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Get {dfeed} statistics API

Get {dfeed} statistics

Retrieves usage information for {dfeeds}.


GET _xpack/ml/datafeeds/<feed_id>/_stats

GET _xpack/ml/datafeeds/<feed_id>,<feed_id>/_stats

GET _xpack/ml/datafeeds/_stats

GET _xpack/ml/datafeeds/_all/_stats


You can get statistics for multiple {dfeeds} in a single API request by using a comma-separated list of {dfeeds} or a wildcard expression. You can get statistics for all {dfeeds} by using _all, by specifying * as the <feed_id>, or by omitting the <feed_id>.

If the {dfeed} is stopped, the only information you receive is the datafeed_id and the state.

This API returns a maximum of 10,000 {dfeeds}.

Path Parameters


(string) Identifier for the {dfeed}. It can be a {dfeed} identifier or a wildcard expression. If you do not specify one of these options, the API returns statistics for all {dfeeds}.



(Optional, boolean) Specifies what to do when the request:

  • Contains wildcard expressions and there are no {datafeeds} that match.

  • Contains the _all string or no identifiers and there are no matches.

  • Contains wildcard expressions and there are only partial matches.

The default value is true, which returns an empty datafeeds array when there are no matches and the subset of results when there are partial matches. If this parameter is false, the request returns a 404 status code when there are no matches or only partial matches.


The API returns the following information:


(array) An array of {dfeed} count objects. For more information, see [ml-datafeed-counts].


404 (Missing resources)

If allow_no_datafeeds is false, this code indicates that there are no resources that match the request or only partial matches for the request.


You must have monitor_ml, monitor, manage_ml, or manage cluster privileges to use this API. For more information, see {xpack-ref}/security-privileges.html[Security Privileges].


The following example gets usage information for the datafeed-total-requests {dfeed}:

GET _xpack/ml/datafeeds/datafeed-total-requests/_stats

The API returns the following results:

  "count": 1,
  "datafeeds": [
      "datafeed_id": "datafeed-total-requests",
      "state": "started",
      "node": {
        "id": "2spCyo1pRi2Ajo-j-_dnPX",
        "name": "node-0",
        "ephemeral_id": "hoXMLZB0RWKfR9UPPUCxXX",
        "transport_address": "",
        "attributes": {
          "ml.machine_memory": "17179869184",
          "ml.max_open_jobs": "20",
          "ml.enabled": "true"
      "assignment_explanation": ""