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fly: create images on the fly

Author: Martin Gleeson, martin@gleeson.com.

fly is a C program that creates PNG, JPEG or GIF images on the fly from CGI and other programs. Using Thomas Boutell's gd graphics library for fast image creation, it provides a command-file interface for creating and modifying images.

Current version: 2.0.1 17th June 2009

These pages are available from a number of mirror sites. Please choose the one closest to you:

USA: <http://martin.gleeson.com/fly/> [Master Site]

Australia: <http://members.optushome.com.au/martingleeson/fly/>

USA: <http://www.w3perl.com/fly/>

Japan (English): <http://p4room.mda.or.jp/fly/>

Japan (Japanese): <http://p4room.mda.or.jp/fly/ja/>

Special thanks to Laurent Domisse for hosting the USA mirror site and roro (K. Akiyama) for the Japanese translation of the documentation and Japanese mirror site.

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