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    1 This package uses CDBS (and therefore simple-patchsys.mk) in order to 
    2 apply patches to the upstream source. Patches are stored in 
    3 debian/patches and their filenames usually end in .patch or .diff .
    4 For further details, see the man page for cdbs-edit-patch.
    6 All commands described below should be run from the top directory of the 
    7 package source tree, unless otherwise stated.
    9  * To generate the fully patched source, in a form ready for
   10    editing, that would be built to create Debian packages, run: 
   12      make -f debian/rules apply-patches
   14    Note: It has been proposed that, in future, this should happen 
   15    automatically when you run dpkg-source -x on a CDBS 
   16    simple-patchsys.mk source package.  However, this proposal has 
   17    apparently not yet been implemented, so for now you have to do 
   18    it yourself like this.
   20  * To modify the source and save those modifications so that
   21    they will be applied when building the package, pick a
   22    suitably informative patch file name, for example
   23    01_add_README.source_file.patch, and then run:
   25      cdbs-edit-patch 01_add_README.source_file.patch
   27    This will place you in a new shell in a temporary copy of the 
   28    source tree.  Make your desired modifications to it, and then 
   29    exit the shell to create the patch file containing them (this 
   30    file will appear in debian/patches).
   32  * To remove source modifications that are currently being
   33    applied when building the package, run:
   35      make -f debian/rules reverse-patches