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    1 $Id: README,v 1.8 2005/10/21 18:07:33 reggers Exp $
    3 This module, Apache2::AuthenMSAD, is an Apache2/mod_perl2 authentication
    4 handler to authenticate users using a Microsoft Active Directory
    5 server. Authentication is an LDAP bind to the user's UserPrincipal name --
    6 "$user\@$domain" (that's the "Kerberos" name, you can do the same bind to
    7 "$domain\\$user")
    9 To build and install it, please run
   11     perl Makefile.PL
   12     make
   13     make test
   14     make install
   16 To read more about this module try
   18     pod2text AuthenMSAD.pm
   20 It should be clear that this requires Apache v2.X with mod_perl2. Also
   21 require correspondinunderlying perl packages including Apache2 and Net2::LDAP
   23 This package is Copyright (C) 2005 by Yvan Rodrigues (Graphics Services/UW),
   24 Reg Quinton (Information Systems and Technology/UW) and Franz Skale (of
   25 www.cubit.at). It may be copied, used and redistributed under the same terms
   26 as perl itself. We are found as
   28 Yvan Rodrigues <yrodrigu@admmail.uwaterloo.ca>
   29 Reg Quinton <reggers@ist.uwaterloo.ca>
   30 Franz Skale <franz.skale@cubit.at>
   32 This package is *derived* from Apache::AuthenMSAD which is Copyright (C) 2004
   33 by Yvan Rodrigues, and Reg Quinton (both) University of Waterloo with similar
   34 copyright.
   36 -- Reg Quinton <reggers@ist.uwaterloo.ca>
   37                                      "Stay calm, be brave, wait for the signs."
   38 							Dead Dog Cafe/CBC Radio