\section{Installing \protect\latextohtml}%
  297 \index{installation!latex2html}\html{\\}%
  298 To install \latextohtml{} you \textbf{MUST} do the following:
  299 %
  300 \begin{enumerate}
  301 \item 
  302 \textbf{Specify where \Perl{} is on your system}. \\
  303 In each of the files \fn{latex2html}, \fn{texexpand}, \fn{pstoimg},
  304 \fn{install-test} and \fn{makemap},
  305 modify the first line saying where \Perl{} is on your system.
  307 \index{installation!without Perl@without \Perl{} shell scripts}
  309 \noindent
  310 Some system administrators do not allow \Perl{} programs to run as shell scripts. 
  311 This means that you may not be able to run any of the above programs. 
  312 \emph{In this case change the first line in each of these programs from }
  313 \html{\smallskip}
  314 %begin{latexonly}
  315 \begin{small}
  316 %end{latexonly}
  317 \verb|#!/usr/local/bin/perl | 
  318 %begin{latexonly}
  319 \end{small}
  320 %end{latexonly}
  321 \html{\smallskip}\emph{to}:
  322 %begin{latexonly}
  323 \begin{small}
  324 %end{latexonly}
  325 \begin{verbatim}
  326 # *-*-perl-*-*
  327     eval 'exec perl -S  $0 "$@"'
  328     if $running_under_some_shell; 
  329 \end{verbatim}
  330 %begin{latexonly}
  331 \end{small}
  332 %end{latexonly}
  334 \index{installation!system installation}%
  335 \index{installation!LaTeX packages}%
  336 \item
  337 Copy the files to the destination directory.\\
  338 Copy the contents of the \fn{texinputs/} directory to a place where they
  339 will be found by \LaTeX, or set up your \fn{TEXINPUTS} variable to point
  340 to that directory.
  342 \index{installation!check path-names}%
  343 \index{installation!graphics utilities}%
  344 \item 
  345 \textbf{Run \fn{install-test}\,.} \\
  346 This \Perl{} script will make some changes in the \fn{latex2html} file
  347 and then check whether the path-names to any external utilities
  348 required by \fn{latex2html} are correct.
  349 It will not actually install the external utilities. 
  350 \fn{install-test} asks you whether to configure for GIF or
  351 \fn{PNG} image generation.
  352 Finally it creates the file \fn{local.pm} which houses pathnames for the
  353 external utilities determined earlier.
  355 \smallskip\noindent
  356 You might need to make \fn{install-test} executable before using it.\\
  357 Use \verb/chmod +x install-test/ to do this.
  359 \smallskip\noindent
  360 You may also need to make the files \fn{pstogif}, 
  361 \fn{texexpand}, \fn{configure-pstoimg} and \fn{latex2html} executable 
  362 if \fn{install-test} fails to do it for you.
  364 \index{installation!system installation}%
  365 \item
  366 If you like so, copy or move the \fn{latex2html} executable script to
  367 some location outside the \fn{\$LATEX2HTMLDIR} directory.
  369 \index{installation!change configuration}%
  370 \index{installation!change defaults}
  371 \item 
  372 You might want to edit \fn{latex2html.config} to reflect your needs.
  373 Read the instructions about \fn{\$ICONSERVER} carefully to make sure your
  374 \fn{HTML} documents will be displayed right via the Web server.\\
  375 While you're at it you may want to change some of the default
  376 options in this file.\\
  377 If you do a system installation for many users, only cope with general
  378 aspects; let the user override these with \verb|$HOME/.latex2html-init|.
  379 %
  380 \end{enumerate}
  383 Note that you \emph{must} run \fn{install-test} now;
  384 formerly you could manage without.
  385 If you want to reconfigure \latextohtml{} for GIF/PNG image
  386 generation, or because some of the external tools changed the location,
  387 simply rerun \fn{configure-pstoimg}.
  390 \medskip\htmlrule[50\% center]
  391 \noindent
  392 This is usually enough for the main installation, but you may also 
  393 want to do some of the following, to ensure that advanced features 
  394 of \latextohtml{} work correctly on your system:
  395 \begin{itemize}
  396 \index{html.sty@\texttt{html.sty} style-file!location}%
  397 \index{installation!environment variable}%
  398 \item 
  399 \textbf{To use the new \LaTeX{}  commands 
  400 which are defined in \fn{html.sty}:}\\
  401 Make sure that \LaTeX{}  knows where the \fn{html.sty} file is, 
  402 either by putting it in the same place as the other style-files on your system, 
  403 or by changing your \fn{TEXINPUTS} shell environment variable,
  404 or by copying \fn{html.sty} into the same directory as your \LaTeX{}  source file.
  406 The environment variable \fn{TEXINPUTS} is not to be confused with 
  407 the \latextohtml{} installation variable \fn{\$TEXINPUTS} described next.
  408 \par
  410 \index{installation!input-path variable}%
  411 \item
  412 There is an installation variable in \fn{latex2html.config}
  413 called \fn{\$TEXINPUTS}, 
  414 which tells \latextohtml{} where to look for \LaTeX{} style-files to process.  
  415 It can also affect the input-path of \LaTeX{} when called by \latextohtml,
  416 unless the command \fn{latex} is really a script 
  417 which overwrites the \fn{\$TEXINPUTS} variable 
  418 prior to calling the real \fn{latex}.
  419 This variable is overridden by the environment variable of the same name 
  420 if it is set.
  422 \index{installation!fonts-path variable}%
  423 \item
  424 The installation variable \fn{\$PK\_GENERATION} specifies which
  425 fonts are used in the generation of mathematical equations.  A value
  426 of ``\texttt{0}'' causes the same fonts to be used as those for the default
  427 printer.  Because they were designed for a printer of much greater
  428 resolution than the screen, equations will generally appear to be
  429 of a lower quality than is otherwise possible.  To cause \latextohtml{} to
  430 dynamically generate fonts that are designed specifically for the
  431 screen, you should specify a value of ``\texttt{1}'' for this variable.
  432 If you do, then check to see whether your version of \texttt{dvips}
  433 supports the command-line option \Cs{mode}\,.  If it does,
  434 then also set the installation variable \fn{\$DVIPS\_MODE} to
  435 a low resolution entry from \fn{modes.mf}, such as \fn{toshiba}.
  437 It may also be necessary to edit the \fn{MakeTeXPK} script, 
  438 to recognise this mode at the appropriate resolution.
  440 If you have \PS\ fonts available for use with \LaTeX{} and \fn{dvips}
  441 then you can probably ignore the above complications and simply
  442 set \fn{\$PK\_GENERATION} to ``\texttt{0}'' 
  443 and \fn{\$DVIPS\_MODE} to \texttt{\char34\char34} (the empty string).
  444 You must also make sure that \fn{gs} has the locations of the
  445 fonts recorded in its \fn{gs\_fonts.ps} file. This should already be the case
  446 where \appl{GS-Preview} is installed as the viewer for \texttt{.dvi}-files,
  447 using the \PS\ fonts.
  449 If \fn{dvips} does \emph{not} support the \Cs{mode} switch,
  450 then leave \fn{\$DVIPS\_MODE} undefined, and verify that the
  451 \fn{.dvipsrc} file points to the correct screen device and its
  452 resolution.
  454 \index{installation!filename-prefix}\label{autoprefix}%
  455 \item
  456 The installation variable \fn{\$AUTO\_PREFIX} 
  457 allows the filename-prefix to be automatically set 
  458 to the base filename-prefix of the document being translated.  
  459 This can be especially useful for multiple-segment documents.
  461 %%JCL obsolete with Perl5
  462 %%\index{installation!Linux@\textsl{Linux} systems}%
  463 %%\item 
  464 %%On certain \appl{Linux} systems it is necessary to uncomment
  465 %%the line ``\texttt{use GDBM\_File}'' in the \fn{latex2html}
  466 %%and \fn{install-test} scripts, to define the interface to the
  467 %%data\-base-management routines.
  469 \index{installation!makemap script@\texttt{makemap} script}%
  470 \index{CERN!image-map server}\index{NCSA!image-map server}%
  471 \item 
  472 The \fn{makemap} script also has a configuration variable \fn{\$SERVER}, 
  473 which must be set to either \texttt{CERN} or \texttt{NCSA}, 
  474 depending on the type of Web-server you are using.
  477 \index{installation!initialization files}%
  478 \index{initialization file!per user}%
  479 \label{initfile}%
  480 \item \textbf{To set up different initialization files:}\\
  481 For a ``per user'' initialization file, 
  482 copy the file \fn{dot.latex2html-init} in the home directory
  483 of any user that wants it, modify it according to her preferences and
  484 rename it as \ \fn{.latex2html-init}. At runtime, both the 
  485 \fn{latex2html.config} file and \fn{\$HOME/.latex2html-init} file will be
  486 loaded, but the latter will take precedence.
  488 \index{initialization file!per directory}%
  490 You can also set up a ``per directory'' initialization file by 
  491 copying a version of \ \fn{.latex2html-init} in each directory you
  492 would like it to be effective. An initialization file
  493 \path{/X/Y/Z/.latex2html-init} will take precedence over all other
  494 initialization files if \path{/X/Y/Z} is the ``current directory'' when
  495 \latextohtml{} is invoked.
  497 \index{initialization file!incompatible with early versions}% 
  498 \begin{quotation}\noindent 
  499 \textbf{Warning: }%
  500 This initialization file is incompatible with
  501 any version of \latextohtml\ prior to \textsc{v96.1}\,.  
  502 Users must either update this file in their home directory, 
  503 or delete it altogether.
  504 \end{quotation}
  506 \index{installation!icons subdirectory@\texttt{icons/} subdirectory}%
  507 \item \label{icondir}%
  508 \textbf{To make your own local copies of the \latextohtml{} icons:} \\
  509 Please copy the \fn{icons/} subdirectory to a 
  510 place under your WWW tree
  511 where they can be served by your server.
  512 Then modify the value of the \fn{\$ICONSERVER} variable in 
  513 \fn{latex2html.config} accordingly.
  514 \index{installation!local icons}%
  515 Alternatively, a local copy of the icons can be included within
  516 the subdirectory containing your completed \texttt{HTML} documents.
  517 This is most easily done using the \Cs{local\_icons} command-line switch,
  518 or by setting \fn{\$LOCAL\_ICONS} to ``\texttt{1}'' in \fn{latex2html.config}
  519 or within an initialization file, as described \htmlref{above}{initfile}.
  521 \index{installation!create manual}%
  522 \index{documentation!test of installation}%
  523 \item
  524 \textbf{To make your own local copy of the \latextohtml{}
  525 documentation:} \\
  526 This will also be a good test of your installation. 
  527 % To do it run \latextohtml{} on the file \fn{docs/manual.tex}.
  528 % You will get better results if you run \LaTeX{} first on the 
  529 % same file in order to create some auxiliary files.
  530 %
  531 \index{documentation!dvi version@\texttt{.dvi} version}%
  532 \noindent
  533 Firstly, to obtain the \texttt{.dvi} version for printing,
  534 from within the \fn{docs/} directory it is sufficient to type:
  536 %begin{latexonly}
  537 \begin{small}
  538 %end{latexonly}
  539 \texttt{ make manual.dvi}
  540 %begin{latexonly}
  541 \end{small}
  542 %end{latexonly}
  544 \noindent
  545 This initiates the following sequence of commands:
  546 %begin{latexonly}
  547 \begin{small}
  548 %end{latexonly}
  549 \begin{verbatim}
  550 latex manual.tex
  551 makeindex -s l2hidx.ist manual.idx
  552 makeindex -s l2hglo.ist -o manual.gls manual.glo
  553 latex manual.tex
  554 latex manual.tex
  555 \end{verbatim}
  556 %begin{latexonly}
  557 \end{small}
  558 %end{latexonly}
  559 \index{documentation!using makeindex@using \texttt{makeindex}}%
  560 \index{documentation!index and glossary}%
  561 ...in which the two configuration files \fn{l2hidx.ist} and \fn{l2hglo.ist} 
  562 for the \fn{makeindex} program, are used to create the index and glossary respectively.
  563 The 2nd run of \fn{latex} is needed to assimilate references, etc.
  564 and include the index and glossary.\html{\\}%
  565 \index{documentation!without makeindex@without \texttt{makeindex}}%
  566 \html{\\}
  567 (In case \fn{makeindex} is not available, a copy of its outputs \fn{manual.ind} 
  568 and \fn{manual.gls} are included in the \fn{docs/} subdirectory, 
  569 along with \fn{manual.aux}\,.)\html{\\}
  570 The 3rd run of \fn{latex} is needed to adjust page-numbering for the Index 
  571 and Glossary within the Table-of-Contents.
  573 \noindent
  574 Next, the \texttt{HTML} version is obtained by typing:
  576 %begin{latexonly}
  577 \begin{small}
  578 %end{latexonly}
  579 \texttt{make manual.html}
  580 %begin{latexonly}
  581 \end{small}
  582 %end{latexonly}
  584 \noindent
  585 This initiates a series of calls to \latextohtml{} on the separate
  586 segments of the manual; 
  587 the full manual is thus created as a ``segmented document''
  588 (see \hyperref{a later section}{Section~}{}{Segmentation}).
  589 The whole process may take quite some time, 
  590 as each segment needs to be processed at least twice, 
  591 to collect the cross-references from other segments.
  593 \medskip
  594 \index{documentation!requirements}\html{\\}%
  595 \noindent
  596 The files necessary for correct typesetting of the manual to be
  597 found within the \fn{docs/} subdirectory. 
  598 They are as follows:
  599 \begin{itemize}
  600 %
  601 \index{html.sty@\texttt{html.sty} style-file}%
  602 \index{documentation!style-files}%
  603 \item
  604 style-files:
  605  \fn{l2hman.sty}, \fn{html.sty}, \fn{htmllist.sty}, \fn{justify.sty},\\
  606   \fn{changebar.sty} and \fn{url.sty}
  607 %
  608 \index{documentation!input files}%
  609 \item
  610 inputs:
  611  \strikeout{\fn{changes.tex},} \fn{credits.tex}, \fn{features.tex}, \fn{hypextra.tex},\\
  612  \fn{licence.tex}, \fn{manhtml.tex}, \fn{manual.tex}, \fn{overview.tex},\\
  613  \fn{problems.tex}, \fn{support.tex} and \fn{userman.tex}
  614 %
  615 \index{documentation!graphics}%
  616 \item
  617 sub-directory:
  618  \fn{psfiles/} containing \PS\ graphics
  619  used in the printed version of this manual
  620 %
  621 \index{documentation!images}%
  622 \item
  623 images of small curved arrows: \fn{up.gif}, \fn{dn.gif}
  624 %
  625 \index{documentation!filename data}%
  626 \item
  627 filename data:
  628  \fn{l2hfiles.dat}
  629 %
  630 \index{documentation!auxiliaries}%
  631 \item
  632 auxiliaries:
  633  \fn{manual.aux}, \fn{manual.ind}, \fn{manual.gls}
  634 %
  635 \end{itemize}
  637 The last three can be derived from the others, but are included for convenience.
  638 \par
  640 \index{documentation!Changes section}%
  641 \item 
  643 \textbf{To get a printed version of the `Changes' section: }\\
  644 Due to the burgeoning size of the \fn{Changes} file with successive
  645 revisions of \latextohtml, the `Changes' section is no longer
  646 supported for the manual.
  647 Please refer to text file \fn{Changes} instead which is part of the
  648 distribution.
  651 \index{discussion group}\index{bugs!bug reports}%
  652 \item 
  653 \textbf{To join the community of \latextohtml{} users:} \\
  654 More information on a mailing list, discussion archives, bug reporting
  655 forms and more is available at 
  656 \url{https://www.latex2html.org/}
  659 \index{\TeX{} Users Group (TUG)}\index{TUG!TUG: \TeX{} Users Group}%
  660 \item 
  661 \latextohtml{} is actively supported by the international 
  662 \TeX{} Users Group (\TUGurl). All users are encouraged to join \TUGurl,
  663 to keep up-to-date with the latest development in \TeX{}, \LaTeX,
  664 \latextohtml{} and related programs.
  665 Consult the TUG Web pages at \url{http://www.tug.org/}.
  667 \end{itemize}
  670 \subsection[center]{Getting Support and More Information\label{support}}%
  671 %\section[center]{Getting Support and More Information\label{support}}%
  672 \index{support}%
  673 \index{support!mailing list}\index{mailing list!Argonne National Labs}
  675 A \htmladdnormallink{\latextohtml{} mailing list}%
  676 {mailto:latex2html-request@tug.org}
  677 is managed by the international \TeX{} User Group (\TUGurl).
  679 This mailing used was originally established at the Argonne National Labs,
  680 where it was based for several years.
  681 (Thanks to \IanFoster{} and \BobOlson, and others.)
  682 Since February 1999, it has been run by \TUGurl, thanks to
  683 \ArtOgawa{} and \RossMoore.
  685 \smallskip\noindent
  686 To join send a message to: \Email{latex2html-request@tug.org }
  687 \index{mailing list!subscribe}\\
  688 with the contents:~~\texttt{ subscribe }\latex{.}
  691 \smallskip\noindent
  692 To be removed from the list send a message to: 
  693 \Email{latex2html-request@tug.org }
  694 \index{mailing list!unsubscribe}\\
  695 with the contents:~~\texttt{ unsubscribe }\latex{.}
  698 \bigskip\noindent
  699 The mailing list also has a 
  700 % \htmladdnormallinkfoot{searchable online archive}{\ListURL}.
  701 searchable online archive.
  702 It is recommended to start with this, 
  703 to become familiar with the topics actually discussed,
  704 and to search for articles related to your own interests.
  706 \bigskip
  707 Enjoy!